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Aaron Brummett comments

Posted in: Trump says he wants U.S. troops out of Syria; military advise against it See in context

Trump is 110% right on this one! We have no business in Syria!

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Posted in: AKB48 member trips off stage, suffers head injury See in context

The poor girl! Everyone trips once in a while... in Washington State, more so than not dues to all the rain!

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy arrested for molesting elementary school girl See in context

I hope that he gets the help that he needs.

Say what you want to about him... it still took a LOT of courage to own up to what he did.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for 'putting curse' on school kids See in context

A straw doll? I think the man is innocent. There is a fourth season of #HellGirl anime and the straw doll is used to send people to hell. I assess that one of the kids did this. There is a brand new season and a lot of the younger kids are carrying these dolls.

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Posted in: Cat found strangled in parking lot in Chiba See in context

Even feral cats understand the relationship between humans and cats. One of my cats was a stray... four years later, one could never imagine that he used to be feral.

It takes someone less than human to torture a defenseless animal.

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Posted in: 32 windows smashed at junior high school in Tochigi Pref See in context

Another "smashing story"! I am willing to bet it's an employee... past employee... someone with a "key"!

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Posted in: 2 men killed by train in failed rail crossing rescue attempt See in context

Still a hero! The amount of courage that took!

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Posted in: Crown prince says Malaysia can be model for diversity See in context

He is correct. Malaysia is both a soup and a tossed salad. A cluster of different cultures, political ideas, religions, races! Malaysia continuously improves its own ability to sustain such diversity. It doesn't try to be perfect, nor absolute.

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested over murder of ailing wife See in context

He should have just went with carboxide poisoning. Painless. I can no judge him. Taking care of a sick person is very hard.

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Posted in: Walk helper See in context


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Posted in: Police officer arrested for groping woman on train See in context

Not defending his actions... but where are all the "victim blamers" who usually troll these articles?

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Posted in: Woman's corpse discovered under floor in Tokyo house See in context

Well, I didn't really want to sleep tonight, anyway!

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Posted in: Streaming now makes up most U.S. music industry revenue See in context

Streaming is superior on every level... except for reliability. Emusic and Sony will not honor any purchases made on the "older clouds"... this includes music, movies, and digital comic books. Google is extremely reliable. All of my pre-Army purchases on Google are still there. Sony, NOPE! Emusic... NOPE! I lost all of my Sony purchases. But Google is just superior! I can listen to any album in any format... that includes, digital remaster, vinyl , cassette, 8 track! Itunes is failing because they will not update the library for purchases. There is a lot more available in Japan Ituens than in America Itunes. Most classic rock various editions. Google is constantly evolving while Apple music just "sits there"! Amazon music is also good for "special digital editions". A CD is only 16but... digital remasters are 24 bit starting. This is the end of MP3's! Most MP3's were just ripped from CD's...

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Posted in: Netflix releases first trailer for its live-action American adaptation of anime 'Death Note' See in context

This Death Note is set in "our" universe... different rules than the Japanese Death Note. This also sets up the basics for a "Japanese reboot" based on the idea that the anime was based off something that truly happened...

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Posted in: Woman in wheelchair killed after falling onto tracks in front of train See in context

I would say "accident". I spent about a year in one... those things are tricky! The first week I was in one it was all about learning not to tip it over... I also had a habit of "refusing help" when I more than likely needed it.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested for stalking woman, 42 See in context

At 77 he should really be stalking out a good "adult nursing home"!

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Posted in: Suicide bombers strike Syrian capital, killing at least 30 See in context

Don't worry! President Trump is on the way!

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Posted in: Headphone batteries explode on flight to Australia See in context

Yikes! I am glad that she is OK! I have never heard of this happening before.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Rika Ishikawa marries pro baseball player Ryoma Nogami See in context

32... yah, I bought my 1st MM CD almost 18 years ago... but I think that she doesn't look a day over 28! Congrats!

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy apparently jumps to death at Fukui school See in context

Very sad! I hope that his family finds peace. No one is ever thinking clearly 100% of the time... pressure is like fog... it clouds good judgment.

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Posted in: Man beats stranger to death in order to get arrested See in context

He is lying... it is fully aware of the law and the legal aspects of "intent"... premeditated. This attack was more than likely either business or personal.

This could mean the decision between second-degree murder and first-degree murder. Just an assessment..

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Posted in: Accused groper on train escapes by jumping onto tracks See in context

And if he touched her on "accident' but it happens... then he should keep running! No one is every going to believe that! Like... move to another Island.

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Posted in: 14 million more uninsured under Republican plan in 2018: U.S. budget office See in context

Patience! I think that Trump has a better plan that he can't just lay on the table... at least, not at the moment. Let's just be honest... Obamacare didn't really work. It fined poor people who could not afford it... and even I could not get basic coverage. I am a disabled veteran who needs a secondary insurance. But according to "Obamacare", I make to much on disability to need coverage. Give Trump's idea a chance. Obamacare just didn't work!

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Posted in: Chiba police searching for serial attacker who puts finger in teenage boys’ mouths See in context

He sounds more like someone who has a mental illness.... not someone with evil intent. Maybe he will read this article and just turn himself in and then apologize.

He could also work on becoming a "dentist". I do not mean that as a joke. I know a few would be dentists who did not fair too well when they had to work inside of a real mouth.

And as his "penance" after graduating he would provide free services to the people that he had previously violated.

Method is called, "restorative justice"!

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 8-year-old girl See in context

I agree that he needs help... and doesn't really seem to understand what he is saying.

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