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Posted in: Trump says predecessors didn't honor fallen soldiers; response heated See in context

Trump is a soulless coward. He is a divisive individual, obviously, who uses words like an infant. I have no idea what he actually meant to say or if he himself understood what he was saying while saying it. That's the gist of his everyday problem, which was again shown as he spewed on and on about his views of calling the families of soldiers killed in the line of duty. Because his persona is about belittling others, he brings his obsession...Obama and comparative others, into it. Just bringing in the 'competitors' is a sign of paranoia, petulance and uncertainty in his behavior and mindset. He's a pathological liar, unfit for office, and is such an unhinged person, it's still a wonder how such an intellectually, emotionally and psychologically retarded person became president. America screwed the pooch electing this idiot.

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Posted in: Trump says immigration deal with Democrats close, without border wall See in context

Oh, how deceptive and methodical our media is and they wonder why so many people don't trust them. I know a lot of Trump supporters, lots of them and I don't know of a single person with the exception of Ann Coulter that ever believed Trump would kick out 11 million illegal aliens. I just wanted him to fixit that 11 more won't come in illegally.

The media is deceptive because Trump said he'd kick out the 11 million illegal aliens and won't, so they're being scrupulous because they didn't interpret him properly? Nah, they're just repeating what he's said. He said, in his first townhall meeting, 'day 1 of my presidency, illegal immigrants are getting out and getting out fast'. Ann Coulter, whom the Trump supporters loved, and perhaps still do, except the fact she is calling out Trump for being incapable of keeping his promises, is now singled out by you as not being smart enough to not believe him? LOL. I'm sure all your Trump supporters you know also didn't expect him to build the wall with Mexican money, either.

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Posted in: Tropical storms Jose, Katia upgraded to hurricane status See in context

Hey Trump,

Global warming is happening and a reason why the waters have warmed up to exacerbate hurricane conditions in the Atlantic, allowing two historic, major hurricanes of level 5 strength occurring within ten days.

Global warming isn't something the Chinese created, Donny, you idiot.

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Posted in: Trump ends 'Dreamer' immigration program; places onus on Congress See in context

Trump did express empathy during the campaign but if he didn't kill the program first the courts were going to do it for him. 

Trump showed empathy? ah...what? fake words on the teleprompter? The fact is, he kills a program, which should be continued on the grounds of human decency, alone. There is no factual basis that the courts were going to kick out dreamers, the narrative that it sets a precedent to allow anyone illegal to come into America, easily, is just that, a narrative, with no proof, at all. There are backers of anti-immigration Republicans who forced Trump's hand as many in Trump's hardline conservative white core argue that Daca is unconstitutional and illegal and threaten American jobs and culture, but it isn't supported by many Republicans, like Ryan, McCain and the majority of national politicians of Republicans do not support it. They have decency, and want what is right for people, unlike Trump supporters, who do not care about people, and consistently show bigotry, racism and lack respect for the human condition.

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Posted in: Trump ends 'Dreamer' immigration program; places onus on Congress See in context

Many young bright young kids who are unnerved and wondering how an unyielding USA has come to this. If nothing else, one would think people might care and have some empathy, but that idea left the building awhile back, with the harsh narrative driven Rush Limbaugh's and Fox News' washing feeble minds.

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Posted in: Trump expected to scrap protection for 'Dreamers' program See in context

What about the millions of American kids that have no clothes or live in the streets and in poverty? The heck with them?

That's a straw man argument. It has nothing to do with the dreamers. You consistently go in a different direction and topic as a means to deflect the issue. It's so Republican. It's nonsensical and a fallacy of logic.

Oh wait, not all the Republicans, like Hatch and Ryan, support Trump, so it isn't Republican as much as just some who continue to support a bigoted racist, no matter how wrong he may be.

The hypocrisy to be a Trump supporter and actually believe he cares for people in need, and then use them, for an argument against the dreamers that suits your narrative, is a complete and total joke.

