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Posted in: Japan still wrestling with legacy of graft-stained Olympics See in context

It is just a typical "contemporary Olympic spirit", heavily reflecting private sector's desire for profit making and that of politicians for face-saving and for leaving legacy, that was exhibited in organization of Tokyo Olympic. Due to the circumstances at the time and the negative public opinion, we felt this Olympic spirit more acutely than before. On top, IOC conspired to spoil the party by blessing the event excluding the public.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

That's a common sense of the conservatives, no? By "we women can call ourselves women without giving birth", she reminds me that we are Homo sapience. I mean, all the economic and social evolution, development and/or progress for thousands years are dismissed or ignored just to show the mere biological fact. Politicians have to use their brain to figure out how to address the issues which women and men in 2024 are facing.

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Posted in: U.S. House votes to force weapons shipments to Israel, rebuking Biden See in context

Yah, yah, it's the election year, and there are people in US who are anxiously waiting for the Second Coming. So, the flight must go on until Israelis completely conquer the land, Palestine. But it's not wise, in my humble opinion, not to imagine that killing of one Palestinian civilians, with weapons supplied by US government, generates one hundred future anti-Israel militants or activists. Thus, GOP is kicking the can further down the road in achieving the day for complete conquest.

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

Tens and thousands of economists have responsibilities in providing the public with explanations why loose monetary policy has no effects or useless. Or are what's useless those tens and thousands of economists?

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Posted in: More than a thousand protest outside German Tesla factory See in context

It's embarrassing, but I learned only recently the environmental and social problems caused by mining of lithium and cobalt which are essential elements in production of batteries. Besides, machines required for these mining emit significant amount of carbon dioxide. I am afraid that these issues are overlooked, or intentionally ignored, by EV businesses and politicians to impress upon the public that EV is the "final solution". I'm obliged to agree to: "Globally, we also know that we don't need more electric cars," she said, adding that what was required was a totally different way of thinking about mobility." Let Elon focus on Mars colonization rather than saving the earth.

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Posted in: Musk says X posts of Australia bishop stabbing don't promote violence See in context

What if this Jack of all trades is defending freedom of speech not to lose subscribers? Do I still have to listen to his arguments? It's all about profits of his company, not about ethics, human rights, social issues, etc.

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Posted in: Iran fires air defense batteries in provinces as sound of explosions heard near Isfahan See in context

It seems all the media is now completely reoccupied with Israel-Iran conflict. What if Israel's intension of diverting attention from Gaza is being realized? What if ethnic cleansing is being carried out in Gaza more efficiently than before as Gaza is becoming a black box?

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Posted in: Japan records highest-ever monthly visitor numbers in March See in context

I suspect it is due to Japan's stagnating economy that this subject is highlighted more than it deserves. Let's not be fooled by a good news in the economic sector, which accounts for a small share in the national GDP. Having made a lukewarm remark, I should add that both national and local authorities should come up with viable measures against overtourism, and for securing the necessary human resources.

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Posted in: G7 leaders condemn Iran, warn of risk of escalation See in context

The unconfirmed report, saying that the Iran's attack on Israel was within the (implicitly) agreed extent, is already spreading. Judging from the damage caused, one injured person by more than 300 drones/missiles, this report may not be mere speculation. Then, G7 should more forcefully call for Israel's restraints to avoid further escalation.

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Posted in: Iran launches retaliatory attack on Israel with hundreds of drones, missiles See in context

I hope we will not be overwhelmed solely by the news of the Iranian threat. What's happening in Gaza, particularly humanitarian crisis, should not be forgotten. Israel's attack on the Iranian diplomatic facility in Damascus had strategically nothing to do with elimination of Hamas and hostage rescue, but was designed to divert attention away from Gaza.

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Posted in: U.S. Steel shareholders approve takeover by Nippon Steel opposed by Biden administration See in context

Capitalism has won at this stage. And then comes the communist inclination of the Republican president next year?

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Posted in: OJ Simpson, football player and actor brought down by his murder trial, dies at 76 See in context

Following his trial some 30 years, the younger me learned that the US judiciary system was not about truth, but convincing the jury, one way or the other, by "manipulation". The same theatrics is being repeated now in connection with the affairs of the (infamous) Republican candidate for the US president.

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Posted in: Will Musk help Trump with cash, not just tweets? See in context

Since both look, to me, excessively obsessed by self-defined success, I have concluded they are extremely insecure. And now will they enter the "I scratch you back, you scratch mine" relationship as a therapy for feeling insecure? The problem is, their action is instigated mainly by their own mental state and maybe by the amount of money, and no consideration, whatsoever, is given to the society and world beyond themselves. The couple is just lethal in the process for selecting the responsible for governance of a nation.

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Posted in: Finland will keep its border with Russia closed until further notice over migration concerns See in context

I just streamed 2018 Nordic noir TV drama based on a small town in the north of Finland during winter. I know it's a fiction, but what impressed me was i) the area is literally (vast and beautiful) no man's land which seems to make illegal crossing from Russia easy, and ii) as a consequence, gangs are profiting from a trade of smuggled Russian prostitutes (the story line...). Controlling that border must be a quite task.

