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Posted in: Remains of fetus found in drainage pipes of Chiba apartment building See in context

She can't get in trouble for having a miscarriage, And that poor girl will now be traumatized when she goes up against a government panel about a questionable occurrence and overstaying a visa.. Overkill much?

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Posted in: Pentagon announces it will deploy Ospreys at Yokota in 2017 See in context

Ospreys are very safe nowadays, they even fly over major cities in the U.S. every now and then... If the U.S. is willing to put its own cities "at risk" of the osprey.. I'm sure Japan will be fine

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Posted in: Foreign ambassadors killed as Taliban claim helicopter downing in Pakistan See in context

The Pakistani Taliban is just taking credit for a technical failure; this type of helicopter has crashed numerous times recently... The area where they were wasn't even close to Taliban territory.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric applies to extend life of 2 aging reactors See in context

I don't understand why Japan doesn't go for hydro, solar, or wind power.. Not to mention a couple of large geothermal plants would be super successful with their volcanic activity...

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Posted in: U.S. decides not to investigate Toyota unwanted acceleration See in context

Sounds like people want to place the blame of their accidents on Toyota...

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Posted in: Japan considers joint air patrols with U.S. in South China Sea See in context

Eye, the U.S. president has very little effect on these things, the U.S. congress however; does. And I hope you are not hinting towards the need for aggressive politics or actions, they will not work on China. The situation between China and Japan is extremely precarious.. I just hope it can come to a halt and normalize before violence can occur. A peaceful Southeast Asia is a peaceful world.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from 4th floor of Nagoya police station See in context

Luca, I highly doubt they let him die.. He was taken in for drunk driving for gods sake! This poor man, My heart goes out to his family and close friends... Tragic.

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Posted in: Toshiba begins testing hydrogen energy storage system See in context

Stuart, I agree except instead of spending the money to make the switch, they're pinching pennies and letting business continue as usual at those antique plants X_x

Great to see this though, imagine the effect during major disasters! Many lives will be saved.

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Posted in: Tattoos disrupt Apple Watch functions See in context

What did they expect? Tattoos interfere with spinal taps and some medical scanning devices... Did they want apple to find a way around the biological effects of tattoos? If they have both wrists tattooed then I'd just take it in and have the scanner functions disabled, seems like a simple enough solution.

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Posted in: Abe visits Los Angeles to encourage more trade See in context

The U.S. really needs bullet trains; I understand Americans love for cars but you can hardly get anywhere through the disjointed train system..! To think a couple decades ago you could get anywhere by train.. Shameful.

I'm glad people are actively protesting. I may not support all their ideas, but being public and vocal about your wishes is a great thing! Here's hoping they get their long awaited apology.

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Posted in: 3rd dead cat found in Tokyo neighborhood See in context

I hope no children saw any of the dead cats.. Poor things! Who would do this?! To an elementary school no less.

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Boston to kick off weeklong U.S. visit See in context

Alex, after briefly looking up Hitoyama is doesn't look like tensions with the U.S. we're "hostile" at all.. They just feigned ignorance and unnerved him by remaining silent on his impending decision on US bases in Okinawa. That action in itself is very unprofessional, but it seems like it was less the U.S. which was hostile to him and more the Conservative party; which uncovered his illegal money collection (Most politicians do, he however did the honorable thing and resigned... If only he hadn't.)

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Posted in: LDP set for strong showing in local polls: media See in context

It's a shame when the majority of people have given up on politics.. Japan's government doesn't reflect its people's ideals at all. Oh well, they seems to be moving along despite it ^_^

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Boston to kick off weeklong U.S. visit See in context

Ahaha, actually China's military is (numerically) more powerful than the US's. The difference is in military technology, training, equipment and so on.. I fully think that if China wanted (and no other countries intervened, which would never happen) China could defeat the large amount of American forces stationed in Japan and around Asia... Historically the army with the greater numbers wins.. Even if technology is against them. And yes, any country that becomes a "lone superpower" abuses its position highly. However it's better than if there are multiple superpowers... I'd be interested to see how China develops as a nation, and I can only hope that down the line their government slowly continues its trend of "normalizing" and moving away from its brutal path. All this, however, requires extensive diplomacy... Which just doesn't exist during this time of great uncertainty. It seems the very fabric of peace is once again being stretched by Russia and the U.S; and with current actions of both sides... I'd say that we're quickly heading for another Cold War.

