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Posted in: Fan-made Nazi anime parody, 'Goeppels-chan,' appears in Japan See in context

"Fan-made"… Fan of what exactly…?!

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Posted in: Tinkering with evolution See in context

I don't approve of designer babies, at least until gene editing is much more refined and more understood; however, hopefully we could see genetic "tinkering" used with the Zika Virus outbreak. The Zika virus has no vaccine, and leads to Microcephaly in babies born from a parent who contracted it. Could we possibly genetically alter the eggs of women who already have the disease, in an attempt to prevent Microcephaly?

THAT would be a wonderful use of this new field; and could really help out those living with, or in fear of this terrible pandemic. I look forward to future studies of this.

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Posted in: Catch your luck See in context

This is legitimately the best form of product placement I think I've ever seen...! You do have to admit though, seeing such a cute bag of sweets participating in the ceremony must have been fun for the little kids in the attendance ^-^

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea rocket plan a serious provocation See in context

@tigerstokyodome I said to Japan, North Korea's very existence poses a threat to SEA's geopolitical balance; but I meant that in the event of a war, North Korea would be unable to launch a successful attack on Japan; not to mention the forces of the US and the RoK's militaries would be fast to use their superior technology to disable the North's strategic military bases, leading to a swift defeat.

That's just one of the officially approved scenarios supported by the US military, which have done considerable planning and testing of strategies in the event of re-ignition of the Korean conflict. Honestly, the ones that should be worried about this test is South Korea, they're the ones that share a land border with the DPRK; not Japan.

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Posted in: Authorities warn parents of Setsubun soybean choking risks for children See in context

What do they want parents to do, give their kids a soybean and have them chase it with a few cups of water, like a pill? Sorry, but that just seems silly.. It's a soybean for goodness sakes.

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea rocket plan a serious provocation See in context

I actually believe North Korea that this will just be a satellite launch; a satellite is much more beneficial to them than a missile at this point in time. A satellite successfully launched could be used by Kim Jong Un to dodge displacement in the upcoming May Converion, where the party will meet and potentially find Kim Jong Un incapable of being leader.

However, even if it was a missile.. It wouldn't be on the same level as modern missiles, which can go to space to avoid anti-missile countermeasures and then dive straight down on a pinpoint target.. This would be on par with missiles from the fifties.. Which we can easily shoot down should the need come.

This is just fear monger jog by Abe; he knows that North Korea poses no threat to Japan, and yet plays up their villainy to make himself look like a righteous defender of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

@Kazunaki Shimazaki The only "Conflict of Interest" is for the Right-wingers currently controlling the Japanese government. A lump sum of money-however large- would be a slight hinderance on the GoJ due to the fact that it's a one-time payment and not an annual payout.

As for "proof" of the comfort women existing: There have been countless statements from both Japanese Veterans and Officials admitting that Comfort women and Comfort stations existed. Now let's see.. What do you think the conditions weed like in those stations? Based off of knowledge that extreme prejudice against Korea and her people was rampant at the time, do you think the comfort women were treated as women? Or tools?

This is too upsetting for me to talk about any further tonight; its really making me sick to my stomach to believe that some people are able to either deny the facts of the Comfort women issue, or blame the women themselves.

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Posted in: Clinton takes Iowa; campaign turns to New Hampshire See in context

@MarkG @SuperLib Like SuperLib said, even a Grand Jury in TEXAS set up by a REPUBLICAN governor with a REPUBLICAN District Attorney found that Planned Parenthood was not only Innocent, but that the "Activists" who illegally recorded and edited a video of a Planned Parenthood official were Guilty for slander and misappropriation of footage. I think that just goes to how innocent planned parenthood is: even republicans are hopping off the "fetal parts" bandwagon.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context


How about you try being a sex slave for a few years, and we can see how you recall those repressed memories you have several years after your slavery… These women are victims of PTSD; of course they're going to have immense difficulty recalling specifics, that's how human brains work. This just goes to show that the conditions were MUCH WORSE than if they were able to tell us everything about the comfort stations, there's a reason these women are subconsciously purging that time of their lives from their memories.

Poor, poor women; they don't have too much time left and this is how the GoJ treats them. Shameful.