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Posted in: Citizens of many U.S. allies trust Putin more than Trump See in context

This may seem a laughable matter, but it is indicative of the problems that are brewing heavily with this idiot in the White House. Domestically, the current problem of not 100% denouncing torch carrying nazis was just stupid on Trump's part, but it showed who he really is. The next big problem could be international.

Trump being president is dangerous. For all Putin's wrongs, he's a leader with some sensibility. Trump is a spoiled juvenile, and the presser in NYC showed he is incapable of being smart, having clarity and being a trustful decision maker in time of crisis. His ignorance, near moral bankruptcy and lack of leadership is evident and I'm scared of his stupidity.

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Posted in: Trump to dispatch team to work on Israel-Palestinian peace See in context

Oh, Donny, you can't send Jared and convince Israelis and the Palestinians to agree to put a Trump Hotel on the Gaza strip, just because it looks like a nice place to grow a golf course. I know you want one more vacation home/golf club, but this isn't the way to make peace in the middle east. It's a bit more serious than say, sending a son in law to buy a hotel/golf course in New Jersey.

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Posted in: Trump warns N Korea of 'fire and fury' if it threatens U.S.; North threatens Guam See in context

Trump probably had a bad day on the links, or was being defensive about his vacation, so his emotions got manifested into threats on NK. He's an infant, and his juvenile behavior is the norm. He's not any less dangerous than Kim in his comments. Scary twosome.

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Posted in: Putin says U.S. will have to shed 755 from diplomatic staff in Russia See in context

Trump obviously has no diplomatic skills, whatsoever, and has an infantile personality, so things are left to a non diplomatic stance such as sanctions, which only leads to retaliation from the other side. Now the back and forth will continue and be a waste of time and lead to exacerbating the difficulties between the US and Russia.

The real point is, it isn't just about Russia, it's Trump having the prior chance to talk with Putin, but having a silly man crush on him, and being unable to hash out differences, while he's got the guy in the room. Trump's an idiot and a coward, not talking up the issue with Putin, but the fear is the process. Whether it is Putin or any other country's leader, Trump is such a poor leader, incapable of communicating properly on a political and diplomatic level, they don't respect him and believe he is an ignorant and foolish president whom the misinformed and stupid country of America voted in.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to end insurance payments if no healthcare bill See in context

 Sure, I blame the GOP for making promises they can't keep or never really intended to, but I also blame the Democrats for implementing this crap.

Gee, thaaat's terrible...you lose both ways. Too bad, for you. Sure is getting tougher to defend donny the idiot, and the 'pubs, eh?

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Posted in: U.S. House boosts military spending; gives Trump border wall money See in context

Much of the military spending on tanks and missiles would go to protect the wall. The wall would be built and torn down, constantly. Bad hombres down there, y'know?

Where is today's hole in the wall will be a daily watch. This could turn out to be the dumbest, funniest thing yet, from the Republicans.

Trumperica. StupidRUs, Baby!!

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Posted in: Trump's son admits meeting Russian to get dirt on Clinton See in context

So let me get this straight. T jr. tries to collude but fails to do so and instead the Russian lady

surprises him with adoption talk that Donny thought was supposed to be an invitation to bed?


Damn, it Fredo, you're not smaaaaat.

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Posted in: Trump backtracks on cyber unit with Russia after harsh criticism See in context

Why would Trump bring it up when the FBI is looking into collusion? Because he knows there is no collusion.

Trump has never said the FBI, or any government agency official has told him with certainty there is no collusion. In fact, he's fired Comey and does't trust the FBI, and we haven't heard the results of Mueller's investigation, as of yet.

Because he lies to himself so often, he's confused what is real and what isn't, and he could convince himself he has no idea, whether he was involved, or not. It's just like did he meet, did he not meet Putin before. When it fit his narrative or put himself in a higher light, he either met him or not, depending on when his lies benefited him, and he believes both stories, straight out of 1984 and doublethink. So, whether he had staff, relatives or himself possibly involved with collusion, he'd lie about without thinking twice, and believe anything he thinks up at that moment, as true.

