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That may be the uglyist thing I've ever seen outside a war zone.

Art is subjective. He happens to be a very famous Japanese artist. I think it is amazing!

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politicians and stupidity go hand in hand.

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Posted in: Japanese company creates 'business card masks' that put your name and workplace on your face See in context

The stupidest..........

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I went to a public rest room today in Toranomon and watched a worker NOT wash his hands after he did his business............This is one of the problems in Japan, people don't take hygiene seriously in regards to Covid.

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Trump still has 2 months to keep making America great before she starts to unravel.

Yep, in that short amount of time he will probably get more done for the country than Biden will get done in the next 4 years.

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It's not over yet. Networks don't call presidential elections. Wait until the recount.

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Biden will be a lame duck President.

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Old man Biden just made a speech. What was the point of it? He stumbles over words because he doesn't write them. A politician to the core.

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Think about This for a moment........Trump became the President and now Biden? I think the last President of the USA was Barack Obama. Sorry Joe you will never be a Barack.

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Posted in: Biden wins Michigan, Wisconsin; Trump files suits, requests vote recounts See in context

Trump is quite literally a dictator trying to pull a coup.

Trump is "quite literally" NOT a dictator. He has every right, as does the other side to contest the election.

Geez, these comments.........

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I want Biden to win, but I see no way for him too.

Not possible, thank you Universe!

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Posted in: 1st Expat Expo Tokyo -- A fair for international residents on November 6-7 See in context

Stay home and watch Japanese tv. You will learn all you need to know.

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Don't vote because you believe Trump's BS message that all hell will break loose if he loses. 

Do you realize what you are saying? If Biden loses the rioting, looting and violence will begin as history of the left has shown.

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Biden has already lost Florida, Bigly and Yuuuugley


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Good on her. Proves that young people aren't politically apathetic, as some would have us believe.

Or easily brainwashed to make sure her CD is promoted.

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Waiting for the rioting regardless of the outcome.

There will only be violence, looting and rioting if Biden loses. The Democratic Party has shown the world what sore losers they are, as they will not be happy unless they control everything.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande drops sultry new album, backs Biden See in context

Yeah, and funny thing, her entire family are wealthy republicans living in Texas! Sales!!

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I'd rather have an old President who takes naps but trusts his experts and has actual plans rather than the megalomaniac idiot who has destroyed the country over the last near 4 years.

How has he destroyed the country? Is that your personal opinion?

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You can believe this all you want, but it still won't make it true.

Where is all the enthusiasm for the Biden events? According to your beliefs the people that love Biden are very patriotic and quiet. makes no sense. It's all media hype, the media is creating the narrative, but the people are now much smarter than the media. I predict Trump will win by a much wider margin than he did in 2016. American politics will be changed forever.

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Posted in: U.S. influence in Pacific wanes; Japan considered 'smart power' by think tank See in context

America is focusing on other areas.

Yes, like outer space.

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Posted in: Yakuza officially banned from giving kids Halloween candy See in context

I guess it's all about the secret yakuza codes on the inside wrapper of each piece of candy.............

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Posted in: Supreme Court pick Barrett draws on faith, family for Senate See in context

A-lot of nervous Democrats posting on this topic today.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for beating 20-year-old wife to death with fishing rod See in context

What is a 50-year old man doing with a 20-year old woman in the first place?

They are husband and wife. it is legal in Japan.

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It may be no big deal, though. U.S. President Donald Trump also demonstrated the same histrionics by hugging and kissing the Stars and Stripes at his recent press conference.

It's called Patriotism.

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Trump says Democrats' convention was 'gloomiest' in history

It was, and that was a very polite way of saying it.

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Well, after all, he spent months in seculusion and had plenty of trime for coaching and rehersal. If you go over something with a person who has onset dementia they can usually get it right. I wonder, who actually wrote the speech? Hey, he did a better job with the teleprompter than Obama ever did so you gotta give him credit for that. I wonder how he’ll stand up to making critical life threatening decisions when, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months count? “Is this the coffee machine or the panel that launches our missles?” Com’on man, you know what I mean. :)

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Posted in: Michelle Obama launches scathing attack on Trump; says Biden will end the chaos See in context

"A scathing attack"? Hardly....

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Posted in: U.S. convention season set to begin, with (virtual) spotlight on Biden See in context

It's embarrassing that Joe Biden is an American. what a wimpy politician.

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The Democrats really hate America...

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Posted in: UAE and Israel to establish full diplomatic ties See in context

Always something to complain about.

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