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It seems people have forgotten why the tourists want this particular shot. Someone took a shot and put it on Tik Tok or somewhere. People decided that they had to have the same shot. There was a bandwagon that they all jumped on. You know how these things go. Now, the place where the original shot was taken became a must-go-to place. Now, it's not set up for large groups of people. There is a dentist's office on that street and these people were making it difficult for patients to get in. They were leaving trash everywhere at a spot not set up for this kind of thing. The mentality of the people wanting this particular show was that they were entitled to go there and make a big crowd. The Lawson's had to be part of the shot. If they didn't behave like hypnotized robots, there would be no problem.

Japan welcomes tourists but a lot of tourists (like these people) don't appreciate the problems they cause. This isn't a problem with Japan. It's a problem of those silly people wanting a shot of something stupid in an area not even meant for them.

People who say this isn't a problem should know about the imprint of a rat on a sidewalk in, I think, Chicago. Nothing but problems for the people who lived on that street.

I agree with you, I think it is very difficult to reduce the visibility of a place once it has become famous and stop people from coming, now that the development of social networking services has made it easy to transmit information to the world. This is inevitable. Also, the use of materials that can make holes in the ground is one of the reasons why tourists still come to see the view of Mt. Fuji above the convenience store. I can say that there are very few tourists from other countries who follow the moral code, and not many Japanese who come to visit are also able to follow the moral code. Therefore, I think that the new screen should be made of a sturdy material that can never be punctured. For example, walls.

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