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888naff comments

Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

Motomochi mentioned littering, crossing the road with busy traffic, ignoring traffic lights

Ah carbrains Japan crying. They cant understand why drivers have stolen all the public space and others from more civilised places view (private car) drivers (especially) as the least important and most wastefull users of subsidised public highway space.

This is Google Street view of the street in question:


...yeah you can really tell the old car brain planners and police (that get over involved in public realm planning) hate people and only think of cars.

The tourists are never all going to be respecting that mindset.

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

Looks like a sneckdown photo (winter highlights all the space/unnecessary space given to drivers in cities).

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Posted in: Taylor Swift could make it from Tokyo to Super Bowl. Parking her private jet could be tricky See in context

Airheads killing the planet with their private jets. The worst and most freeloading type of travel possible.

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Posted in: Toyota sets new global record for annual vehicle sales See in context

Toyota, nothing to be proud of; after all the subsidies, producing more of the biggest killer of young people world wide.

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Posted in: 2 women hit and killed by car on crossing in Ibaraki; driver arrested See in context

killed by driver.

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Posted in: Average gasoline price in Japan rises to 7-year high See in context

Driving is too cheap and subsidised anyway.

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Posted in: Lyft to sell autonomous driving unit to Toyota for $550 mil See in context

More traffic jams on the way.

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Posted in: Plenty of space See in context

Ah the Subsidised Drivers. Driving is a waste of Space.

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Posted in: Diet session opens; Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050 See in context


pfft, so far away. What a joke.

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Posted in: Ginza subway station in Tokyo renovated to show elegance See in context

Looks a bit bubble boomer era

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Posted in: 7 rules to follow in order to keep safe while cycling in Japan See in context


"Stay in single file." "Do not hold up traffic."

The above does not keep you safe. Refer to close passing elsewhere in the world.

In fact it's promoted as being more courteous and safe to ride side by side as there is a shorter group to overtake and drivers should changing lanes anyway.

Drivers are subsidised too, they don't pay their way by a long shot and are just licensed guests, so we don't need to worry about their journey too much.

But Japanese laws are written by those with little experience in this area.

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Posted in: Olympic flame to be carried by car instead of torchbearers See in context

Japan Olympic Legacy =

Less active travel and health.

More driving.

They can't see the irony.

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Posted in: Helping hand See in context

Probably better to donate to climate activism/action/awareness considering Australian politics and behaviour which derails cop25 and the environment.

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Posted in: U.N. calls for truce around next year's Tokyo Olympics See in context

Ever since Tokyo was announced as the host I thought SK would/should be required to especially read out the Olympic oath at the beginning of the event.

Maybe a special translation provided to athletes before they even leave SK and pack for their travels.

Forget the last year, they have form at “sporting” events going back years.

Que the first stunts at Narita; confiscated political equipment, etc.

(obviously they have already started)

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Posted in: Usain Bolt brings his e-scooter to Japan despite regulatory road bumps See in context

How many people do drivers kill every day in Japan alone? day after day.

Whats the impact of scooters by comparison.

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Posted in: EVs, short-range cars take spotlight at Tokyo Motor Show See in context

Still going to be stuck in a traffic jam.

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Posted in: At least 15 injured in 7-vehicle collision in Aichi See in context

AbsentDriver reporting

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Posted in: Man runs toward car on street and smashes windshield See in context

The #WarOnCars, too many of them, takes another turn.

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Posted in: Aichi exhibition closed over Korean 'comfort woman' statue reopens See in context


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Posted in: Abe denounces Saudi oil attacks, refrains from singling out Iran in speech at U.N. See in context

…in other climate related news

Abe, Japan, car culture, oil

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Posted in: Park place See in context

Suburban living in a city.

Ban more cars in cities.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers test fake snow to beat the heat See in context

One month ago, venue inspection and test games:

“The international rowing federation is also saying a roof is absolutely necessary, even if it is of the SIMPLEST design,”

...instead we get stupid snow.

@Oriya : "Well people stop finding fault in their efforts, this team is doing really incredible job"

- yeah right - tell that to the people who know what they are talking about ( see above).

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Posted in: Alonso acknowledges luck in back-to-back Le Mans with Toyota See in context

Kazuki Nakajima becomes the first Japanese driver to win a FIA-sanctioned world championship ever! Well done!!

Japans first motor racing world champion!

Of course European race commentators were saying this will be all over Japanese news the next morning - mmm not really, what do they know.

(note this site's article source © 2019 AFP)

Nakajima, Conway and pole-sitter Kamui Kobayashi were faster at lemans all week this year and also last year than Alsono. Although Alonso did bring some tyre "strategy" advantage to the night racing last year.

But who takes the headlines...

Conway and Kamui were really on it in the beginning of the race and built up a hard earned 1 minute lead. All that gets thrown in the air with safety cars, but that is the nature of lemans - plus why it can also be useful to not hold back.

Toyota seem to have some kind of curse, was there in their pits back in the gt-one days with Katayama.

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context

Why is this "news"

Do you know how many people are killed by drivers everyday? Do you know which age group does the most? This is not new.

Japan doesn't rank well at this.

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Posted in: Trump attends sumo; gives President's Cup to winner Asanoyama See in context

"Did he take his shoes off before entering the ring?

Moderator: He wore slippers."

...Abe wore slippers initially.

Wasn't obvious Trump did though.

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Posted in: Police checking dash cam over car accident that left 2 toddlers dead See in context

How may people have drivers killed today in Japan?

Elsewhere its at least 5 a day and that's in places with "better safety" record.

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Posted in: Covering the Ghosn saga: The art of Japanese stakeout journalism See in context

My ladder is bigger than yours!

little giant ladder seems popular.

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Posted in: 3 pedestrians hit and killed by car in Chiba Pref See in context

I wonder how many people are killed by drivers every single day whether on the main highway or sidewalk?

In other G7  countries its can be 5 a day (regardless of whether the other person is on the road or sidewalk/footway/footpath).

Every day, day after day.

After day.

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

ah the consumer calendar, Halloween, Christmas, valentines, Easter.

Roll on April and real life.

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Posted in: Nissan-Renault on smoother road but speed bumps loom, say analysts See in context

Those speed bumps - If only there was some kind of system that would stop them speeding in the first place.

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