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Posted in: Trump faces first test in Iowa See in context

This caucus has proven that the GOP is falling apart with this latest election. You have Trump, someone who 90% of the GOP officials hate and see as a false-republican which is making the entire party look bad. On the other hand, you have Ted Cruz, which still has the small issue of not being born in the US; and therefore will have difficulty becoming president due to the Constitution stating that the President must be born within the US. (That's can be cleared up I'm sure; if it hasn't already been addressed by his campaign, I cannot recall at this moment in time.) Not only that though, but if Cruz gets the nomination over Trump, Teump will take his supporters and run as an independent, greatly weakening the Republican's grasp in the Electoral College and popular vote. We saw this with the OLD Republican Party after Teddy Roosevelt ran under the bull moose party; and inadvertently split the republican vote between himself and Taft; leading to a schism in the party that lead to the flip-flop in political party names, and the current political layout we see today.

The Republican Party cannot win this one; and it would be a miracle if the party itself doesn't have to reform after its brush in with Trump. Honestly, this will go down in the history books as the most laughable election this nation has seen in a very long time.

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Posted in: Cruz defeats Trump in Iowa; Clinton, Sanders in tight race See in context

Trump HAS been self-destructing for awhile; some of his comments like: "My voters so loyal I could go into the middle of Fifth Avenue (New York) and shoot someone, and I'd still get elected" Isn't that a bit outrageous? For anyone else it would be political suicide.. I feel like self destruction over Iowa could lead to a win overall, and that's a scary thought (I walk down fifth avenue every day, and I don't think Trump-radar has been invented yet >.<).

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Posted in: Cruz defeats Trump in Iowa; Clinton, Sanders in tight race See in context

This election is really fracturing the GOP.. On one hand, Ted Cruz most likely will get the Nomination. On the other hand, if Trump isn't nominated; he's taking himself and his fans and running as a third party... If he does that then the Republicans will not win, and most likely will lose in the next 5~ Elections due to such a schism. The National Republican Convention really does have a dilemma.. Nominate Trump and have the party ripped apart by the fact that his policies are so radical and not-reflective of the majority of republicans; or nominate Cruz and have nearly half of their party leave.

This election is just a shambles for everyone though, it's a complete and utter joke.

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Posted in: China arrests 4th Japanese over spying See in context

China is doing this more as an act of regional power more than anything; a few spies in China means very little for their government. However, I also believe they will try to use this to change the shifting: "SEA vs. China" to a less unified "coalition" against their rise to power. Through this, they can bring into question Japan's spy program, and make other SEA nations wary of Japanese spies and covert actions.

Overall, this is just one of the many tiffs between China and Japan; no doubt Japan will uncover some Chinese spies in order to deflect Chinese accusations. It is sad though, being detained as a spy must be scary, guilty or not.

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Posted in: One crew still missing on burning ferry off Japan coast See in context

I hope they find this poor crew member.. Here's hoping this tragic disaster has no casualties.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

@Raymond Freedom has nothing to do with spying, and all nation's spy on everyone. @Yamashi I happened upon it open one of my old political digest-type books.. Might be a bit outdated as it was referring to the whole "Northern territories" issue. I never called the Russian evil. I adore their culture and people; however they're run by a very public oligarchy which wishes for nothing but to return to the height of the Tsarist empire.. AKA large swaths of Asia and Europe. Yes, China did attempt several invasions of Taiwan after WWII. All being repelled by the U.S. and RoC navies. Bit too close to home? Look into Chinese foreign policy, and how often China changes their constitution to see how they feel about their neighbors.

Also why not comment on how Japanese "demons" are always slandered in Mainland Chinese TV? As a student of Mandarin and an avid watcher of foreign TV I can tell you firsthand that the Chinese are very, very quick to make their drama's antagonists Japanese; as well as using the term "Japanese fiend" and "Japanese demon" commonly. You fail to see that unlike in the U.S.. Japan is not seen favorably in a your beloved China and Russia. But by all means, feel free to continue to bite the ah d that protects you from the largest and most well funded, active militaries in the world.

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Posted in: Another 'Naruto' sequel? 'No way. Please, let me rest,' pleads series creator See in context

He deserves winder full, long, indefinite retirement.. The man has clearly done something right and deserves to have peace for once! I'll have to take a look at the franchise! Might as well support him in his newly found rest~

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

@Yamashi That was a very long time ago, and a very different Japan. The U.S. has also tried multiple times to apologize but the Japanese government did not wish them to do so.

And Russia invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine, and has never signed a peace treaty with Russia. Also, there is no mystery to how much the Russians dislike the Japanese and vice versa.. When polled 70% of Japanese felt a degree of dislike towards Russia or Russians. And China invaded Tibet. Another sovereign country. And has made attempts to invade Taiwan, another foreign country, as well as Vietnam.. Yet another foreign country. Russia and China did not hate those nations. They simply wanted the territory.. Now combine the hatred of Japanese the Chinese and Russians have; with the desire for the Japanese mainland due to its strategic location.. Well, I'd say that the Japanese nation would want at least some kind of deterrent.. We are talking about two nations which would never think to attack the U.S.. But do like attacking undefended countries which have no threat of fitting back properly. Ukraine was a great country.. But Russia has destroyed it. Simply by sending a handful of troops they have ruined Ukraine's chances of ever reaching its full potential.

