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Posted in: Roger Waters says Nazi outfit at Berlin concert was anti-fascist See in context

You know, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cities’ authorities that initially refused his gigs, only to “allow” him after complaints, were in cahoots to then get him prosecuted/sued because of these “Nazi uniforms.”

And as for “Pink Floyd” not wanting anything to do with his politics, don’t get me started. They wouldn’t be Pink Floyd without Waters’ politics. They would’ve been consigned to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame of Also-Rans. (See anything post-Waters split for evidence of such mediocrity.)

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Posted in: Teaching in Japan sinking to status of 'black' profession See in context

Are people reading the same article, or not reading it at all? This is about Japanese teachers in the education system of Japan, not ALTs or foreign teachers coming to Japan to make money. Totally irrelevant arguments.

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Posted in: Sunken wreck of WWII Japanese ship on which nearly 1,000 Australians died found See in context

Awa no GaijinToday  04:53 pm JST

Oops !

Took em long enough to find it.

There speaks the voice of knowledge. /s

It’s more than 4,000m (13,123ft) under the sea. Deeper than Titanic. And how long did it take to find that huge vessel?

Honestly, some people!?!?

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Posted in: Companies hold in-person welcome ceremonies for new employees See in context

Meek and obedient, you follow the leader.

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Posted in: UK to join Asia-Pacific trade pact in its biggest post-Brexit deal See in context

What they gonna do? Send Nissan from Sunderland? Smacks of desperation, by a desperate government for desperate people. So, it’ll fit in well with the Brexit types. Well done! /s

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Posted in: Saturday will be 12 years since the March 11, 2011 disaster. If you were in Japan, what are your memories of that day? See in context

Taking seven and half hours to drive from Omitama to Hitachi.

Sitting in the garden next day blissfully unaware.

No power, water or gas for nearly ten days. When the telephones came back on, the first call I received was from my company, wanting me to return to work.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce GPS trackers to prevent international bail jumping See in context

"Therefore the trackers must be embedded subcutaneously, preferably near major arteries to ensure security" said the Justice Minister.

Fake quote. Should be deleted.

I think dagon was being sarcastic……

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Posted in: The model for Asia's Quad? The Beatles, says Japan's top diplomat See in context

If the Beatles are a model for these guys, then truly, the Dream is Over.

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Posted in: Idris Elba on James Bond: 'I'm not going to be that guy' See in context

I think Idris is basically saying he has his own franchise and would rather do that. Luther is a great drama - wish there were more of it.

Oh, and for the record, OHMSS was released in 1969, not ‘66. I AM going to be that guy.

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Posted in: 1.82 million foreigners legally working in Japan, gov’t says See in context

1.82 million, and I’m one of ‘em. And we’re here to stay! I’ve dug my grave, and I have one foot in it already.

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Posted in: What are some of the most disturbing movies you have seen? See in context

A lot of the movies mentioned here are horror or psychological type. They’re not real folks! I never understood nor got the attraction.

For that very reason, something that did happen, and for many who had grandfathers or family there, easily the scariest movie: Saving Private Ryan. When you have D-Day veterans walking out of the theatres because it was too close, too accurate…….The first 25 minutes are something I shall never forget. Heaven knows what it must have REALLY been like, especially at Omaha Beach.

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Posted in: Do mention the reboot: 'Fawlty Towers' to return See in context

Think I read a comment on here some time ago regarding Cleese, along the lines of, "the young John Cleese would be shocked and disappointed seeing what the old John Cleese has turned into." Succinctly put.

I'd also add that Graham Chapman would be utterly ashamed of him as well.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbery after breaking into home through bathroom window See in context

He came in through the bathroom window?

Was he protected by a silver spoon?

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Posted in: Police, tech firms hold response drills to counter attacks ahead of G7 summit See in context

Looks like a modern Caravaggio or Hieronymus Bosch.

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Posted in: Combating antisemitism today: Holocaust education in the era of Twitter and TikTok See in context

by soldiers from Russia, whose never ending task is to defeat Nazism.

Whilst I applaud the sentiment (the never ending task), are they the same Russian soldiers that let the Nazis raze the Warsaw Ghetto to the ground? Wonder why they didn’t step in to help the Polish resistance?? Russia being one of the worst offenders of anti-semitism, of course. Let’s not forget the Pogroms of the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

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Posted in: Wearable Beanbag becomes a hot topic in Japan See in context

Looks fun, if you have kids, I suppose. Can’t wait for the fetishists to get hold of it. Who knows, maybe they already have…?

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Posted in: Protests against Quran burning held across the Middle East See in context

I am reminded of the 1970s ITV series “World at War,” narrated by Laurence Olivier….."Where one burns books, there one eventually burns people.“

But if extremists want to burn Gay Pride flags, then they should expect some ‘reciprocity.’

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