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Posted in: Is Pope Francis anti-American? See in context

If the church is so rich, why is every church I've come across in tremendous amounts of debt except for a select few? Less than one third of those that attend give anything at all financially. And if they do, it's usually less than $5.

If they sold all their assets, guess what, no more record of history for safear keeping. Who is going to buy that crap anyways? If they sold all their orphanages and churches and other buildings, you'll still have poor people except now, no one will be able to help them. You know, all those convents where they intentionally live to be poor. It's also a well known fact that the Catholic Church is the most charitable organization in the world. Even secular sources will affirm that. They give substantially more than everyone else, especially those that complain that the church is rich, and they aren't. Let's face it, if you were rich, you wouldnt complain about how rich the church is.

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Posted in: Japan urges N Korea to refrain from provocative action See in context

You know what sounds like a good idea? Telling North Korea what to do. I'm sure they'll take it into "consideration". If I was NK, I would probably do the opposite of what Japan tell me to do just to piss them off.

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Posted in: 107 dead in crane collapse at Mecca mosque See in context

Given the photographs, I don't see how it caused 238 deaths. They would all have to be under that one small section of roof. Right? Or am I missing something?

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Posted in: China's leadership fans antipathy toward Japan See in context

China can't really do anything unless it has support of the people it lords over. So, if you want to do something, you have to convince the people you're lording over to support your ideals. Hence the propaganda brain washing. Eventually, they'll get so worked up through the propaganda that they'll actually think Japan is about to attack them and, in order to prevent that attack, they'll attack first under the guise of a "pre-emptive attack for defense". The average Chinese Joe Bob (or Ching Chong?) will honestly believe they're doing the right thing during the process, and even after it's all over. It's obvious what China wants. It wants Japan and all of it's resources.

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Posted in: University students stage hunger strike over security bills See in context

It's understandable that people in Japan don't want to go to war. But the current policy only works if all countries agree to that same policy, which they don't. If all the "allies" had this policy of "only go to war if they attack us", and China invaded Japan, Japan would be left to fend for themselves. After all, they're not attacking America or any other country. Why should they help? Which means they were never really allies to begin with. They were just business partners.

When you see someone in danger, you have a moral obligation to help them (if you have the resources for it, and it won't cause other greater evils), otherwise you're just as responsible. "I saw him get murdered, but they weren't murdering me, so I just walked by."

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Posted in: Time for black or gay 007, says Brosnan See in context

I want either 1) Chinese Bond, or 2) Russian Bond or 3) Mexican Bond.

Will be hilarious as long as he spoke only in boken engrish. Russian bond will make for awesome double agent where Bond betrays MI6. guahahaha! Also hilarious.

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Posted in: Company president arrested for fatal abuse of employee See in context

The 22 year old son should go to jail to for assisted murder. Silence is acceptance.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships See in context

Is this LGBT still a thing? I thought we've ascended past this. This is a 2015 first world problem no one cares about anymore.

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the main differences between the way Japanese and Western media report the news? See in context

In america at least, the very stories themselves that are reported are biased. A left-wing media source just won't run a story on something that makes the liberals/democrats look bad. Like planned parent hood selling baby parts. And vice versa. Or they'll barely touch on it. The stories seem like they're all factual, but in reality, the facts are carefully selected and worded to steer the reader into empathizing with their ideals.

No media source in America can be trusted to be "factual". It just doesn't exist.

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Posted in: Gas cylinder explodes in Oita restaurant, injuring 3 employees See in context

I have an idea. Let's place all of our gas canisters above the fryers to save space.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after falling from 12th floor See in context

It doesn't actually say what floor she fell from. It just says the building was 12 stories high. It doesn't mean she fell from the top floor. Not that it matters, just curious. If they're tourists, why are they staying in an apartment building? I also don't see how a four year old could open any door by themselves, but maybe it's possible...

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