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aaronlennon comments

Posted in: Internet service company to show 'The Cove' in Japan See in context

Well, excuse my "white man attitude", but is that what being able to view a movie without being subjected to intimidation is called these days?

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Posted in: Two peacocks captured in Chiba See in context

Well it's a start, but we don't have a big problem with peacocks where I live, maybe they could catch a few crows though.

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Posted in: Robot baby See in context

The robot baby is actually studying the behaviour of the student, for purposes as yet unknown to us.

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Posted in: Japan bribed small nations with cash, call girls to get whaling vote: Sunday Times See in context

Whale meat again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know whale meat again some sunny day.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd kicks out activist on trial in Japan See in context

"Stop giving us a bad name and move your base to ZN or Australia or another of those random places"

"ZN? So random I've never heard of it."

I think they're referring to Zoo kNeeland. :-)

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Posted in: Yahoo to auction rights to photograph Riyo Mori for charity See in context

112 yen, no need for a swimsuit

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Posted in: England beats Mexico 3-1 in World Cup warm-up See in context

Japan v England, Sunday 30th May, NHK 9 p.m., kick off at 9:15.

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Posted in: Tamaki heating things up with Noriko Aota See in context

Intriguing that they say they are living together but not specifically stating that the sex is with each other, if one would ever deign to admit to being remotely interested in such things, ahem.

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Posted in: How do you think Japan, which is grouped with Cameroon, the Netherlands and Denmark in the first round of the World Cup, will fare? See in context

Japan may achieve second or third in their group if they can push themselves harder than usual. As for aforementioned hugging and kissing after a goal, that's all some of us play for. Not myself I hasten to add.

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Posted in: Furor grows over Arizona's new immigration law See in context

"obviously not brought up in the US"

So one could be arrested for not having the "right" accent? How quaint.

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Posted in: Baseball campaigns to return to Olympics See in context

Of course the decision rests with the Olympic committee, but, to be honest, if I wanted to see men leaping about in tights I'd go to the ballet. And if baseball is accepted into The Games, then by the same token so should cricket be, though their duds are a tad more manly and the action can be even more stagnant. Why not have lawn bowling and croquet as well then? Break for tea? Rounders for grown-up chaps, indeed, not that there's anything slightly amiss with that.

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Posted in: Aya Matsuura to co-host Disney Channel special See in context

About 10kg down on the body and minus another 5kg via the haircut. Nice suit!

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Posted in: Boxer Valero kills himself in Venezuela jail, police say See in context

What's a "die-communist"?

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Posted in: My Darling Is a Foreigner See in context

I'm writing a book called "I'm a darling foreigner".

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Posted in: What do you think of Japan's TV coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics so far? See in context

Here at Tottenham, we're wondering why we haven't seen any British medal winners on NHK.

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