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Posted in: Trump backtracks on cyber unit with Russia after harsh criticism See in context

The man said they talked about a cyber unit, doesnt mean it will work as he said. Im sure they talked about many other things that they have realized wont work or that they disagree about.

Trump tweet: Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded..

Blacklabel: Obviously, for you, Trump can do no wrong, no matter how stupid or ridiculous he is, or says things. The fact he tweeted this, saying he discussed 'an impenetrable' unit with the guy who many believe led the hack for the election and even you might want to at least not side with Putin on this, is utterly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. An impenetrable unit with the accused? hahahahaha.

Graham is actually wrong, this is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of.

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Posted in: Trump backtracks on cyber unit with Russia after harsh criticism See in context

Marco Rubio: Partnering with Putin on a "Cyber Security Unit" is akin to partnering with Assad on a "Chemical Weapons Unit"

McCain deadpans on Trump's cybersecurity unit w/ Russia: Putin could be of assistance “since he's doing the hacking”

Preet Bahara: Oops. @realDonaldTrump just tweeted that the super-duper Impenetrable Cyber Security Unit "can't" happen, but he appreciates your loyalty.

"It's not the dumbest idea I have ever heard but it's pretty close," Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina 

bwahaha. Hey trumplets, got any stuff to back your boy donny on this one?

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Posted in: Republicans voice growing doubts on healthcare bill's fate See in context

After awhile, anyone who has any compassion at all, will see the flaws of an administration who wants to sacrifice good for the majority of people over their own gain. In this case, it's obviously health care for many over a few getting richer, and I suspect more than few physicians out there who would prefer less restraints to set their own agendas to make more money. Good for the few Republicans who are against Trump non care.

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Posted in: G-20 shut Trump out on climate, strike deal on trade See in context

What a complete idiot the POTUS is. He's a fool, and the world knows. It isn't a liberal thing, it's a human thing, and no Trump supporter can spin a 19-1 vote as a positive. Trump fooled you fools, and there isn't anything to spin, Trump has failed on the world stage, and he's making a mockery of the United States of America.

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Posted in: Trump confronts Putin on election hacking in first meeting See in context

Looks like a serious bromance. Photo kinda says it all.

Not a mutual bromance, it's a one way man crush. Putin looks at Trump rather condescendingly, while Trump is lit up, like a giddy school boy.

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Posted in: Trump on Russian election meddling: 'Nobody really knows for sure' See in context

Trump continually acts and says ridiculous things. I, and others in the world, hope he does not do the stupid thing and lead the world into war, but if it's financially a gain for him and his rich cronies, he'll go there, Russian intervention be damned, I mean ignored. What a dangerous, egotistical and crass idiot he is, prioritizing the Russian intervention for friendship with Putin over wanting to find the truth. He wants to be a fascist, like Putin, but he's too dumb to realize it, as he puts down the CIA and all the agencies he should be respecting, but such an infant, decides they are incompetent because they don't kiss his butt. The worry is, he'll kiss Putin's.

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Posted in: Actor Shu Nakajima dies after falling off stage during live performance See in context

RIP Nakajima san. I photographed Terajima Shinobu san once, and she is a beautiful and wonderful actress. I guess when you have some sort of connection to those involved, you think of that person first, even knowing it was Nakajima san who lost his life. Lately we've lost greatness in Glenn Headley and Bill Paxton in the states, but they were, as Nakajima san, still working and doing their art till they passed away, so they fulfilled their lives, but still, it feels too early, when a recognizable performer dies when they're so active.

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Posted in: Andrew Garfield says he's gay 'without the physical act' See in context

OH jeez, this is ridiculous. He's performing in Angels in America, playing a gay man who has AIDS and is dying. His words were in context to being asked questions about him being in the play and playing a gay man, to which he responded awkwardly. I think he was trying to be humorous and just missed the mark.

