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Posted in: Sendai reactor power ramp-up halted due to pump problem See in context

Sendai plant has no power after huge storm hits area..

Did the back up generators work?

Should we send over car batteries?

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Posted in: Abe claims Fukushima food keeps him healthy See in context

Why stop with rice? He can be a better example by also drinking Fukushima bottled water, (unfiltered), wild mushrooms, wild pig, and local fish as well as other creatures, such as those caught in the Fukushima harbor.

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Posted in: Japan wants to consider lowering nuclear dependence: Motegi See in context

The report states that; "two years after the Fukushima disaster started unfolding on 11 March 2011, its impact on the global nuclear industry has become increasingly visible. Global electricity generation from nuclear plants dropped by a historic 7 percent in 2012, adding to the record drop of 4 percent in 2011. This World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013 (WNISR) provides a global overview of the history, the current status and the trends of nuclear power programs worldwide."

The number of nuclear reactors globally peaked at 444 in 2002. Today, the number of actively running reactors is down quite a few from there. Due to age, many reactors are reaching the end of their lifetimes, but are artificially and dangerously being given 'extensions' on their operating licenses.

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Posted in: Steam seen rising from Fukushima reactor: TEPCO See in context

Steaming once again eh? Get out the veggies, let's do a barbecue and invite the kiddies in.

Sewage treatment plants report rising Iodine 131 levels, the radioactive water going into ocean is increasing in radiation, but no worries.

It is all in cold shutdown. Everything is back to normal and safe.

Tommorrow the plan is to open a tourist vacation spot at Fukushima complex, with spent fuel pools featuring a hot springs rejuvanating radiation treatment, and basements featuring hormesis radiation treatment for sick people.

The more radiation, the better, or so say the nuclear 'experts'.

Smear some more glowing green cesium on that squash, and slather on the plutonium topping.

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Posted in: Why democracy is an insufficient force against WMD See in context

Which Nation Is Worst And Using The MOST Weapons Of Mass Destruction? via @AGreenRoad http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2013/09/which-nation-is-worst-and-using-most.html

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Posted in: Could N Korea hit Japan, S Korea with nukes? No one seems to know See in context

If the USA REALLY wanted peace with North Korea, it could have done what it agreed to many years ago, and withdrawn it's troops. It can at any time start peace negotiations and sign a peace agreement. Right now, the world is facing a rogue nuclear nation that keeps threatening to fire off a nuclear missile, because no one seems to care enough about peace to actually negotiate one with North Korea, least of all the United States.

US Still In State Of Active War With North Korea; Not Honoring Armistice Agreement, And Provoking Nuclear War; via @AGreenRoad http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2013/04/us-still-in-state-of-active-war-with.html

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