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"President Trump's policy makes itself, once again, part of the old policy of pressure and strangulation of the Cuban people," founders Lenier Gonzalez and Roberto Veiga wrote Saturday. "It's a continuation of old dynamics of confrontation that are immoral, unjust and illegitimate."

Ruining progress is what Trump is about, whether it be horse and buggy approach to natural energy vs. coal, global warming, or the non diplomacy approach to international relations. The hard line politics of Cuba's pro government is fed Trump and American arrogance and show of non tolerance, and all Trump does is dismiss the future to go back in time. It give the Cuban pro government nationalists fodder to say, 'see, we told you so, Obama's programs to open up Cuba to the future is a hoax, embrace communism as it should be'.

The real losers are the youth of Cuba, and world diplomacy takes another shot in the nuts, thanks to the unhinged bigotry of Trump and his ridiculous band of lackey idiots.

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Were it not for the Whip being armed, you would have had a bloodbath. Great on them for being armed.

In this case, because of gun laws that are lax in the United States, a crazed person had a multiple round weapon and could have killed many. It was necessary for the body guards of the congressman to be armed in a country where bullets fly often, and they did prevent more people from likely being shot.

This does not mean that having guns are the solution to others having guns. Hiding behind the idea that the law allows for guns in the United States has led to senseless shootings, over and again. Because you are likely one who believes guns don't kill people, people kill people, you will never understand why being armed to kill is not a positive thing. Of course, it is an American thing to kill with bullets, and because of the outdated laws and the propaganda from the money making gun makers and supporters, you have the legal right to bear arms, within the borders of the USA, but it's wrong to believe violence is the answer to violence.

At least, that's what we tell our kids, or at least, I did. I guess you're more of an eye for an eye person, but I've always held that taking an eye does little except cause the other eye to be taken out, sometime soon after, and all it leaves is two blind parties. Retaliation is more an act and behavior of hatred, and I think it's a poor behavioral ideal. I stand up for myself and my children do too, we just do it with communication and intelligence without being violent.

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The testimony went about as I expected. Sessions would not say anything about his

talks with Trump, nor would he admit to any collusion or any wrong doing whatsoever,

and while stating Hillary's emails as a source of why Comey should be fired, would fail to

say that during the campaign he was a Comey supporter, and did not bother to look into

allegations of Russian or any other campaign interference, while the campaign was going on.

These are things that were predictable, as lying is becoming such a commonality with all

Trumpies, they truly are in doublethink. Contrary to Trump, I do think Sessions does realize

some truth from lies, to an extent, as his rather strange stance that he did not have executive

privilege invoked by the president, but was protecting the rights of the president to do so in the

future, tells me he knows something incriminating, he's just not saying.

At the end of the day, two major things happened from my chair. 1 is that while Sessions did no

immediate harm to himself. But, his refusal to answer the most pertinent of questions very much leaves

us with the idea that he didn't reveal what he knows, and although not an admission of guilt, is of

as great or greater suspicion than ever, because he didn't come clean, at all.

The 2nd thing is, as a follow up to the ridiculous creepshow of pumping the tires to what seemed

a mentally infantile dictator, who gathered a bunch of cabinet monkeys to sing his praises the day

before in the White House, Sessions did everything he could to bring a smile and awkward hugs and

handshakes from Alec Baldwin's doppleganger, to him. That was, I believe, Sessions main reason

for testifying(to get love from Trump) and went into it knowing if he refused to answer to

direct questioning, the straw man like sleight of hand which all Trumpies are quite expert at, he'd

be out of the Trump lavish dog house, and into the oval office with welcoming small hands.

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An oath to Trump is no different a forum than not under oath. He's

a habitual liar, who would disregard the meaning of being under oath, and

lie believing he's fine doing so.

Then declare, what is an oath, but a media driven lie.

The tapes will never come out. They would incriminate him as a liar, but sooner

or later, he'll be completely exposed, because he can't help it. His unhinged mentality

will implode, incapable of keeping his lies inside, and one day will twitter, 'you're damn right I

ordered a code red! you can't handle the truth!'

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At Fizzbit:

I don't see any difference in this statement than the previous one. Did I miss something? Never thought I see the day where "news" corporations are actively fomenting a coup towards a US president.

There is no difference from what the news has reported, that is the point. There is no media

influence, today, it was all Comey. Very pragmatic.

Trump has accused the fake news that they have lied reporting things like loyalty demands

and protecting Flynn, but those stories were confirmed directly by Comey in his testimony,

as being true, and in fact, the WH lied, as did Trump.