Yomiko, you're completely right. Abe is too much of a nationalist and Xi Jinping knows it all too well... Japan needs to trend towards a more "liberal" government in order to have any hope of a peaceful Asia. The current conservative/nationalist trend just furthers the fanning of the flames of war.

(Not being inflammatory towards conservatives; their beliefs are very firm toward taking aggressive action at the drop a hat. That is not what Japan or any other nation needs at the moment)

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Boston to kick off weeklong U.S. visit See in context

Darn, pressed submit way too early >.< Well I'll prolong the rest of my points so that it's worth the second post :P

However, I don't understand how having military in the asiatic region would create instability.. The U.S. forces create a powerful deterrent against violence. It blocks all aggressive actions by everyone, for better or for worse. I just wish that the UN's peacekeeper force hadn't been "broken" during the Serbian war... Maybe the U.S. would back off and let the UN. handle things like this.

Americanhonor, Japan's government is all for the U.S. forces stationed in Japan; it's the main reason that Taiwan and Japan still exist as sovereign states. I normally would look up the occurrence where the U.S. directly did such a horrific act of blatant terrorism against New Zealand; and I can't help but assume it happened during the Cold War. If so, then New Zealand's location would be critical in any sort of military planning against China or Eastern Russia, and acted with the delusion that ignoring a country's sovereignty like that was ok. I am so very sorry that happened to (I'm assuming) your nation; and I hope you believe me when I say such a thing could never happen again. Mass media would prevent such a thing, at least if it happens to nations like New Zealand, Japan, or Italy.

Sorry, I'm a bit tired so I completely forgot to mention why I'm not looking it up.. It's because my poor wheezing iPad can only handle one tab at a time before it crashes :P

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Boston to kick off weeklong U.S. visit See in context

Alex, okay, I understand that a bit. However your idea does not involve China disarming its gigantic military.. Which Even the combined forces of Asia couldn't stop. In a perfect world the U.S. would completely remove itself from all countries, and those countries would disarm themselves as well.. However the military serves more purpose than just war. They do humanitarian work and other such peaceful actions... Oh well, the world will never be a perfect place..

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Boston to kick off weeklong U.S. visit See in context

Alex, I agree with some points of your post such as stating that a large swath of Americans are "brainwashed" (though in my opinion it's more as if they're submissive to politics) However, I do not agree that America is the root of all evil; like you do. America acts like its the policeman of the world, which it shouldn't. It creates conflicts where they aren't needed, and start trouble for other nations without even thinking... But I disagree that that's what its intentions are: that would make our government out to be much smarter than it is. Also, your view that China is a paradise is sorely mistaken. As we speak they are "warmongering" by gobbling up as much territory as possible, all while ignoring the pleas of just about every other Asian nation; is that fine? Or maybe the fact that they brutally enslave dissenters and harvest their organs makes you think they're superior to America. Overall I agree with the U.S. Government's stance on Asia. We must keep China in check at the moment and the best way that can happen is through the gradual build up of Japan's military (Sadly).

Side note: I'm not "Anti-Chinese" or "Anti-Communist". I adore the Chinese culture which has survived in Taiwan and believe that the vast majority of Chinese are blameless, like the vast majority of people everywhere. However, I do not agree with how the Chinese Communist Party is governing them, it's not right (And not in the least bit communist).

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Posted in: New anti-chikan cell phone stickers let you mark train gropers with sign of shame See in context

...Is it bad a want this..? It's so cute! Plus I love the idea of stamping random people >:3 (Of course nobody would care about it here in the states, so nothing wrong with that ^_^) Are they just being given out at stations or do you have to buy them? If so where can you buy them?

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Posted in: Tsunami alert lifted after M6.8 quake hits off Okinawa See in context

Sea quakes happen weeks BEFORE an earthquake, they mess up the Dolphins ability to navigate and give them intense head pain.

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Posted in: Mass beaching fuels fears of imminent quake See in context

Looks like it was tied to an earthquake.. Woah.

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Posted in: Tsunami alert lifted after M6.8 quake hits off Okinawa See in context

Woah, maybe those dolphin beachings were because of a sea quake.. I'm glad that nobody was hurt.. 6.6 quakes are scary!

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