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In Tokyo, I honestly don’t see a difference between 100 and 400. When only select few individuals get tested using a purposely limited number of tests, the numbers will stay artificially-low and in a narrow range regardless of the situation.

I mean, for example, logically, each of these so called “traced cases” has directly stemmed-from and/or will directly lead-to at least one more infected individual. i.e. There are many associated infections not reported for each case that is reported. It is common sense. It would follow that testing should increase day after day as more cases are traced..., but testing doesn’t increase. cases just bounce around in artificially-low narrow range...

Obviously, Tokyo, and other prefectures, are not tracing anything in a meaningful way or testing enough to generate any meaningful data.

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Posted in: Want your own Japanese coronavirus quarantine room? Cardboard cubicles on sale to general public See in context

Not a bad price. A decent bicycle shipping box costs $150 in the US.

could be used for a lot of things... playrooms, portable paint booths, of course, nap rooms for lower budget indoor Festivals, conventions, etc.

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