China does not send its fighters in for the "US bases". It sends them because they want more territory; they want the Senkakus and the Sea of Japan, they want the gas deposits scattered around the ocean, they want unsinkable carriers in the form of man made island.. And what are they doing this for? Not for threatening the U.S.. No, China makes too much money off the U.S. They do it to threaten other Asian nations into submission and to weed out potential targets. Sorry, but I'd rather not endanger the lives of my own family living in Japan just so some people could feel a bit more "free". And the current U.S. administration wouldn't think of harming anyone.. And don't bring up WWII because Japan did much worse things than the bombs and we both know it.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

@Tinawatanabe If you can refer me to credible sources saying that the U.S. congress denied one of their most important allies in asia an audience, I will happily admit I was wrong; however I see no reason for the congress to do such a thing.

@Yamashi Well, if your trying to paint me as a brainwashed American then I'll have to say you didn't do too well. What I've gathered from my time reading "Japantoday" comments is that many Japanese readers feel that America hasn't helped Japan, and has done nothing but cause it issues.. Are they right? Well it doesn't matter really, if they think they are completely right and the U.S. is only an organization of evil.. There's no point arguing. However, I'd like to try and erase that enemy for your mind. So you can rest easy without looking behind your back and worrying about the "Evil Totalitarian US Government!" The U.S. would never EVER harm Japan, it's people, or its government on purpose. The U.S. has nothing to gain from "forcing Japan to be a lesser nation" or "Undermining the Japanese government" at all. The U.S. does not benefit monetarily from its military bases in Japan; it only gains a strategic advantage against Chinese and Russian aggression in the pacific.. Also, the U.S. wishes for Japan to have a larger economy and have higher growth so that the U.S's ties to Japan can be seen more favorably in the U.S. Why would the government of a foreign nation want to make an allied nation look "stupid" or poor? It's not logical. The U.S. has no reason to make your lives as Japanese harder.. The U.S. is too busy in the Middle East and at home fighting "terror". And lastly; if the U.S. hated Japan so much, and wanted to exploit them so much.. Why help out so much during the Honshu Earthquake and the Tsunami relief? If I were the "dictator" of an "evil totalitarian state" a disaster like that would be the perfect opportunity to seize complete control of a government and enslave its people!

Honestly, stop worrying about the U.S.. Chances are that in a few years China's people will switch to a new government; and the U.S. will remove itself (mostly) from Japan and the rest of Asia. I can assure you the U.S. doesn't like the fact that 80% of its massive navy is stationed there, and that they have to pay billions each year to maintain them stationed in a foreign country. And I know you're going to scoff and think me some American idiot who is blinded by nationalism or whatever; but I have family in Japan, I want them to be successful.. And therefore have actually paid attention to US actions in Japan. They're harmless. Now if you want to attack my uneasy view of China and Russia, assaying that the U.S. invented their threat.. Well.. Look up how many Chinese and Russian planes that Japanese jets have intercepted; and watch some mainland Chinese television.. China does nothing but paint the Japanese as evil, sadly, and I can assure you that does not lead easily to a peaceful future.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Attack on Titan' writer talks about changes from anime, with one demanded by creator See in context

Not familiar with the the franchise.. But to me it looks like Machiyama and Higuchi did nothing but make mistake after mistake.. If fans were pushing for one thing.. Why on earth would you do anything different? They clearly know that no matter how risky they go their fans will watch it.. So why not push the letter and hire foreign actors? If they hired ANY European actors it would make the film popular in at least two nations.. Japan and the nation which speaks the language of the actors. Instead they chose to change the story so it would be easier to cast? Disappointing. I for one would have been interested if a Japanese filmmaker had chosen to make a film in a western language; purely because it's so rare so see such a thing! Well, I just hope the film doesn't flop completely.. It would be sad to see actors have their careers ruined because of the producer and writer's mistakes.

Also, subtitled films are exceptionally popular.. Look at "Amelie"! It's a French film that is popular across the globe.. And it's not as if French is too well known a language.

