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Posted in: Policeman discharges weapon after suspect strikes him and tries to steal his bike keys See in context

Rock, Paper, scissors, GUN!

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Posted in: Body in Sapporo park identified as woman missing since panic call to fiance See in context

I had such hopes she would be found alive. Prayers for the family.

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Posted in: Princess Noriko to marry son of Shinto shrine's chief priest See in context

@Stephen Knight, that was actually pretty funny!

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Posted in: Peeping Tom police officer arrested in Kanagawa See in context

Poor guy! I hope that he gets help!

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Posted in: Two AKB48 singers, 1 staff member attacked at handshake event in Iwate See in context

He should be thankful that I wasn't there. Does anyone know his name?

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Posted in: Lawsuit looms over 'Stairway to Heaven' See in context

Or perhaps they could form up with the remaining members of both bands... release a single with both versions of the song... split the profits and laugh about it all the way to the bank!

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for beating acquaintance to death See in context

I praise the victim... may she rest in peace... having said that, may the halls of Valhalla open for her! After all, she went out fighting and it took three girls to take her down. I imagine she would have won in a fair fight! The three that attacked her are cowards!

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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

Reminds of of a Childrens movie that in Japanese was called "Cat Cook"... but they marketed it to AMerican audiences with the direct translation title as "pussy soup".

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Posted in: Teenage girl killed by train after jumping onto tracks in Chiba See in context

It will only get worse! At least she is free from what was tormenting her.

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Posted in: Man says he stole schoolgirls' gym uniforms because he wanted to wear them See in context

Seems like a harmless crackpot. I hope he understands that those uniforms are expensive. They are also hard to take care of. Having that said... I assume these girls are in college. Let's be realistic! College is expensive. I say let him wear the uniforms for like... 50 paso's an hour.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shining spotlight on police copter See in context

So where did he get the money for a "spotlight"? THose cost about 500 to 20k U.S.! people are strange!

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Posted in: 80% of Japanese women report being hit on by strangers See in context

I think part of the charme of meeting a woman for the first time is that there really is no uniform formula. As far as "hot looking"... well, not every guy has "got the moves like Jagger"! Others have the moves like a cross between Michael stipe and Axl Rose. Its pretty scary!

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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

Russia needs to spill the beans on what ever then are hiding concerning China.

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Posted in: Bag snatcher suspected of over 100 thefts See in context

Um.. with the theft of the gun, it's 101 thefts!

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban sales of incest comic to minors See in context

@magnet... the reason for the censoring is a lot of the porn is fake. I watched one being made during Sex ed 101 in college. Fake yet real looking body parts, fake boobs if the real ones don't bounce enough. Try it for yourself! Get a program that removes the censoring.

@gogogo I completely agree that child porn should be banned. But the demand is too strong.

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Posted in: 61-year-old man arrested for kidnapping 12-year-old girl in Kagawa See in context

Bless her heart!

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban sales of incest comic to minors See in context

What's really redeeming is a former famous child photographer, whom shall remain nameless, had a change of heart and has been the forerunner is getting both erotic literature of children and erotic photos completely banned. Japan 80's was a place of high quality where one could read both quality manga and watch quality anime. I would love to see a return to those times.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

I once had this conversation with a fellow serviceman. I asked him if he thought it was OK to have sex with a girl who was passed out. He replied that it was. So I asked him if it were OK for three men to have sex with him while he was passed out... Well, he no longer thought either idea was entertaining at all!

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Posted in: Foxy lady See in context

Nothing wrong with a silver haired fox...

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women at what age they had their first kiss See in context

My first kiss was by a Japanese girl in the third grade. Its sort of a shameful story... I was a mean kid and one day I tried to trip her and failed... she then gave me my first black eye... but she felt bad for me because I was crying so she kissed me. I recall that I told my parents that she put a brick in her bookbag and that she hit me with that while teamed up with two of her friends.. LOL!

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Posted in: Woman phones fiance, asks him to call police, before going missing See in context

@sensei... I imagine that is the 1st thing the police did. She went for a 20 minutes so the calls are of course close. There are two possibilities.

1 She has cold feet about the marriage. In that case both families should give her some space as long as she relays that she is safe. I encourage both families to offer her "no strings attached" if she calls in and says she's OK.

Use a chaplain if need be... someone who can talk indirectly to both parties. Heck, use a facebook account to communicate!

