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Aakmal999 comments

Posted in: Ultraconservative Islamists make gains in Egypt See in context

Egptian,Tunisian or another Arab spring country already in dark age age without syariah law. they're what best for their country and stop to show bigotry minded by insulting shariah

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Posted in: Panasonic to build solar cell plant in Malaysia See in context

thanks for goodness, now Malaysians has choice to scrap down disaster suggestion of building nuclear power plant for electricity.

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Posted in: Plutonium detected in soil outside Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Feel sorry to Fukushima people but they must prepare facing reality their land will ended like Chernobyl city. Turned 'ghost 'city' and there no life at Chernobyl because it takes 200 years above to disappear radioactive substance in soil.

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Posted in: Shin-Koiwa station struggles to avoid status of 'suicide spot' See in context

look and learn what happened when *money to be your GOD!*****

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Posted in: Happy landing See in context

if face any problem when flying and landing, say your prayer!

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Posted in: Palestinians submit U.N. statehood bid See in context

Congrat to Abu Mazeen of his bravery, their're sicken after 20 years signed many peace treaty no fruitful results. Besides that, Palestinian land had been seized and use by buit illegal settlement for Israel people.

Abbas has already stated that all Jews would have to leave his "Palestian" state

@wiliB palestinian people consist not only arab but also their have jews,christian people. they're living harmony together before hundred years zionist immigrant came to their land.

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Posted in: U.S. walks out as Iran delivers anti-U.S. speech at U.N. See in context

Americans itself feel ashame with childish behaviour of their delegation. This one of comment in The New York Time:

This guy tells some truths and some lies, just like the United states reps do when they speak. Walkign out is something you never do under nay circumstances when someone is speaking at the U.N.

Anyone who walks out is basically telegraphing that they are too immature and afraid to listen to what someone else has to say.

You listen. Then, if you disagree you can say why.

You are not qualified to speak if you run away.

It's cowardice.

Unless you have an upset stomach you should be brave, stay put, and listen.

you can read more by following this link http://nyti.ms/qFX3rb

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Posted in: U.S. walks out as Iran delivers anti-U.S. speech at U.N. See in context

How America to having war with Iran? if only their president speech America cowardly walk out and followed by European delegations. Ahmadinejad should say "hey don't scare! this only my word not my nuclear weapon".

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Posted in: Palestinians relentless in push for U.N. membership See in context

this enourmous reasons why they must recognize Palestine:

If the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, does not go ahead with the application at the UN on Friday, demonstrations in support of the initiative could turn into a new intifada of violent confrontation with Israel.

It is a mood that could easily spread across a region made newly sensitive to calls for self-determination by the revolutions of the Arab Spring. To abandon the initiative now could also provoke uproar among Muslims worldwide, threaten regional stability and even increase the risk of another war. And there are already signs of wider ramifications, with hints of anti-American defiance from Saudi Arabia as the long-time Washington ally this week offered the Palestinian Authority $200m to ease its liquidity problems.

From The Independent http://ind.pn/oAdsLE

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Posted in: Palestinians relentless in push for U.N. membership See in context

what dimwitted people! there're recognize Israel as state but reluctant to recognise Palestine as nation. Palestinian living at there hundred years before these Zionist jewish immigrant came to their land.

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Posted in: Man attacks neighbors with kitchen knife over insult See in context

you cannot become samurai or ninja with knife!

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Posted in: Coffee break See in context

wow! see leg rather canned coffee drink. Power of advertising is girl

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Posted in: Philippines president to raise China sea dispute with Japan See in context

The Philippines accused Chinese troops of firing warning shots against Filipino fishermen, laying buoys and markers in its territory and harassing a Philippine-sanctioned oil exploration vessel.

All of this mess only about OIL, Spratly Islands should under ASEAN and regard as joint ownership.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at Shin-Koiwa Station; 5th suicide there since July See in context

It diffcult to ended action that accepted as part solution of problem. If there are really commit suicide give them job will ended their life (at past 'kamikaze') like go cleaning radiation debris or sending to become voluntary helping people at war zone. no energy be waste!

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Posted in: Death toll from Himalayan quake rises to 50 See in context

condolence for them

as country didn't prepare enough with earth quake,what can expected rises toll of death

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Posted in: TEPCO compensation hotline overwhelmed by 3,000 complaints per day See in context

The forms come with a massive 156-page manual.

they (TEPCO) should read this manual because their fault causing Worst disaster not victims!

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Posted in: 6 Japanese complete relay swim to Taiwan See in context

Value that can learn from Taiwan forgeting our past let build new history

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Posted in: Pachinko: Japan's lifesaver or time waster? See in context

It good donate money to those needy people rather wasting it to pachinko machine

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Posted in: 3 Cameroon nationals charged in death of Japanese jeweler in Malaysia See in context

Innocent--- maybe fiddycent would have been more appropriate. Malaysia does have big problems with racism sure, no bigger than Australia, Japan, the USA .. Pick your country.. Still these guys didn't exactly lift the bar for African people. Being a scumbag is not defined by one's race or nationality though

Agree 100% with Darren Brannan, racism in Malaysia use for political issue especially when nearing election. After that, it will be silence

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors, Proton mull wider partnership See in context

remembering history of first car Proton called 'saga' 99% same model produce by Mitsubishi only 1% for Proton badge

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Posted in: Over-50 first-time marriages increasing See in context

Low birth rate increasing of older people common dilemma for developed countries

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Posted in: France herds Muslim faithful off streets after prayer ban See in context

Finally! reveal true face of bigotry mind 'there no ultimate freedom or right people for religion'

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Posted in: Noda's blog now available in English See in context

hello don't worried we have new technology GT (google translate) **i didn't care about grammar mistake or unsuitable word been use !

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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' See in context

come to Japan and playing volley balls?

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Posted in: Number of centenarians in Japan hits new high of 47,756 See in context

assuming good stories teller or walking history book

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Posted in: Chatbots teach English conversation See in context

Those who can afford it pay around $300 per month, though only 1% of the population engages in learning at these schools.

Teaching english can make profitable business at Japan

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Posted in: Man allegedly beats 70-year-old mother to death See in context

it jaw dropping news

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