How the heck does the news reporting something that turns out to be completely true a coup?

Of course, that's silly, it doesn't, at all. In fact it is the opposite, because all the media is really doing

is reporting what they believed was the truth, and Comey's testimony says it was reported with

truth. This isn't a coup, it's revealing truths about Trump and the WH lies and mishandling of


Who was lying here, the media or Trump? Obviously, it was Trump and his staff.

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bass4 funk: You keep referring to liberals, as if this entire thread are liberals that write up things,

but in truth, this is a cross section of people from the world, not just American liberals who dislike

Trump's inappropriate behavior, intolerance, and general ignorance.

To dismiss global warming is really stupid, and it isn't liberal thinking, it's world opinion of critical

thinking based on scientific proof. You can take an alternative fact approach, as many Trump

supporters do, but most of the world knows better not to be dismissive of such narratives.

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Peyton Manning's arm went dead last year, but in comparison, he is way ahead of Miura's current comparative ability. For the western sports fan, it is ridiculous to think a 50 year old, who wasn't all that great to begin with, is still making news as a player. There's some kind of cultural gap here, because there are many defending Kazu, as if he should play for as long as he can, but his physical ability is gone, and it is senseless to hang on, as if he has something left in the tank. The idea of hanging on too long to lost ability is an embarrassment to many.

If this were the popular way to go, in Denver, John Elway would still be slinging footballs, instead of leading as a general manager. That is where the best use of maturity of the mind and man should be, instead of being a player of no further sporting value.

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Many of the 'famous' tarento get bit roles, when they need Asian filler on shows that might be partially financed from Japan. Matsuda Seiko in Armageddon. Keiko Kitagawa in Tokyo Drift. Takeshi. Only a few get more constant, english speaking roles, like Ken Watanabe, who has become the biggest star from Japan in Hollywood.

The only actress I can think of from Japan that actually gets roles, is Tao Okamoto, model turned actress. She was very good, speaking english, in the well done television production of Hannibal, and had roles in Wolverine and Batman vs. Superman. But, she does have some acting chops. I don't know if Rola does, but from where she came from, the tarento division of media marketed Japanese entertainment, I'd say she isn't going to be a constant in any market, except Japan's.

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Name calling and bullying is the worst of human qualities.

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I don't think it's racism as much as an ignorance from being a isolationist nation. This has led to a group and family security being more important than empathy and friendliness toward the unknown. They don't know what is outside their realm, and they don't want to, even among themselves to a large extent. That's why things seem very impersonal and people are very protective and secretive within Japan.

With the increase of foreigners, which is very recent in the scheme of history, it just added to the idea of people outside their own circle. Not as in their own groups and families, but as a nationalistic whole. The Japanese try to be fair, but it really isn't to outsiders because they always find the final thing they look for: 'yappari, gaijin da'.

It isn't racism and I don't take it to be. The Japanese limit themselves by protectionist ideals and non transparent behavior stemming from their island isolationist customs. It is natural to them, and I don't believe their discrimination is from anything truly racist, it's from just being different from their familiarity, and a belief they don't have to change their views because within their own society, they have a lot of bigotry, bullying and non adaptability, while trying to be accommodating at the same time. They're friendly as a custom, but within their private feelings, they aren't necessarily. When they deal with foreigners, that idea gets exacerbated because most societies are more transparent in their feelings and emotions, and demand greater clarity.

Simply, the Japanese have some emotional voids that are stifled by years of customs. They cannot express themselves clearly, and when foreigners question their grey areas, they have no answers because they've lived with them so long, it is second nature, and not really understandable to foreigners on a deep level. When the yes/no response comes up from foreigners, Japanese inevitably say, 'yappari gaijin', and ultimately, that saying eventually pops up when describing all foreigners, bar none.

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This is just ridiculous. He's a terrible film maker, and smells of yak type under the table cash for recognition. No way Kitano gets this type of false recognition unless IOC type payoff.

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Trump is unsure because he's full of BS, and doesn't care to understand information and facts. Fareed Zakaria said he was a BS artist, worse than liar, and he defined why.

Zakaria quoting Frankfurt: Telling a lie is an act with sharp focus. It is designed to insert a particular falsehood at a specific point. In order to invent a lie at all, the teller of a lie must think he knows what is true. But someone engaging in BS is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false. His eye is not on the facts at all. His focus is panoramic rather than particular...with more spacious opportunities for improvisation, color and imaginative play. This is left a matter of craft than of art. Hence the familiar notion of the 'bullshit artist.’'