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

Let's add "T" in the middle, that is, Make America's Toilet Great Again....

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' finally premieres in Japan to mixed reactions and high emotions See in context

Two questions come to my mind with the equal weight: i) why didn't the Japanese government decide to end the war, earlier, with better terms rather than the unconditional surrender?; ii) was two A-bombs used to end the war or was it a show of US power vis-a-vis communists?

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Posted in: Yen falls to 34-year low against dollar See in context

Let's accelerate the exports, plain and simple.

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Posted in: Australia defends its U.S. ambassador, Kevin Rudd, after Trump attack See in context

It's banal act of the same old Trump with poor vocabulary to say "a little bit nasty" and “not the brightest bulb”. Aussies should not bother with voices from echo chamber of Trump-Farage.

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Posted in: Japan pledges to launch new dialogue on nuclear material ban treaty See in context

At the time of Putin's current threat of resorting to nuclear weapons, I cannot help but think that efforts for "banning the production of nuclear materials that have the potential to be used in weapons" are out of place, or too late for saving the world. "Better than nothing" venture, but priority should urgently be given to banning use of the available N bombs, particularly by the rogue nations.

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Posted in: In Germany, the far right is on the rise again. How did it happen? See in context

It's only my wild guess but there must be too many Russian agents working hard to destabilize the German society. Unfortunately, a lot of patience is required to nurture democracy. Once people with different skin colors and religions are eliminated, what comes next will be exclusion of those with different views on politics and society. Hopefully, majority of the German population will not support the far-right party.

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Posted in: Putin has no successor, no living rivals and no retirement plan – why his eventual death will set off a vicious power struggle See in context

Never, ever fooled by a banner of "patriotism" behind which politicians' ego is hidden.

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Posted in: UK government unveils new extremism definition See in context

In my mind, building/expanding settlements, on a continuous basis, in the internationally recognized Palestinian territories is extremism. Likewise, launching an invasion, by unilaterally declaring Ukraine is part of Russia, is extremism. Additionally, claiming a blanket immunity of the presidency is also extremism, I think.

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

It's only my impression, but responsibilities of the US government in terms of "protecting both combatants and non combatants from unnecessary sufferings" have not been fully discussed or considered to date. It's been glossed over by the hypocritical propaganda that a-bombs were used to end the war swiftly. And also that's partly because Japan surrendered unconditionally. Then, considering the Soviet communism's increasing influences , we suspect that a bombs were a show of US power at the cost of Japanese citizens. So, there are still things to talk about.

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Posted in: ‘The Boy and the Heron' earns Miyazaki 2nd Oscar; 'Godzilla Minus One' wins for visual effects See in context

Congrats for the afore-mentioned films. Actually, I wanted to see "Perfect Days" win the best international feature film. I suspect that by giving the award to "Zone of Interest", someone (some people) wanted to make a statement against antisemitism.

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Posted in: Spain's prime minister says he will propose that parliament recognizes a Palestinian state See in context

Let Bibi government hear what they don't want to hear. I am of opinion that this is the right move that could be initiated by the international community with a view to settling with a two state solution, maybe in 50 years. I hope Israeli people, if they seek sustainable stability and peace, would put the extremist right wing under control through democracy. But in my mind, a big question remains, amongst a lot, on what to do with the Jewish settlements, which have been considerably expanded throughout West Bank to the extent that almost nothing is left for Palestinians to govern.

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Posted in: Atom bomb survivor hopes Japan debut of 'Oppenheimer' will stoke nuclear debate See in context

A lot of things come to my mind, but one of the most significant one is why the Japanese government then did not end the war before it's forced to accept the unconditional surrender. A-bombs came while Japanese were preparing to counter the expected enemy landing with bamboo spears (to be deployed by citizens) as a main weapon, alas...

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Posted in: 21% of quake-hit Japan area hospital's nurses may quit amid crisis See in context

What's all those talks, "AI will replace workers" about? Let me hear how AI and robot could contribute to solutions. If best and brightest are quiet on this now, I will be concluding they are only good at deep fake. Memory of crisis in medical care during pandemic is still fresh, and I hope the government/public sector lead the preparation for future crisis.

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Posted in: TSMC diversifies out of Taiwan with new Japan plant See in context

No one including China want to see disruptions in supply of chips, in particular the advanced ones. So, from now on there will be less deterrence against China's ambition of "fully integrating Taiwan", and less incentive for US to defend "the island". Is that what increased operations of TSMC outside Taiwan implies? Will Japan give up Taiwan if US gives up? Questions, questions...

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Posted in: Trump pledges to defend Christianity against the left, which he says wants 'to tear down crosses' See in context

Well, well, well, it seems the US presidential election in November is now elevated to Armageddon, or the final battle between good and evil. Are some Americans so desperate in waiting for the Christian kingdom?

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