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Posted in: Fears grow Japan-U.S. alliance may be affected by Osprey crash See in context

Predictable comments, "send them home, why are they here, balabalah blah blah, go home cry cry cry"

The US Military will not be leaving Japan, accept the fact and you are better off.

You may wish it all you want, that is fine and you may join in the gate protests at any of the bases. Oh and in the summer when it is open base you will go there with a F**ing smile on your face.

I spent 13 years dealing with the ignorance/lack of info in Japan regarding why we are there.

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Posted in: Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel adds kotatsu and hot sake service for a warm way to chill in the sky See in context

I like the Showa vibes.

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Posted in: Japan cracking down on illegal taxis as tourism boom drives demand See in context

Taking a taxi from Narita to Tokyo is crazy. 

My first thoughts! Only noobs to Japan, or those with disposable income will pay for that trip.

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Posted in: Video chat service Omegle shuts down following years of user abuse claims See in context

Omegle hackers and pranksters were quite hilarious on YouTube. Jump scares, friendly communication and talented people artfully playing instruments, it was all over the place, but it wont be remembered for that.

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

HHCH and regular THC gummies are potent. 1st timers are usually directed to just eat half of the gummy or less. Eating one whole, you get the nausea, sick feeling. Pretty sure they ate the whole thing in one go, its a very common (in the US anyways) beginner's lesson learned.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting worker at beef bowl restaurant See in context

HA! a couple weeks ago a man in the US got caught after faking heart attacks in several restaurants to skip out on the bills.

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Posted in: Thanko’s new 'earphones' don’t play music, but do heat your ears from inside See in context

Good for winter too, under a beanie to keep your ears warm.

Side note: Always amazed me how on TV/Movies/Commercials, Japanese people sleep flat on their back, arms at thier side like a cyborg recharging it's batteries.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot by police after Osaka apartment quarrel See in context

There is no such thing as a “Warning Shot”

Very true, the Escalation of Force and Rules of Engagement prohibit warning shots for US law enforcement and the US Military, but who knows for Japanese Police? Maybe it's allowed for them?

The first bullet in a police officer's gun is a blank 

I truly hope this is a joke or troll comment.

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Posted in: J-pop star Ayumi Hamasaki teams up with Club Harie for collaborative baum cakes See in context


Those were the days, every month without fail she would be in a new camera ad. MP3 players, 512mb SD cards..

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Posted in: J-pop star Ayumi Hamasaki teams up with Club Harie for collaborative baum cakes See in context

What a survivor. I still hear her voice whenever I see a Panasonic sign form her digital camera promotion years.


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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing at least 50 air conditioner units in Gunma See in context

So he is NOT unemployed, he is a SELF employed independent scrap metal entrepreneur.

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Posted in: U.S. soldier arrested for trespassing in home in Aomori Prefecture See in context

Same thing happened to one of my Sailors in Yokosuka! He was drinking at a friends house, townhome style off base. went out for a smoke late at night, walked back into the wrong house and fell asleep on the couch. The Japanese family woke him up in the morning rightfully pissed off. Honest drunken mistake, funny but serious too.

He was deservedly punished, as will this new incident.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for smuggling 113 kg of illegal drugs into Japan See in context

Ooh, that's a lot for Japan. HOW were they were caught?, tipped off or were they just dumb, 1st timers?, pro's?

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Posted in: Netflix and Spielberg combine for nature doc 'Life on Our Planet' See in context

@taiwanisnotchina I just like entertainment minus the guilt.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

We are all looking forward to how this will play out.

Secondly, I love that pumpkin integrated into the kanji.

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Posted in: Netflix and Spielberg combine for nature doc 'Life on Our Planet' See in context

It better not have any underlying woke message on global warming like recent nature doc's.

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Posted in: Woman becomes pregnant via IVF donor sperm after husband's death See in context

the sperm donor may be asked to legally accept recognition as the child's father.

I see a good movie, dark comedy: "Surprise Dad" And of course, he is not ready for the responsibility, but a heartwarming pregnant woman will turn him around. Coming this Spring. PUN INTENDED.

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Posted in: Police stop car driving ‘suspiciously’ and find girl’s body in back seat See in context

Police: "Dispatch, we sighted an unemployed man, pulling him over to see why he doesn't have a job"

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

The last 4 paragraphs say it all. Small, trivial and isolated incidents portraying a problem where there is not really a big issue other than a Japanese person saw a tourist do something.

Don't forget to add "And they touch the Sakura flowers in the spring, with their dirty hands"

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Posted in: Is a ¥60,000 rice cooker worth the price? We rented one to find out See in context

If Hiroshi Abe tells you the rice is good, you must buy it. Because he said so.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite Japanese snacks or sweets? See in context

Kaki no tane with a cold Asahi draft.

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Posted in: Smartphone sales sag globally: market tracker See in context

I used my iPhone 4 for 7 years and got clowned on every time I took it out of my pocket. "oooh, its so small", "oohh, look at that small screen".

People are realizing you don't need to upgrade every year.

And apple has already been busted for built in planned obsolescence in speed/battery issues, we are not buying it anymore, can't afford it either.

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Posted in: Can you make a good chicken ramen broth with KFC fried chicken? See in context

I would try without the chicken put in the bowl, water soaked breading, eeewwwuuhh.

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Posted in: Nettori Peanuts: New Garigari-kun popsicle tastes like a peanut butter sandwich See in context

Garigari has come out with seriously questionable flavors in years past, like tomato pasta if I remember.

PEANUT BUTTER I would have to try for sure!

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Posted in: 4 children, father found dead in sunken car off Mie coast See in context

Accidents like this seem to always happen during Golden Week, overconfident father tries to cross river in family car, or in this case cross the ocean. Poor kids.

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Posted in: More Japanese positive on S Korea than negative: survey See in context

Shin-Okubo has no issues, young Japan loves Korea, old Japan holds grudges, strangely as being the past oppressor.

This comes up on YouTube, youngsters could care less when asked about Korea.

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Posted in: Accused train groper claims he has been arrested on trumped-up charge See in context

He's unemployed, so he's already guilty of failing the public harmony, and no one will believe him even if innocent.

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Posted in: 57-year-old man apparently commits suicide after killing wife, mother in Tottori Prefecture See in context

Sad news and a burden for the teenager to deal with, and another unemployed man with a knife story, 3rd one this week. What is the fascination with stating these men are unemployed? Does it add an understandable grit to the situation?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of friend at bar in Sapporo See in context

"unemployed man", Does this add to his deviousness? Is he morally lower than someone employed? His lack of employment was a deciding factor in his actions?

Surely employed people don't knife others. It's unthinkable.

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Posted in: Will virtual plate procession become the new normal for conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan? See in context

This has no connection resulting from the recent delinquents that licked and touched sushi on the conveyor and put it back? Just a coincidence, right. We all order form the tablets anyways, seldom grabbing off the conveyor, just don't take the little shinkansen delivery away!

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