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Posted in: Belgian designer to insist Tokyo changes Olympic logo See in context

I do hope they do.. The Japanese Olympic logo is just.. ugly plain and simple! The Japanese can do much better than what they have; and could really amaze the world. Will they change it though? Heck no.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

@Alex Really? I happen to abhor American foreign policy; but I can't help but defend the few bits and pieces which exist to actually to the world some good (I know, it sounds crazy :P) Again, I would assume you're referring to my statement that Japan relies on the U.S. for safety from Mr.GreatNeighbor China; but if I'm incorrect please feel free to comment aha and correct me.

Okay, first off I think that America has handled incidents like the misbehavior of it's soldiers raping Japanese girls ATROCIOUSLY! So please, I'm not defending that behavior at all. Japan does not have the ability to defend itself from the Communist Part of China, and it wouldn't even if the Constitution didn't exist and Japan had a full fledged military.. That's just the affect of China's huge and expensive military. If the U.S. we're to pull out all of its military from Asia; I can assure you that China wouldn't blink an eye at the thought of crushing and destroying the nation that it hates with such a burning passion.. Due to the fact that the hatred of the Japanese is the only reason the Communist Party is able to exist and run its people. Am I insulting Japan's SDF and their citizen's ability to repel invasion? Of course not.. If China truly wanted to mess with the U.S. or any other nation I'm sure they could do substantial damage even without their nuclear arsenal.

The U.S.'s Japanese doctrine is flawed, but it allows Japan to operate autonomously while allowing them to be "untouchable" to all other nations which potentially would want to attack it. Do they have to influence politics as much as they do? Probably not, but they just don't influence that much. They oversee Japan's SDF operations and try to help Japan play a larger role in SE Asia. I'm sorry you hate the U.S. I wish you could see that there is more wrong to Japan than the U.S's involvement, and that in all honesty the U.S. is not the root of all evil.

I look forward to seeing your reaction; if you think I am wrong please say specifically what is. I do enjoy political debates, especially when the other person has a completely different view :P

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Posted in: 3 former TEPCO execs to face criminal charges in nuclear crisis See in context

I'm sorry, but Japan is a nation where large Tsunamis and devastating earthquakes are an accepted part of life.. For those defending the negligence of TEPCO you should stop and reconsider.. 1) they are a large corporation which has more than enough money and has enough government contracts to fly right over this "little pitfall" They don't need your pity; they wouldn't give any to you and that's for sure. 2) What they did was push their reactor's safety to the point where they were JUST meeting requirements set decades ago; even though it was well known that future Tsunami's are due to be much bigger than historic ones.. And that an aged reactor like that one wouldn't be able to withstand a tsunami even if it was within the "safe" height (which was apparently above their sea wall..) 3) TEPCO does not care about the citizens of Japan, they refused to listen to the residents living around their reactors when asked to shut down several locations.. Which is completely unethical and unlawful. The citizens living around reactors are in constant threat of mortal danger if those reactors malfunction or are destroyed like in Fukushima.. If a reactor is unwanted by residents it should be forced to close.

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Posted in: Japan ferry on fire off coast, 'passengers evacuated' See in context

@ Western I wouldn't exactly call the Costa Concordia a "ferry" because it was a pleasure cruise ship.. A much larger ferry without such a set itinerary :P

Also, compared to other Asian countries which have had many ferry disasters in recent years; like China with that ferry that had a 90% casualty rate, Korea with its several ferry sinkings, The Philippines and Malaysia with their fair share of ferry disasters. Japan is by far much "safer" if you look at it like that, but honestly preventing huge maritime disasters like this is no reason to become patriotic. Your're simply doing the right thing; which should be a no-brainer.

Also, for those questioning the U.S's submarine doctrine during WWII.. During a large scale war; all ships of your enemy, civilian or not, are either merchant vessels, solider transports or warships. The U.S. sank thousands of "civilian vessels" which were providing strategic resources to the Japanese mainland or her landholdings. As for the unfortunate sinkings of ferries.. If you were taking a ship in Japanese waters at that time, well, you knew the risks.. And it's extremely unfortunate that they were sunk.. And that goes for any nation's ferry ships sunk in any war in history.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

@elephant Well, you are right about the different layers of allies; however, the "big five" while being Caucasian and English speaking.. Were all allies in both World Wars, which although seeming "trivial" has created a bond between these nations that cannot be replicated through simple diplomacy. Japan is a special case, really. Here we see that we do not spare them from our world-wide spying network; but it is a nation we can rely on more than any other to stay by us no matter the odds (partially because of their constitution..) On the other hand, due to our close relationship with them, being informed of their actions is extremely important in order to react in the proper way to even their slightest diplomatic move. Is this ethical? Not in the slightest, but no country in the history of EVER has been completely ethical when it comes to diplomacy; and in my eyes the U.S. is much more transparent than others (Take that statement with a grain of salt.. And then read a textbook on any historical superpower before the U.S.)