Liars and truth tellers are both acutely aware of facts and truths. Bullshit artists have lost all connection to reality and by virtue of this, bullshit is a greater enemy of truth, than lies are.

Trump in a nutshell, and why something like having a base policy change, back and forth, would be typical of him.

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JefferyDomer, you are completely simplifying and wrong about ISIS. ISIS wasn't birthed by Obama. That's ridiculous. The roots of ISIS began back in the 1970's, when US interest was to thwart Soviet expansion and the spread of Marxist ideology among the Arabs. In the 1980's, Al Queda was originally an attempt to keep Russia out of Afghanistan.

While Al Queda and ISIS have different ideologies, the connection from the former to the latter is very strong. The US attacking Iraq, with no understanding how Iraq would become independent was the fault of the Bush administration, and is the single biggest reason ISIS occurred. Obama pulling troops out was something that had to happen, sooner or later, but make no mistake, ISIS was not founded by Obama or Hillary. A completely ridiculous, ignorant and example of the demagoguery coming out of the Trump supporters. But what's new? It's happening every day.

More to the point, you don't understand what happened with the withdrawal of troops by Obama. He was originally, and with political risk, advocating to keep 5000 troops in Iraq to train their soldiers, provide counterterrorism support and air cover. But he was unwilling to strand US forces in Iraq without the legal protection and immunities required to ensure soldiers were safe and did not end up in Iraqi jails.

Iraq's prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki asked his parliament to approve the request, but domestic politics made it impossible to reach a deal. Americans in Iraq was not popular to their people, and in a vote of major bloc leaders of Iraqi politics, they were unwilling to give immunities for the US troops. And, of course, it was not acceptable to Obama, or even John McCain, to keep troops in Iraq under those conditions.

Some want to believe the US was unwilling to put enough troops to satisfy Maliki, but it was never clear that Maliki wanted that many US troops. The extreme unpopularity of US troops in Iraq to his base was high, and he had no interest in a sizable US contingent along the Arab-Kurd divide, and that is where the assumption of over 10,000 troops would be deployed.

There was too much toxicity in Iraq for the US to maintain troops safely in Iraq, and the attempts to have a number of troops in Iraq was thwarted. Added to this is the unpopularity of having troops in Iraq by the American people, and even supporters of troops in Iraq agreed that not having immunity was completely unacceptable.

Either way, it was a catch 22 situation, where leaving the troops in Iraq would be argued as a poor move, and moving out would be, as well. This is because Iraq was a no win situation the moment Bush attacked Iraq, but Obama, as often in his administration, looked at the best possible solution and made decisions based on sound research, facts and information, to alleviate one of many messes Bush left behind.

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Trump just has to keep talking to help elect Hillary.

This time, he has a dangerous message, but it's nothing completely unexpected.

Trump has lost his sensibility, if he ever had any, and reality for him is no longer plausible. Same thing with his supporters. They all are just a joke of ignorance and demagoguery, but a joker with guns is a scary thing.

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Posted in: Do you think that ceremonies for victims of the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki should include references to the victims of Japan’s acts of aggression before and during World War II? See in context

While I believe, very strongly, Japan, for her own sake, look at the empire and atrocities of WW with truths and historical value to teach their children properly, it is an entirely different issue than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The responsibility for truth and historical accuracy is important for Japan's moral well being, while the nuclear destruction of the A-bomb is completely a world wide issue. For Japan, it is a lie not to expose her people to the events of WW2, and is a problem of non transparency leading to insecurity and distrust problems for the people of Japan toward their own government. There is an apathy created from knowing something is not being brought out as the truth, and that, in the long run, is never a good thing, especially one where evidence is so widespread.

The devastation of nuclear bombs should be mutually exclusively recognized over Japan's massacre in Nanking, killings in Asia, experimental medical institutions in China, etc. I don't think it is any less an issue for Japan, in context of what was done in Asia, but it is different and should be separate from the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings.

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Americans like to give their opinion and the opinion is based on critical thinking which is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement. They ask tough questions, are asked tough questions, and will answer them.

This, of course, is what idealistically occurs, and doesn't always happen, but there is a transparency to information and communication in America that allows for discussion and debate on opinion. Many Americans are able to debate opinion with logic and open minds, and that brings about some very high quality new ideas, as well as being able to look at old ideas and judge them with intelligence and pragmatism.