2 Whomever she met while she was out did something to her. Stranger abductions are rare. I am crossing off "jilted secret lover" because he/she would have to know the exact time of the fight between Kana Ito and her fiance. Also, a stranger would have taken her cell phone before she could make a call.

I do find it humorous that about 80% of the posts assume the fiance "man" is "guilty" without any evidence one way or the other. Actually I find it rather disturbing.

I would advise that her fiance check her facebook or other social media to see if there have been any recent "updates" or logins.

Not that I have done some of the work.. but there are 9 Kana Ito's on Facebook and one of them just went "secret". Account 359126 just set her privacy settings to "do not disturb". The account was converted to a "page" and currently has only one like. I am assessing that the one "like" is the creator (merger). Converting to a page is the quickest way to adjust FB privacy settings. Just google "Converting Your Personal Account to a Facebook Page".

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Posted in: Woman phones fiance, asks him to call police, before going missing See in context

Amanda, I agree that your assessment is logical! A woman in trouble doesn't call anyone but the police. The tactic of using the victim's phone to make a call it all to common. Every missing person case I have worked on where a call was made after the person went missing in each case the call was made by the abductor to throw the police off.

But there is one flaw (outliar) with that theory. The husband would not have volunteer the information about the "argument" because that makes him look like the prime suspect. In a logic tree if there is one outliar then no matter how sound the assessment is the assessment can not be true under and circumstance.

Scenario #1 The missing element is two fold... 1. where she was going and 2. whom she talked to while she was out. She couldn't call the police because of whom she was talking to. The "whom" is the mystery person.

And if this were a cry for attention... not to be sexists, but a girl would be more creative. It would be more thought out instead of a spur of the moment thing at the early morning hours.

Scenario #2, maybe she doesn't wish to get married. He should publicly invite her back with no penalty to simply have a talk

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Posted in: School to be investigated after two students jump from building in separate incidents See in context

Felt like offing myself several time in college. Each semester love notes were sent out from my university email account... or someone modified my financial aid so that I didn't get any... and deregistered me from all my classes. I hope the ones who did these things burn in hell!

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Posted in: Gang arrested following spate of drive-by eggings in Osaka See in context

In mexico we have a saying ... "sorry my eggs"!

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Posted in: Airbus descends to 75 meters above water on approach to Naha airport See in context

Well, I see this as a happy story! I have been on bumpy rides in places I would rather forget. There are many miscalculations made during any flight. This one just happened to be more noticeable. On a scale of one to ten this is a big "zero"! The air traffic controllers were on the ball!

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' cast unveiled See in context

A timeline reset is optional. The Jedi Holocron was a complete history of the Jedi.. The Emperor wanted to look at it as did the Jedi Masters. The holocron allows for alterations in the timeline as true fans understand.. there have already been alterations within the timeline. In the original book (not a new hope) but Star Wars and the adventures of Luke Skywalker the Emperor was not the bad guy. There were "lurkers" who controlled him. The lurkers worked on both sides to ensure a constant sate of war. But all of that was too much for explain for a two hour movie. The lurkers has tricked a Sith Emperor Adas into trusting the power of the holocron. The Jedi later relied on its vast knowledge. The holocron employed patterns of organic crystals and hologrammic technology to capture the appearance and cognitive networks of the holocrons owner, and transform this into a hologram. Now the real question remains... to whom was the holocron meant for?

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Posted in: Babysitter arrested for abusing 5-month-old boy in Kawasaki See in context

I have met women in college who had no idea how the birds and bees really worked... much less burping a baby. Still, I am left to marvel over where she got the idea that hitting a baby in the face in the way to stop it from burping.

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Posted in: Egypt sentences 683 to death in another mass trial See in context

Sort of... sort of the opposite. It should be noted that during the appeal around 500 of the last batch are no longer facing the death penalty. There are several courts that a verdict must go through before it becomes both final and official. I suspect that the newest batch will also find their sentencing of death reduced. Egypt is a democracy in progress and history is moving very fast for Egypt. Japan Today, be more careful of your sources.

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Posted in: Babysitter held over death of 2-yr-old boy had photos of naked children in computer See in context

Legal Child porn in Japan? I doubt that very much. This is a sad situation. I hope it is an isolated case. There are very good male babysitters. May the child rest in peace. Having said that.. if I were the company whom employed this individual... I would do everything in my power to destroy him.

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Posted in: Judge sets new line for adultery in landmark case See in context

I agree with her. Having dinner with someone other than your spouse is cheating. UNless its Starbucks... then its "bonding"!

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