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@tkoind2, great advice! Well written!

@southsakai, I'm with you. I pee sitting down for the same reason and I have no shame about it, although admittedly it's partly for selfish reasons - my wife and I take turns cleaning the toilet and I don't enjoy cleaning my own splashes as I'm sure she would not.

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I don't understand how Romney can blast Obama about not balancing a budget in 4 years and turn around in the same debate and say, "Come on our website. You look at how we get to a balanced budget within eight to 10 years. We do it by getting — by reducing spending in a whole series of programs.". He's obviously lying to the American people and nothing he says can be trusted, except when he says, "Hi, my name is Mitt Romney.".

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7 and 12 years for murder...wtf???

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Eastwood is a pretty good actor and great director so it was really sad to see him going down the path to senility in such a public forum with that rambling diatribe. That's why they give actors scripts, so they don't have to ad lib. It was a good fit with the Republican platform though - old, tired and out-of-touch.

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edbardoe, actually 25.1 million watched Clinton versus 23.9 million for football. You should check facts.

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Posted in: Bullied junior high school boy commits suicide in Sapporo See in context

Much of this starts at home. I know Japanese "salaryman" tend to go to the office early and leave late so their poor children don't have a father figure around except maybe weekends. Parents have to ensure they create an environment of open communication so that their kids can feel it's OK to discuss bullying. Parents of bullies should be punished to send the message to parents that they should educate their kids not to bully.

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Completely agree with SushiSake3! Mitt must have had a hell of a hard time trying to decide which country to open his offshore accounts in, not to mention how to invest his $250MM - stocks? bonds? derivatives? I'm sure every American can identify with that and kind of hardship. A Romney win will take the US back in time. Maybe that's why they brought in Clint Eastwood - to remind voters which era the Republicans want to take the US back to.

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Posted in: Student abducts 12-yr-old girl, confines her in travel bag in taxi trunk in Hiroshima See in context

What's with all the crimes against children lately? From child abductions like this and the 7 yr old in Nagoya yesterday to psychotic parents abusing their kids for not cleaning up or beating them at video games. Thank goodness this cab driver has more brains than most others that whose cabs I've been in. Is it that more crimes are being reported that used to be covered up or is the population of psychos increasing?

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It took 18 months to come up with a "Grand Design" which basically amounts to clean up and rebuild??? The Reconstruction Agency is sure filled with some geniuses. And does anyone actually want to go back there? By the time they restore everything and people can move back I would think that they will have settled down and laid roots somewhere else. I don't want my taxes used so corrupt politicians and bureaucrats can dish out contracts to their friends and families.

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I think Clint Eastwood pretty much personified Romney's platform in his "invisible Obama" rant at the RNC - old and delusional.

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viking68: "I have heard designers say that if a product is used incorrectly, it was designed incorrectly. Humans will make mistakes, and planes need to have the common mistakes like this engineered out of the equation."

Completely agree! My 2 year old daughter can operate an iPad because it is intuitive. You would think airplane engineers could make airplane controls intuitive enough that someone would not mistake "a command button for the cockpit door lock switch nearby.".

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Comiket 82: What they like and don't like about Japan See in context

A bunch of 20-somethings at a Comic Market is hardly representative of "foreign visitors". Anyhow, I think the food and cleanliness are definitely two of the things I like most. Also, things just work here exactly as they should - put money in a vending machine and a drink comes out - in other countries that can be a 50-50 prospect sometimes. As for the people, I find people from Osaka to be much more friendly in general than those from Tokyo. I hate this heat. I used to dislike the whacky Japanese TV shows and commercials but they've grown on me. And having lived here for so long, I don't find anything strange or surprising anymore.

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Wow, what is with all the anger and hatred lately in Japan, South Korea and China. Instead of all the aggressive words and posturing, why can't the leaders of the countries sit down and talk about it like adults. I know, I know, it's because they all act like children and have half a brain between them, but it would be nice for a change.

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I'm sure visiting SK is right at the very top of the Emperor's to-do list.

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Posted in: Lee says emperor would have to apologize if he wishes to visit S Korea See in context

I'm sure visiting SK is right at the very top of the Emperor's to-do list.

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On the topic of China, I don't think they should be throwing stones at Japan from their glass house. Human rights violations continue to be a problem. China has to get their own house in order before telling others what to do.

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I love Japan and I'm a big fan of Nadeshiko, but what they did was wrong and no different than the other sport which apparently I should not mention. They manipulated the result of a match to gain a perceived benefit. The Olympics are supposed to represent the pinnacle of sportsmanship. I'm not naive enough to believe that is the case, but at least we should strive to be better.

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It's sad to see such a poor example of sportsmanship at the Olympics. The rules need to be changed so that each game is an elimination game. In the meantime, all 4 of those teams should be disqualified.

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I'm sure no American even knew he was out of the country. Americans care about the economy and protecting their right to bear arms.

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With a debt load over double GDP, a nuclear energy problem, a political landscape that's worse than a train wreck and a host of other issues, I think Noda and the government have more pressing things to deal with than a bunch of rocks.

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Ebisen, if you know anything about Japan, you'll know how rigidly Japanese follow the senpai/kohai arrangement and, given that these were her superiors and she was merely a trainee, in her mind at least, I'm sure she felt she had no choice. To the rest of us, that may seem ridiculous but, hey, this is Japan and that's how it is here. It'll take generations for a mindset change but who knows if there is even a will to change.

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Posted in: 4 Kanagawa cops admit sexually harassing female officer See in context

If a man walked up to a woman on the street, made her strip and forcibly kissed her, he would be charged with assault. Why is this any different? The 4 officers should be fired and brought up on assault charges. Anything less is unacceptable.

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Posted in: Three 17-year-old boys arrested for nearly drowning student in river See in context

A lot of this type of behavior has to do with poor parenting.

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