At the very least, the nail that sticks out doesn't get hammered back in just for sticking out. Being able to express and defend opinion is a great thing, and the best of ideas can be presented without compromise. That this freedom actually exists isn't fully appreciated until one lives elsewhere, where there's more bigotry.

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The Wolf was a true champion. He was not the largest sumo wrestler by any means, but one who was muscular cut and used skill, savvy and athleticism to be a great competitor and winner in the face of much larger men than himself.

When he was preparing for and then going thru the tachiai, there has never been a greater intimidating stare down. His eyes penetrated the opponents psyche, and defeated many, even before the tachiai. Never has there been a more mentally tough sumo wrestler than this undersized, yet powerful man.

He had the mental tenacity and the 'it' factor of top champions that ranks with the greatest in any sport, in any part of the world, and as a national treasure and legend, Chiyonofuji was the greatest Japanese athlete, imo, in the past half century.

He was not just a great athlete by Japanese standard, he was as great a champion as the Michael Jordan's, the Patrick Roy's and Tom Brady's of this earth. Though many in the world will not know his prowess, as Sumo is not followed world wide with fervor, and the Japanese are not known for their athletic greatness on a world level, he stands at a pinnacle reserved for the select few.

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He shouldn't have even started the match, imo. When you don't have a chance to win, and take further risk of more injury, it's flat out stupid to play. I believe he was out there with the be brave ploy, but it was a fool's attempt.

Unfortunately, his physical stature cannot handle the obvious difference in today's tennis big boys. Had he been around, with his skill, say, when Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe were around, he'd be a true champion, but fact is, he's not strong enough for his body to hold up, against the behemoths of 2016 tennis.

I like the guy, he's certainly one of the greatest Japanese sportsmen, and has the personality to be an international star. I do think he succumbs to the Japanese idol worship problems that plague any person who is recognized as a world talent...a true talent, not that fake ones that pervade Japan. Good luck to his recovery, and hope he can be 100% for the U.S. Open.

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Utorsa: such utter nonsense you write. Obama was here as gesture of recognition. It was act of remorse for the atomic bomb, but not an apology. There was too much blame to the Japanese in WW2, for the US to Take complete responsibility. You want to blame someone or rake on, Blame war and human aggression. Japan had more than its share Of killing and war time cruelty. I can't imagine a Japanese PM going to Nanking. Obama should be lauded, not criticized.

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As an expat from the US given custody to two young children by their Japanese mother in a divorce, I have a bit of experience raising kids and dealing with Japanese parents and seeing how they treat their kids.

This case actually does not seem particularly extreme. Would most Japanese parents do this? No. But I've seen many Japanese parents treat their kids harshly, and if there is one pattern that is different than international parents it is that Japanese parents tend to do have the mother raising the children by themselves, and they get extremely frustrated with parenting because they don't have the husband/wife team helping each other.

In this case, both parents decided to put the child out of the car as punishment, and we're not sure who suggested it first, but apparently, both mom and dad approved of this. I see it as something that is troublesome in their raising of the child, to leave him behind as punishment.

As with my ex wife, I see women who get angered by their children and cannot deal with it as an adult should. They often ignore teaching their children, and use discipline not as a developmental tool for the kids, but as an in the moment emotional release. In other words, they don't have a consistent pattern of why the child needs to behave and understand it on a level that makes sense to the child. Instead, parents just use anger and lessons of behavior periodically, when it becomes convenient, but do not go thru the every day positive discipline of patience and consistency in teaching their children the rights and wrongs. It's a built up process of understanding, and you can't tell kids on the spot to be good, they have to learn it over a period of time.

This is a difficult thing to do, but if a parent doesn't do it, the child has no way of understanding consistent behavioral feelings. If mom lashes out for no understandable reason, so will the child. If dad just gets pissed off, because he's too busy in his own world, the child won't know why, and will get pissed off whenever he or she wants to, as well. It's a natural progression of not being able to control your own feelings due to some sort of selfish mechanism that doesn't have the flexibility to adjust to other people.

I obviously do not know what happened here, but the child was misbehaving according to the parents, and then they did something which was an irrational solution, to teach the child a lesson, that wasn't a lesson at all. I believe many parents in Japan are like this and ill equipped to raise children, but that comes from the culture and the societal OK's of not having communicative love as much as needed. When a poor decision making parent makes such a bad decision, it isn't a one time thing, it's a symptom of a much larger issue, and really, instead of just looking at this couple and accusing them, figure out why so many people are similar to this couple. You know, this actually reminded me of the beginning of 'Spirited Away'.

