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Posted in: Apple kicks Google Maps off iPhone, adds Facebook See in context

You don't have to use Facebook or Twitter on IOS6. Just don't sign into them in the settings. They are just integrated if you want to use them and not nessessary to use the phone. Google said that an IOS vernon of Google maps will be available at their Google Maps presentation last week. More competition means more befits for the consumer.

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Posted in: Apple delays delivery of new iPad by 2-3 weeks See in context

It's delayed because the first shipment is sold out. People who got in fast and ordered on line will get their iPads on the 16th.

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Posted in: Softbank no longer sole network as KDDI set for iPhone 5 See in context

I live in Shikoku and never had problems with Softbank. I just hope they activate Wifi hotspot feature in iOS.

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