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“Vile, chemical-carrying oil-heavy ship. Time to ban these treacherous things and use something safer.”

A leaking container which was loosely packed by Chinese supplier origin from China, destinations to Sri Lanka mark as nonhazardous cause the fire. If origin port authority has done their job accordingly, this won't happen.

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UBI encourages people to feed your mouth without working. There should be only one rule, if you work you will eat !

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Shame on Japanese government for throwing taxpayers money on these countries. There are a significant amount of problems regarding young children’s child care, health and malnutrition among kids. Yet the government goes to these ungrateful countries and loaning them at 0.1% with a decade long grace period. It's a shame. If the government arranges a program for kids' child care and health, at least after 18 years they will start paying taxes. The slowing birth rate would be decline. It's a shame.

Ps : I'm a Sri lankan. Tax payer in Japan.

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