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So, if the Japanese government pay out more money to Korea, all will be well? It's not about what is fair because "fair" is always different depending on your viewpoint. Can you suggest an amount that should be paid to each of these now elderly women?

im not talking about monetary payments. Im talking about Japan saying "oh we paid you guys long time ago, whats done is done." The money they paid did not even go to the women that were raped or forced as prostitutes because most of them were too ashamed and only started coming together in the 90s. The money was given to the government of South Korea and most of them were screwed over by them too by getting measly dollars that were worth nothing back then. Now Japan says they apologized already but if you were the young girl that was forced to have sex, would that be enough? Wouldn't you want a personal apology or even an acknowledgment that what was done was wrong?? Its not even about money for these old women. do you think they even want money at their age? They want a sincere public apology from the Japanese government before they all die, and that is it.

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Posted in: Chinese man held after petrol bomb attack on Japan's Seoul embassy See in context

"Both the Korean and Japanese governments of the 1960s agreed on an amount that included compensation for these victims. Apparently the Korean government didn't exactly distribute the funds as well as some may have hoped. Sorry, but I'm with Japan on this one. The settlement of the 1960s stated that there would be no further claims and this was agreed upon by both sides. Subsequent governments can't turn around and try to change such agreements."

Are you really serious? Ok imagine you were a young girl and you were raped by your neighbor. Your parents than made an agreement with your neighbor that they would not press any charges as long as your neighbor pays them a certain amount and that they also apologize. Do you really think that is fair??? It's ridiculous.

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