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Probably the greatest super bowl performance, he was a true star musician with incredible talent. Guitar play as under rated as they come. He was incredible on guitar, and likely the greatest all around musician...guitar, multiple instrument, vocalist, songwriter...ever, and he crossed over multiple types of music, with such grace, it seemed too easy.


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The larger scale problem for Japan is that culturally, the nail that stands out gets hammered back in.

Because of this, there is conceptually a problem in catering to the every day consumer, by marketing being prioritized, to the point where things like fashion, music and films are made based on how an investor believes that product sells to the public, and not on the creative process.

In essence, the tail wags the dog, because the public and thru it, the money men, do not have the keen sense of awareness nor the appreciation of artistic value, and that is the ingredient missing in all creative fields. The truest of talents in Japan, are closer to being homeless than supported to do their work with integrity. These types may have special talents, but are driven back into the floor board, because they do stand out as different.

What results is hiring of lackey types that lack the artistic depth and drive to keep true to themselves, and for anyone who creates things, that is the death of great work.

For people with artistic integrity, they are thought of as either too difficult or selfish and hard to work with, which may be true, if false harmony is the goal over substance.

The creator has to guide the masses by originality and vision, they cannot be controlled by the consumer, who is not only prioritized in Japan, but isn't all that savvy. It's marketing and the very reason why really poor 'talents' rise, here. The public consumer has poor taste and is ignorant. That they essentially control the creative process, thru corporate catering is ludicrous, and is a major flaw in Japan, as original expression and art really does matter in human life. To stifle artistic expression is just the dumbest thing, on such a basic level, but Japan doesn't get that, because the nail cannot stand out.

Kurosawa fought this. He, of such fame, was living with such a forced minimal life style, an American producer who met him at his home in Japan was shocked how such a great man was not living in luxury, rather was a monetarily poor man. Kurosawa had integrity, but he was not appreciated for this enough. In Japan, some dumb false title or recognition or rank on a piece of paper signed by some 'authority' is more important than the truth. That's silly, and has led to money going to dumb marketing to just make money, and not on the all important factor of creating great things for the human spirit.

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Completely disagree with shonanbb. Boring??? Not at all. It's a visual and mind bending action masterpiece. Filmed on location with available light, the beauty of the earth is revealed in its harshest form. There's a purity to this film that is awe inspiring.

The Revenant is a great film. Incredibly photographed, with scenes that are instant classics. It's a tough watch because it'll make the audience uncomfortable as survival is freezing as it is physically painful, and the audience feels those sensations. It is a tiring film to watch, but is an extension of how difficult and exhausting the film must have been to make. True artists made this film, they didn't cut corners. Not for impatient viewers, though, they won't get it...

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Posted in: Woody Allen explores murder, morality in 'Irrational Man' See in context

KWBO: Being There is not a Woody Allen film.

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Posted in: Gackt lashes out at Cool Japan: 'Almost no results of Japanese culture exported overseas' See in context

Japan is a culture that consistently allows for silliness and poor taste to rule. While she could have leaned toward artistic integrity, she went with the 'if it sells in Japan, it's fine' route. The low road, as it were. Like everything else, the all mighty market rules, and because in the case of creative things like music, art, etc., the common person's poor opinion matters most, as the money men cater to the buying audience, and the creative person becomes secondary or even lower in the line of importance, and thus you create something like a Cool Japan that cannot be cool, because there is no real precedent of emphasizing and prioritizing character over quick sale. Silly things sell in Japan because silly people want silly things, and there is no room for the soul of art, it's all about instant gratification for the buyer, and money for the maker. Thought provoking things takes too much energy, and isn't strictly good cost performance...better to go cheap and make money than do things right...so the simple, easy thing...anime, sex, etc....are the mainstream of 'cool Japan'.

It's interesting how it is Gackt, the guy who looked androgynous at best and feminine at worst, in naked, but apparently not showing penis, photo shoots (for one of the real problems, the Magazine House publishing firm,) which was exploitation of really tacky and laughable 'coolness' on his part. He looked really stupid, then got an ad for some male esthetic firm that also showed him in the buff, as an ad. Not even Tom Cruise is this tacky. Tom knows he'd get called out for it. Gackt wouldn't get called out for it, because the japanese won't criticize their own. Gackt is fine with his hypocrisy, or probably just ignorant that he has done some real eye rolling 'we're laughing at him, not with him' crap in his career, that just reinforces the issue of stupid 'Cool Japan', and how no one knows what cool really is, whether it's a politician or a 'star' entertainer. In other words, Gackt has no idea what cool is and is complaining about it. He should go to Cool Japan anonymous and repent his soul to integrity and real substance, first.

