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Aaron Loki Brummett comments

Posted in: 13-year-old girl from Fukushima Pref missing since June 24 turns up at police station See in context

Hide and seek champion of 2015~

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Posted in: Disavowed by party leaders, Trump has supporters cheering See in context

All the repub trolls "willfully blindness"... Dump the Trump! McCain is a war hero... trump, just a zero.

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Posted in: Former AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda involved in traffic accident See in context

Glad she is OK! She was not only in AKB48.. she was also one of the rhythm guitarists... Loved her song "Time Machine". She still is very active with AKB48. Even though she is no longer a standing member.... she is still connected to the group.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after drugging dates with chocolate, robbing them See in context

I think she did it for the thrill... not because she needed the money.

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Posted in: Gackt lashes out at Cool Japan: 'Almost no results of Japanese culture exported overseas' See in context

Gackt can lash out at me anytime that he likes. Having said that, I have to agree with Gackt on this issue. Why isn't Gackt starring in countless American films? He is both good looking and can act... I am not just saying that because I am a Malice Mizer fan... I also like SKIN.

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Posted in: Neil Young says he's done with streaming due to 'worst' sound quality See in context

Somewhere on a desert highway... she rides and Harley D... but she won't be streaming any more...

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Posted in: Revised law banning child porn possession goes into effect See in context

This is not about foreign pressure. Women should not be portrayed as a child... either physically, nor emotionally. This is a control tactic and sexism. Just because it is in manga doesn't make it any less innocent. THis is more than just child porn. This is about how we choose to portray women.

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Posted in: Body of 16-year-old girl swept away in canal found See in context

I have lost my balance before. I hope her family finds peace. This is truly sad.

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Posted in: Review: Apple Music has everything, perhaps too much See in context

Apple Music is the best thing to ever happen to the music listeners experience. CD masters, Itunes remasters , 8 track versions.... 45 vinyl rips... "HOw much goes to the musician"! LOL! More than likely the same as its always been.

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Posted in: Man cuts off 12-year-old girl's hair with scissors See in context

This story doesn't make any sense. I thnk she is being bullied. Maybe her classmates cut her hair... and she doesn't want to implicate them for fear of retaliation.

That is just an assessment.

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Posted in: 10 taken to hospital after unattended ambulance crashes into car See in context

SO... another job as a driver just opened up! This is sort of good news...

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Posted in: Obama relishes Iran deal; warns Congress not to stop it See in context

Love Obama! Congress has done nothing but cut benefits to 200,000 unemployed veterans... Its nice to be friends with Iran again!

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Posted in: 'The Boy and the Beast' film debuts at #1, earning Y667 million in 1st weekend See in context

The Japanese movie 'The Boy and the Beast' outselling the Terminator is most places.. The movie will not be released in the U.S. until 2016... they are afraid it will also outsell Star Wars. The truth is that it more than likely would. I think Funimation should release the movie in the U.S. now. Half a million ticket sales in Japan, alone.

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Posted in: Sasebo girl who killed classmate sent to reformatory See in context

Compared to men, girls are seldom violent. I would hate to see a situation where both lives were lost. Keeping her doped up is not the answer. We don't know the whole story. We don't know the killer's history. Surely, there is some intelligent doctor out there that would be willing to both take her in... and fix her. Right now, she can't fully appreciate the nature of her crime. One day, she may be able to atone. Why are we so weak as a society that we give up?

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Posted in: 2 visions emerge for getting self-driving cars on road See in context

Most people are already too distracted while driving.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy drowns while attempting to save classmate in river See in context

There is no greater love, than he who would give his own life, for a friends.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing girlfriend to death See in context

WE could still make use of him.. we medically put him into coma... feed him drugs that will give him nightmares for the rest of his life... and every few weeks it becomes a unwilling blood doner.

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Posted in: Teacher forces 96 students to kneel for 20 minutes as punishment for being late See in context

Never kneel before another man. This is wrong on so many different levels.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting 14-year-old girl See in context

I hate what he did because it will cause the girl to be less trusting... in any relationship.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl loses fingertip in elevator accident See in context

Poor girl!

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Posted in: Wait, just what exactly have they done with the new 'Death Note' drama? See in context

Light should start out as a light weight... the "god complex" should build over time.

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Posted in: Man set fire to house because wife didn't see him off properly See in context

Another LT story for our LT collection!

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Posted in: Prince pulls music from most online streaming services See in context

Wht a joke! No one is streaming Prince!

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Posted in: Cosby said he got drugs to give women for sex See in context

Not quite as funny as his set of "rape jokes" during his Canadian tour.

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Posted in: Youth video project features debut of over-the-top Super Ninja Japanese Schoolgirls See in context

Very sharp! I won't ever doubt you again! Now let's get to 10 million views.

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Posted in: U.S. action movie star Steven Seagal plays gig in Crimea See in context

I already saw this movie... Seagal pretends to have converted and slips behind enemy likes... wiping out the rebels!

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Posted in: Kyoto man arrested after calling victim to apologize for assault See in context

Should have called from another persons phone... and pretended to be someone that he didn't like. "Sorry, this is Putin! First of all, sorry for assaulting you and for taking your land! Later!"

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Posted in: Kidnap suspect said he threatened to kill girl unless she got into his car See in context

The Japanese police did their job.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl missing in Okayama See in context

They have located her! She is alive!

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Posted in: Missing girl's mother consulted police about same suspicious car in May See in context

They found her!

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