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Posted in: Trump denounced after insulting tweet about woman TV host See in context

bass4funk: I totally agree that the politics in Washington led to Trump being elected, and I don't mind this line of thinking that Clinton was part of the political establishment and it was getting very stale. The problem is that Trump was elected, and he's completely unfit for the job. Whether you love his rude style, his infantile insults, bullying nature and down right childish twitter yips, his incompetence as POTUS should be obvious to you, as I believe Trump supporters are even more blind than the blind who admired Washington politics and the Clintons. But, as far as Donald Trump and his unhinged behavior goes, I wonder how any one who has kids could say to them, 'I love this Trump guy, you should be just like him.' No sane mind would promote him as a true role model, unless they, like him, had millions in the bank so it wouldn't matter whether their kids were jerks, or not.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese fashion magazines hit newsstands two months before their officially designated month that's on their covers? See in context

I believe part of the reason is that the magazine viewer will look at the fashions to buy for the month that it's date is. In other words if a June issue is put out in April, it shows the trends for June and the summer. The other thing is the fashion season is turned around in that often one will do a summer catalog in the winter/early spring, while a winter catalog might be photographed in the searing heat of summer. That somewhat backwards schedule might have something to do with wanting to get the jump. In any case, by late July, fashionista are already looking at fall collections.

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Posted in: Former TV announcer Mao Kobayashi dies of cancer at 34 See in context

@Tmarie: Ebizo Ichikawa is a wonderful kabuki actor, and is from a family of tradition and greatness. I feel very sad for Mao Kobayashi's death. She seems like a wonderful person, but her story is very much because of husband Ebizo Ichikawa's standing as a great traditional icon. Whether it is a woman or a man, the person who is more famous will get mentioned a lot, and it isn't a slight on the party that isn't as famous.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market to be redeveloped after relocation: Koike See in context

Koike stressed the necessity to make the most of the name recognition of the aging Tsukiji market established in 1935.

Earlier this year, toxic chemicals, including carcinogenic benzene at up to 100 times the government-set limit, were detected there, raising further concerns about contamination and making it harder for Koike to finalize a decision.

A separate pollution expert panel on June 11 recommended fresh countermeasures including placing special sheets underneath the buildings and concrete to prevent toxic chemicals from leeching into the market area.

So, let me get this straight. The article never says the land at Toyosu is actually safe, but the priority of Koike is now to give a thumbs up to preserve the name recognition of Tsukiji?

Gee, Yuriko, how's that Swiss bank account of yours doing?

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'witch hunt' but lawyer insists no probe See in context

bass4funk: I wouldn't mind Trump tweeting if he kept it factual and would quit using words like 'witch hunt' or the many derogatory comments of arrogance you wouldn't want your six year old using. Pretty much, if he keeps it civil, it'd be bearable, but he has no use for manners or compassion, and the messages he sends are so blatantly mean, petty and sophomoric, he tweets moronically and often gives unhinged comments that consequently do give people a very negative view of him, not to mention he lies, often. It's natural to want your president to be a role model, not the guy you absolutely do not want kids acting like.

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'witch hunt' but lawyer insists no probe See in context

The usual Trump apologists must be waiting for their talking points. They are unusually quiet at the moment.

The realization that Trump's tweets too often disagree with what is fact, even within his own people, is hard to argue against. No apologist can argue that Trump's tweets and thus his communication within the White House and his crew, including lawyers, are so often wrong, that he should just quit tweeting false information.

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Posted in: Tougher Trump line toward Cuba delights hardliners on island See in context

@bass4 funk: Bigotry is about intolerance, not strictly about race. Race is associated with bigotry, but it isn't the true meaning. It's about intolerance and rigidity, instead of being open and flexible toward ideas, opinions and things different from oneself.

Trump obviously is quite intolerant to many things, and cannot understand why some tolerance is needed to have diplomatic relations with another country. That involves respect for the world and a desire to be diplomatic, which Trump doesn't have the smarts, manner or true desire to do.

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Posted in: Judge declares mistrial in Cosby sexual assault case See in context

The lack of conviction speaks more to the fact that any victim of sexual assault will find it difficult in the criminal justice system to get a verdict against an alleged rapist. It's easy to assume Cosby's celebrity got him off, but statistically, those accused of rape get off often, and this case is the rule more than an exception.

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