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Posted in: Japan swelters as temperatures climb over 30 C See in context

I think what the posters above are saying is 30/32 C isn’t hotter than usual or that remarkable. It’s regularly that hot here in Michigan (like almost Canada).

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Posted in: China shocked by shooting death of Abe See in context

Chinese business flew banners advertising Abe assassination sales and eateries posted BOGO drink specials. Chinese state run media immediately posted warnings that the uprise in Japan could be turned on China. China and the majority of the People celebrated his death - and this, not condolences, is what was allowed to be seen without censorship. This is what they are taught. This is the view what their government teaches. They only retracted because the world go to see it. Absolutely repulsive.

Rest in peace Abe-san.

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Posted in: Netflix's Japan unit fails to declare ¥1.2 bil in taxable income See in context

Japanese don’t seem to understand taxes, or maybe it’s audits. Maybe they need…


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Posted in: Japan may allow 10,000 people per day to enter country from April See in context

@ zoroto

they can;t separate tourists and business travelers for much longer. As it is, most business travelers can’t enter without a sponsor. I would never ask a Japanese customer to sponspor me nor would I ever go to Japan to visit just one customer. Add to that I have decade old friends in Japan. After hundreds of days in Tokyo, what am I? Business man or Tourist?

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Posted in: Japan may allow 10,000 people per day to enter country from April See in context

@sheikh yerboaby

I’d also like to know this. Or if there is even an answer to your questions. Seem like the airlines are just selling tickets to fill % of the planes over the very near term, and 3 + weeks out they publish “phantom” schedules that always change.

So far Japan hasn’t ever hit any of the caps that I’m aware of.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,131 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50,949 See in context

Oh, and I hope by now we all understand you can’t make solid conclusions from these numbers except that you can’t draw any solid conclusions. Hats off to those who agreed with this 18 months ago…


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,131 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50,949 See in context

Just logged in to say: glad cases are decreasing. @FFS, except that both sides use “naysayers” with often-conflicting meaning, you have been on the right page for a long time.

What matters most is I think Japan is getting up-to-speed with global acceptance of the situation - this is my opinion based mostly on my Japanese friends’ perspectives and very little on Japanese news media which will never catch up.

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Mat. I agree 100%. If Veolia’s pulverizing wind turbine blades to make a combustible powder is a breakthrough in recycling, why not this?

burning styrene, being a benzene derivative, not sure how great that is…. but extracting btu’s from conventional thermoplastics seems like a good deal to me.

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Posted in: Uniqlo defends decision to stay open in Russia See in context

They’ve got clothing. Oni-Clo has decide it is their humanitarian duty to provide fashion absent competitors. Repulsive.


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Posted in: Calling the coronavirus the 'Chinese virus' connects label with bias See in context

The virus came from a lab in wuhan. Besides being the most obvious conclusion, did you miss Fauci’s e-mails (2nd or 3rd release) covering the early “debate” and easily identified man-made genome sequences that was squashed by the NIH?

But really even without the “health experts” just go back to the lab being absolutely the most obvious smoking gun. Missing bats, missing reports, missing employee & recruitment records, missing people, a complete cover-up.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 12,935 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 71,488 See in context

@virus long covid. Where is your standard we don’t have enough information to disprove the null hypothesis?Folks should very skeptical of “long covid” as a novel condition. No other virus has had this much attention, this much speculation and this much follow up. Maybe there is “long covid’, but us it relevant? Do I have long influenza strain x, y, z, long osteomyelitis, long strep?

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Posted in: Bodies of 2 pilots of crashed F-15 found in Sea of Japan See in context

The only media I saw covering this since it happened was China Uncensored on youtube. Japan & US media share at least one thing - myopia. The difference is the US covers everything it thinks worth covering 100x more that it’s worth covering.

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Posted in: No. of hotel guests in Japan hits record low for 2nd straight year in 2021 See in context

And by “tourism”, I also mean business travelers. My hotel never knew the difference and I always mixed the two. I imagine regardless, I spent more than 99% of the Japanese population does on “tourism” per vacation day.

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Posted in: No. of hotel guests in Japan hits record low for 2nd straight year in 2021 See in context

For all those who say international tourism isn’t significant. Here you go. Hotels occupancy cut in half for 2 years.

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Posted in: No. of foreign trainees in Japan falls for 1st time amid pandemic See in context


Thanks for sharing. It is important people understand what is meant by “technical trainees” and “internships”. It is a misnomer.

In the context of border closures, these persons are often grouped with Students. This leads people to think of young professionals who are loosing their chance at Japanese corporations and the lack of diversity these companies will face in the future. This is not usually the case - it is more like companies, big and small, are losing their source of fresh cheap labor.

Obviously a lot of these “internships” have bern extended to cover the gaps in fresh recruits.

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Posted in: Prior infection, vaccines provide best protection from COVID: study See in context

This could have been written as convincingly a month ago (one year in Japan response-time)

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 foreign entry ban spurs demonstrations in several countries See in context

Every morning since I left Tokyo on Mar 11, 2020, The first thing I do every morning is read every post on COVID on this site, NHK, Nikei and the three big newspapers english sites. This is the sorriest outpour of comments I’ve seen:

comparing case numbers - Quoting the Japan case numbers vs. the rest of the world is apples to oranges. Same with Okinawa vs Tokyo - Military bases get tested hard. Tokyo’s already maxed out on tests & cases. You should know this by now no foreigners - The average Japanese wants foreigners out until they are not a danger - they don’t consume the same information we do. They believe we are dangerous, so it makes sense. This is heavily weighted towards the older generation. Japan is xenophobic. Yes, in principle they are. They are enjoying the break from needing to adapt. This is also heavily weighted towards the older generation no “Right’ to enter - of course no one has the right to enter. They don’t have a right to accept jobs, attend schools, eat inside restaurants, fall in love in Japan, see thier children in Japan…. What is your point?

