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Posted in: Erica the android can have 'natural' conversations See in context

She reminds me of a girl that I used to know... I think she was a robot to! She never fully grasped human conversation skills...

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Posted in: Netflix to launch in Japan on September 2 See in context

Hulu is dead! Netflix is amazing! More amazing if one knows how to adjust the region block and therefore have access to 20x more content from netflix!

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing brother who asked for help in committing suicide See in context

IF u want to end your life... donate a kidney to another person. Have a living will with explicit instructions. Don't be a coward and make your brother do it for you. Also, save another life... or two, of those who do want to live!

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Posted in: Elderly couple dies after car goes into sea in Okayama See in context

This is very sad! RIP!

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships See in context

I wish the whole world would follow suit!

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Posted in: Japanese journalist pulls a 'Weiner' in Thailand See in context

How does one accidently do this?

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Posted in: X Japan’s Yoshiki hints at a possible collaboration with Babymetal See in context

This has to be another bad joke!

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Posted in: Mother admits throwing 5-year-old son from 13th-floor apartment See in context

How many accidents are actually murders? We may never know. I feel sorry for the boy... and I hope the father will find comfort...

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Posted in: Thousands rally against U.S. military base on Okinawa See in context

But the economy of Okinawa is based on having that base.

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Posted in: Concept bra will give you pep talks, help you take perfect selfies See in context

She looks amazing! But... would the bra be honest if someone were ugly? I mean... well there's no nice way to say it,

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Posted in: Student held for murder charged with trying to poison two former classmates See in context

Um... investigate this further. My gut feeling tells me that she has been quite successful in the past at not getting caught. We are not dealing with a human being, here. She has became something less than human and needs to be analyzed as such. She is a monster. It has nothing to do with how she was raised.

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Posted in: Body of missing 8-year-old girl found in river in Kagoshima town See in context

This is so sad! RIP angel!

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Posted in: Police looking for man who tried to kidnap 12-year-old girl in Tokyo See in context

Glad she is OK! Always teach your kids to "fight back"!

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Posted in: Ex-cop on trial for attempted kidnapping of 10-year-old girl See in context

Chemical castration has never worked because attacking kids is not sexual. Its just evil. There is no way to justify is and Chemical castration never stopped them from doing it again.

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Posted in: Ex-cop on trial for attempted kidnapping of 10-year-old girl See in context

He's both a cop... and tried to abduct and 10 year old girl. 2.5 years in prison is going to be a very long time for him.

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Posted in: 21-yr-old man held for fatally beating 4-month-old daughter See in context

Its like a bad horror movie... except that its real. RIP< little Angel!

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Posted in: Man arrested after wife's body found in car See in context

Poor woman!

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms also bring out the yakuza See in context

I shall publicly diss them on this post... and quietly dream to my self of one day becoming a Samurai!

I know nothing about Yakuaza except for the Beat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano) movies. I might have played the game on PS2... a while back... And the movie "Moonchild" which was surprisingly violent considering that is starred Gackt. I would love to become a vampire!

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Posted in: Little princess See in context

Respectfully Kawaii!

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from 4th floor of Nagoya police station See in context

I am sorry, that he felt this was the only way out!

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Posted in: Scores more women, girls freed from Boko Haram in Nigeria See in context

New leadership... new rules! Glad he didn't just try to take over and become a dictator. Being elected by the people carries a lot more credibility.

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Posted in: Moscow visit was too risky for Kim Jong-Un: analysts See in context

Didn't want to get "huiloed" and wind up missing! The NK leaders is a lot smarter than Putin gives him credit for.

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Posted in: Hollywood version of 'Death Note' making progress, with Adam Wingard as new director See in context

But... the story actually did begin in America. Not talking about the "Manga".... I am talking about the book "Death Note: Another Note"... Both L and Light worked together on a case involving someone else who had the Death Note.. but neither remembered these events. If they picked up on that story... I would be all for it!

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Posted in: School principal arrested for breaking into woman's apartment See in context

On the bright side... a job position just opened up!

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Posted in: Couple kept 3-year-old son in rabbit cage, starved him and dumped body in river See in context

Frungy... I usally love taking the moral high ground and wish to show compassion. Not this time...

Execute them!

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Posted in: One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old See in context

So, she's a Hobbit! I will not shame her nor say mean things about her. When I was 12 I collected comic books. This is the best agency a 12 year old girl could work for. Good for her!

Well, King Records or Ace Deuce are actually the best. I think the reason she was chosen has something to do with the third Higurashi No Noku Koro Ni movie. The first two starred a few members of AKB48... and she looks a lot ... A LOT like the alternate universe Natsumi... This decision wasn't random!

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Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans See in context

For those who think the A-bombs were a good idea... always remember, there were American prisoners who were also killed, in addition to innocent civilians. Its not an apology... its a reality.

Just like America never talks about Perry and the Black Ships... when we invaded Japan and forced Japan to open up its ports for trading. That hasn't been taught in high school for about 70 years. But it happened. Matthew C. Perry.

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Posted in: New anti-chikan cell phone stickers let you mark train gropers with sign of shame See in context

Where can I purchase these stickers? It would be so much fun to just abuse the system and randomly stick them on other people... especially those who can't read Japanese! Tell them the stick means "I am a foreigner"... when it actually says "I am a pervert'! This is a great idea!

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Posted in: Netflix defends Sandler film after native American walkout See in context

OMG! Get over it! The show must go on!

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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

Happily married for 20 years... Never once refused sexual advances from my wife! I am lost with this article!

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