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People need to take the horse blinders off.

The Japanese constitution was written by the USA, no one in japan had any influence over what went into it. The US wants Japan to take over its own defense & assist with keeping the peace in the pacific & Asia. Japan is totally reliant on the US military for its defense from China, without which it would have long been invaded & revenge taken for atrocities committed specifically against the communist party during WW2. The US taxpayers are footing the bill(& have been for a long time) for the defense of Japan & we have trouble even getting a favorable trade agreement.

Let's just say tomorrow the US removes it's protection of Japan, or is unable to do so for whatever reason. What would deter China from muscling in & taking what they want, when they want. Disputed territories, trade, invasion. The Chinese have more than enough boots on the ground right now to easily occupy a (mostly) un defended Japan.

Stop relying on the US military(& therefore the US taxpayer) for your own self defense.

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