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Posted in: White House digs in on border wall demand, risking shutdown See in context

Mueller has already ensured it is over for him....

Since when are you the judge and jury?

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Posted in: Cohen claims Trump knew hush money payments wrong See in context

Lawyer =Liar. Who cares what he says, he is not a credible witness for anything. He was convicted and admitted to lying.

The story of the cat and the RAT.

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Posted in: 'A Star Is Born' leads US Screen Actors Guild award nominations See in context

It is so political. Actually that film was the worst Bradley Cooper film ever made. GAGA was o.k. the music was terrible. If this is the new bar, TV only is the way to go.

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Posted in: Ninjas 'sneak' into Abe's office to ask for tourism promotion See in context

This are the funniest looking Ninjas I have ever seen.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

Is she 25 or 50?

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Posted in: Man tries to fraudulently use Aeon loyalty points by pretending to visit its stores 2.7 mil times See in context

Once is enough for that store.

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Posted in: Cuban ambassador denied room at Hilton hotel in Fukuoka due to U.S. sanctions See in context

Just stay at a Japanese hotel chain. How about APA Hotel?

U.S. hotels have a reputation for being some of the best hotels in the world. They definitely have the hotel thing down. I would never stay at a Japanese hotel in Japan if I didn't have to...... Now Ryokan is a different story.

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Posted in: Cuban ambassador denied room at Hilton hotel in Fukuoka due to U.S. sanctions See in context

It's just an extension of Trump at work here!

No it's not. It is an extension of Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and now Trump.

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Posted in: CNN sues Trump, demanding return of Acosta to White House See in context

CNN will lose again!

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Posted in: 340,000 foreigners may flow into Japan in 5 years under new visa system See in context

There are many Asians countries that will soon be in a position to do everything better than Japanese due to the fact the Japanese education system regarding English is about as low as you can get. Like it or not English is the business language in the world and Japanese have failed at this miserably. Such a great country, but why the hell would anybody want to study so hard to learn Japanese only to get paid a few peanuts and a rabbit cage to sleep in.

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Posted in: 340,000 foreigners may flow into Japan in 5 years under new visa system See in context

The beginning of the end for Japan.

She finished a long time ago, that is why the Government wants 3rd world labor to take care of all the old, rich and stubborn Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan's corporate image hit by falsification scandals: poll See in context

Japan is now just a nice word, like "Samurai" and "Sushi". Thats about all she's good for these days.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of U.S. military airman See in context

Do you have any idea what your saying?? Being a "butthole"is no excuse to stab someone in the neck and kill them. That doesn't fly in the courtroom.

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Posted in: Trump insults more reporters; claims Acosta video wasn't altered See in context

Most of the press are narcissistic little babies. Trump is no angel but neither are they! CNN's Jim Acosta is a pundit that disguises himself as a reporter.

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Posted in: Kyoto aiming to disperse crowds to ease 'overtourism' See in context

I sense a tinge of xenophobia rearing its ugly head.

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Posted in: 13 dead including gunman in shooting at California bar See in context

The short term solution is MORE MENTAL HEALTH care facilities. This is an immediate problem in the U.S.

Long term solution is of course some type of gun control proposals.

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Posted in: Trump fires Sessions, says he 'could fire everybody right now' See in context

Trump's falling apart at the seams.


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Posted in: Japan hopes to strengthen ties with U.S. after midterm elections See in context

Strengthening ties to the US will only result in tragedy.

Strengthening ties with the U.S.A. will allow your country to continue to prosper and not get swallowed up by China and Korea.The tragedy is many Japanese don't understand how the U.S. has kept Japan propped up and growing for such a long time.

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Posted in: 'Racist' Trump ad pulled from air as campaigns rush to uncertain end See in context

illegal aliens should stay illegal.

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Posted in: 'Racist' Trump ad pulled from air as campaigns rush to uncertain end See in context

Why do liberals think they can pick and choose which laws to follow?

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Posted in: Everything's at stake on eve of first Trump-era elections See in context

Pretty funny headline, Trump wins either way. The Senate will still belong to the Republicans,Trump is still in office for 2 more years and he will easily win a second term. Maybe Barbara Streisand will finally move to Canada.

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Posted in: Iranians rally to mark anniversary of U.S. Embassy takeover See in context

And the U.S. has rewarded them with ripping up the horrible agreement that was made years back.

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Posted in: Trump political ad linking Democrats and immigrants to violent crime assailed as 'sickening,' racially divisive See in context

Trump apologists will somehow make this about the Dems/libs being divisive and spreading hate.

Repubs want LAWfulness Dems want unLAWfulness. Well I guess the LAW is on both sides.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

Well, if I threw a rock at the Mexican Police, they would either shoot and kill me or have me arrested and thrown in jail, and I would probably never come out alive.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo to lower mobile phone fees amid call for charge cuts See in context

We will lower our price .00002 percent to stay competitive. Thats a Japanese company in a nut shell.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor to visit U.S. and tell Americans to stop building disputed military base See in context

You will be laughed and and told to go back to your country. Just go to Hawaii and have a nice time.

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Posted in: Toray talent See in context

There are so many things wrong with that photo. Japanese girls have lost their sex appeal. Come on ladies step up your game. Your suppose to be some of the most beautiful women in the world!

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Posted in: Rock band Kiss promises 'unapologetic' final tour See in context

They were very "DISCO" back in the day. They really fooled us all with there Hard Rock Banter!

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

The Government is worried because they understand clearly their Japanese "tribe mentality". If young or old Japanese start experimenting and enjoying weed, it WILL snowball and become uncontrollable. Japan is the beehive of the world.

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