Magazine House was the one responsible for such things as how young men are to go out on dates with women, and give them the entire run down on how to get laid, in detail to the right love hotel, etc. Kind of like a how to go on a date and have sex manual. Very organized and scripted. Very cool, apparently.

No ideal of romance, of course, that isn't Cool Japan. Heart and soul just don't really exist, here, at least it isn't on the shelves of the combini's, but betting Gackt's picture is there, somewhere.

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Posted in: Thousands rally against U.S. military base on Okinawa See in context

We have to remove the risks of exposing Okinawa to war again, she said.

Perhaps America should let Okinawa/Japan have what she wants. A bigger Japanese military. Check. US military leaving Okinawa and moving to anywhere outside of Japan. Check. Japan being completely responsible for her actions, with no US support. Check.

Obviously, there would be economic and political ramifications worldwide, so this is not going to happen, but just from the viewpoint of protecting Japan and all those who think they'd rather have the US presence gone, I'd like to see them get their wish.

Exposing Okinawa to war part...that would be caused by Abe's plan for a military build up, and not the US bases in Japan. But what the heck, blame the US bases for everything, because peaceful, prosperous Japan came to be as militaristic, poor Japan was defeated by you know who.

There are those who think Japan is Japan, and Japan's been ruined by American influence, and the bases in Japan are almost purely for the American good. The American viewpoint is maybe a bit more appreciation would be appreciated. Either way, if Okinawa wants American gone, listen up Tokyo, follow suit, just get rid of the American presence, and build your military to your Abe heart's desire.

Give 'em what they want, and let history be what it becomes. And if it fails, just revise. Easy squeesy.

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Posted in: Conservative Japanese want to rewrite the U.S-drafted constitution because they say it does not reflect the realities of the modern world. Would you support a revision of Japan’s constitution? See in context

I didn't know how to write an answer to the question. As a general ideal, amending an old constitution is likely necessary, but rewriting it by conservatives for Abe is misguided. If I felt reason was the driving force behind the changes, it would make sense, but I don't believe a narrative driven cabinet can possibly make for fair and sound decisions.

I worry about the current government narrative because it is very nationalistic. They who refuse to quit revising history, and likely believes many of the changes they crave are of the older school Japan variety believe in narrowing ideals and thought process, while decreasing transparency. It can lead to war, repression and censorship if a government decides to make rules without consulting its people.

In the international view, this is not a context driven matter to make Japan a better country, rather it is narrative driven one. It is dangerous because Abe is using the idea of needing to protect Japan with its own military, by making a unilateral decision. It is like a military state telling its people what their rules are. Since there is no say by the people, it is difficult for me to see how the basis of Abe's dictatorial style can possibly be good, and the soup Japan creates to live in would be the soup that eventually creates war and an unhappy future for Japan, both within her borders and in the world community.

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Strategist: You might get what you wish for, but understand that a nationalistic vision, without the balance of western ideas, could return Japan to darker times.

You believe the UN has the ultimate power to control Japan? What like the IWC has on whaling? Listen, if Japan finds a reason to not follow UN or any other protocol that isn't within her narrative, she will do as she pleases.

I do fear a militaristic Japan, there isn't enough transparency in this country to trust them.

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But I'm surprised their agencies let them go ahead.

You don't know...maybe their agencies were behind this for the publicity.

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"The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible." (Salman Rushdie)

I don't believe Miyazaki, because of his life in the Japanese culture/education system, allows for this statement to be understood. It is of ignorance that Miyazaki made his statement, but it is typical of a culture that prioritizes the idea of 'shoganai' and doing the best within the bordered circle, without true originality or 100% success as the goal, and because those things obscures, and perhaps obliterates pure truths, things such as Rushdie's statement are ultimately meaningless to the Japanese society. They cannot understand it. This is part of the very basic grey area that is the Japanese culture. It changes to fit whatever standard is the trend, and ultimately, dismisses integrity. Rushdie's statement is non negotiable. If it is a nail sticking up, it will not be hammered in, to fit with the less difficult, less confrontational group of ideas, where all the nails are hammered back in, to a nicer conformity.

Miyazaki may be one of the more creative nails in Japan, but his words show his viewpoint is just another nail, driven in to fit with the rest, and just another nail cannot understand that self integrity and freedom of thought are completely non negotiable.

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