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@ Issa1.....if they did that (let them have their own bomb), the US would have no allies...think about it. That is the real reason why the superpowers do not want proliferation of these types of weapons. That and the fact history has shown us, allies can and do turn into enemies when self preservation is at stake.

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China is confirmed to have increased it's Military presence along the Korean Boarder. This should be of concern not to the West, but to North Korea. China will never allow the DPRK to cause such strife as to welcome it's destruction and thus have a Western Nuclear power as a gate keeper in the region. Further..beware the 'Sleeping Bear". Do not underestimate Premier Putin's loathe for the North Korean leadership as well. I think there will be a "preemptive" strike by the US on North Korea..and this is why Sec. Of State Kerry is over there now. If North Korea threatened to hit Moscow, or Beijing with a nuke, this would of been all over hours ago, with North Korea being firmly and completely annihilated Beware the "Quiet" powers..for they hold the ultimate keys to where this will lead. I also think giving Japan, South Korea, Australia Nuclear weapons and defensive missiles or simply just the expressed idea that the US is thinking about this will cause China to react quickly to ousting the Fat one and his gang in North Korea. There are many ways to resolve this peaceably.

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