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Posted in: Long wallet or bifold? What your wallet says about you in Japan See in context

I’ve been carrying a long wallet for about 5 years now and would never go back.

You can fit Tall Bills, Separate your USD & Yen, you have a coin purse, and you can carry both your debit cards & credit cards - including 3 American Express cards. Lol

The big plus - you notice quickly when it is not on you

Basically, all the same reasons women use them.

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Posted in: Japan to cut 14-day isolation for Omicron close contacts to 10 days See in context


i agree, Japan does not look outside it’s borders. It could very well be a language barrier, but I think not.

I think omicron will have washed through Japan before they can adjust attitudes or policy. It certainly won’t be recorded in the reports and the definitions of was is reported won’t ever be transparent to most. It’s unfortunate, but the results, hopefully, will be positive (no pun intended).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,051 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 22,045 See in context

@HBJ, I’m pretty sure Japan is very careful not to let COVID into most hospitals and hesitant to reassign medical staff to COVID cases. I don’t think COVID hospitalizations will disrupt the Medical system the way it does in other countries. This is one reason we had so many COVID patients dying at home last wave. Beds for COVID were increased since then, but still marginally compared to overall hospital capacity.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,051 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 22,045 See in context

I’m with Steve and most of the Western world. Omicron is very very transmissible, same or worse than measles. With Japan’s behavior & working conditions it practically unavoidable. Unless you live alone and plan to stay home indefinitely you will most likely be infected (or have been already). Omicron is not Delta

iMO, Japan will max out testing capabilities and the peak of wave will pass before public understands the situation and any meaningful action is taken. Then the world will question the how Japan was so successful, and worse Japan will think their lock-out policies were effective.

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Posted in: Tokyo's COVID alert at 2nd-highest level as capital reports 3,124 new cases See in context

It seems like every argument using Japan’s reported number has a hole it because of Japan’s unique policy’s and reporting. Recall that a little over a year ago every case had to be hospitalized. They also redefined “serious cases”. They also only report selected test results. Basically the news is useless at this point.

Omicron is different enough and so transmissible that neither Japan’s policy makers nor news sources won’t be able to keep up until it’s all over. (Unless they look outside the closed borders).

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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

I’m not sure what excuse the US Military excuse has for their lax entry protocols - especially knowing they will be scapegoated and don’t have the luxury of fudging numbers…. But in terms of damage, I think at worst they accelerated the inevitable. Every Japanese omicron case let into the country undoubtedly sparked it’s own fire. The US forces cases were just more ignition sources and more thoroughly accounted for.

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Posted in: How will pandemic end? Omicron clouds forecasts for endgame See in context

Japan right now needs aggressive direction based on educated critical analysis of the data and opinions of the world’s experts. The proof that comes after the fact has been way too late to even be relevant. Japan will have to open at some point ant face whatever is left of Omicron and it’s mutations Maybe they are dealing with it all now, and their biggest challenge will be backtracking, we’ll never know.

@virusrex , you obviously know what you are talking about, but maybe tone down the absolutist mentality so people listen. On one hand you conservatively adhere to the Hippocratic oath - do no harm…. admirable indeed, but by sticking to only the so-called proven facts, and discouraging critical thought, there can be no action . On the other-hand you suggest alternative outcomes like endless deaths which has no basis either.. this puzzles me

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. military to enforce virus rules after Okinawa base cluster See in context

I wonder how many tests per day the base performs and reports compared to all of Japan? If it’s anything like the US they are testing the crap out of people and will always look bad.

A dozen tests in my family this week - no kidding.

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Posted in: Tokyo finds Omicron case in U.S. arrival isolating at home See in context

It was reported elsewhere, and because American simply can’t enter, the person was Japanese.

Once the arrival satisfies border requirements, no else associated with this case needs to get tested. If the 3rd party does get tested it doesn’t need to be reported. Plus Japan has long forgotten its claim to case tracking excellence.

So I doubt we’ll ever hear more about this. No one else got infected by anyone involved - they never do in Japan or cases would rise… ummm.. exponentially.

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Posted in: 'Demon Slayer' anime studio, president found guilty of tax evasion See in context

Greedy. They should pay the fines to the animators that probably haven’t made anymore than the 3,000円/day they brought home during production.

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Posted in: Cabinet adviser Ishihara resigns amid flak for taking COVID subsidies See in context

Eventually Japan is going to make Public Office so unattractive they will need to bring in Technical Intern to run the place. A USD equivalent of $55,000 subsidy to a special interest group that may or may not be legit? Wow, really? $55k to his gardener might be worth noting, but in most Countries probably wouldn’t be enough to leak out of the inner circle in most countries. As a country that does business with $10k nights out at Hostess Bars, try cutting the people willing to serve you some slack.

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Posted in: Gov't asks airlines to submit data daily on inbound flight bookings See in context

Daily? Better send out a few thousand fax machines and hire a couple hundred health professionals to receive but not record the data. Eventually figure out what to do with the data months from now…

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Posted in: Kishida, Gates agree to cooperate over COVID, nutrition summit See in context

Add Elon Musk and we’ll have the ultimate Expert Triad.

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