Honestly there will never be a perfect anything when it has humans involved; if any nation was in the position of "Superpower" like the U.S. is.. Chances are they'd act the same, or worse.

@Alex The U.S. is not totalitarian.. Far from it really; and honestly I have no idea where you got it in your head that the U.S. is responsible for all of Japan's problems. The U.S. has nothing to gain from Japan closing down all their nuclear reactors.. In fact they'd GAIN money from Japan buying natural gas and other fuels from our deposits. The reason those reactors stay open is because it's cheaper for the Japanese government to have free energy and not pay for the importation of foreign fuels, or set up the infrastructure for any renewable energy sources. Also, the U.S. really doesn't have that much interest in Japanese policy making; and if you want the U.S. to stop influencing Japan completely and remove its military bases then be prepared to be invaded by China, which China's wanted to do since the end of the war. Not only that, but it would probably spur China to invade Taiwan, Vietnam, and possibly even the Philippines. I'm sorry you dislike the U.S., and your dislike is understandable, but don't attack their position in Japan or make up ridiculous theories.

@Tinawatanabe The congressional addresses made by foreign leaders are always proposed by the foreign government.. So if Abe wanted to address congress, say, over recent developments with China.. He could is he simply contacted congress and made the proper diplomatic moves. But, Japan rarely needs to contact the U.S. and catch the attention of Congress themselves; due to the fact the U.S. places priority on politics in Asia above all others. Also, as I said before, the U.S. can rely on Japan completely already.. Why would they need to have any more sway in Japanese politics?

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

@Gaijin6000 Actually, the majority of the government operates without any input from the president.. And his position is mostly that of a figurehead. The president gets ONE power in the government, the almighty "veto", meaning he is allowed to veto any bill, bring into question any law and reconsider any current policy... However he cannot influence lawmaking, legislation or how the government goes about carrying out said laws and policies. (They also can "force" bills into creation, but rarely this power is ever used, and it could lead to impeachment) If you're trying to say Obama is slipping out ever Saturday and meeting with the heads of the FBI and CIA to plan these spying missions that's simply crazy; especially since the FBI and CIA rarely approach the reigning president for ANYTHING, especially regarding how they are getting the information they bring in. As for the "he's making money off of this" Ha! The payroll of the president is rather slim compared t other government payrolls; the only thing making the position seem "rich" is because housing, food, and security are supplied to him free of charge.

Btw, not a democrat.. And I don't think Obama's a particularly amazing president by any means; I just hate it when people assume the president has "almighty power" when really he has less power than any of the other government's branches.

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Posted in: Standing guard See in context

Papi, if there is a small army of riot gear-wearing police trying to pressure the right-wingers to stop; I highly doubt the entirety of Japan is screaming for the blood of their Chinese and Korean neighbors. Racism is an issue, but it isn't a pandemic. Don't generalize a populace off of some right-wing nuts.

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Posted in: Obama blames gun lobby grip on Congress for lax U.S. gun laws See in context

I read the title of this article and couldn't help myself from loudly saying "DUH!" to my screen despite the fact that it's the dead of night.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

Why does Okinawa care when this just would harm the U.S. military inside the bases where it would land? Also, the crash was most likely pilot error.. Hard landings like that are more often than not human caused.. And in comparison to other helicopters Id much rather fly in an osprey, those things are built like tanks and have much steadier landings than traditional helicopters.. I hope that when the Ospreys arrive in Okinawa they run flawlessly and the locals can learn to accept the wishes of the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Send-off See in context

Japan will never repeat their mistakes in WWII. They may be allowed to have a military but that military is still under heavy regulations, not to mention the vast majority of Japanese do not want to be involved in armed conflicts. I do have to say though that the Japanese must teach their kids about what they did during WWII. They may be peaceful but peace is no good when you blatantly are ignoring the pleas of your two biggest neighbors; China and Korea. Also, they are very much aware how badly they lost the war. They no longer have that sense of immortality that allowed them to start wars so easily. I'm glad to see that the Japanese Navy is keeping with the times and using texter lingo, it's very nice ^_^

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy turns himself in after killing mother, grandmother See in context

Saiaku, it happens all across the globe, but they're overshadowed by more violent or more interesting crimes or incidents. Although we all feel that these tragedies occur way too often in Japan; it's a large nation with shockingly low crime rate.. Which leads to nearly all crimes being headline news. I am in no way excusing how awful these types of crimes are, parents are given little to no help when they have children with violent tendencies and sadly this is how it turns out.. My heart goes out to the poor father and sister who now have to move on with their lives, so sad.

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