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Posted in: Japan warns of unpredictable events over China's new air zone See in context

China is a bloody dictatorship and should be dealt with accordingly. There can be no negotiation with or appeasement of such a regime. I hope that the people of China will rise up and overthrow these monsters before it is too late.

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Posted in: ANA replaces 787 battery charger after fault warning See in context

You'll be fine. Done worry 'bout it. Its jussa battery stupid...: )

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Posted in: For many Fukushima evacuees, the truth is they won't be going home See in context

Oh, take action for themselves. Many of them are old and poor and have no options. Meanwhile wind power is a waste of subsidies. It produces no significant net energy. Its a liberal fantasy from California to Fukushima. Let that nonsense go before the whole world is covered with those hideous windmills.

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Posted in: Crown prince, crown princess visit Iwate See in context

They live a real life. I'm sure that they have challenges as does everyone. The world would be a much better place if people would fall out of the habit of snark. Live in gratitude.

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Posted in: China polluting Mount Fuji: Japanese study See in context

Yes, the whole world is to blame for buying Chinese junk from that muderous regime that counts on slave labor and hyper pollution for its survival.

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Posted in: Japan takes issue with Google maps over disputed islands See in context

They are Japanese. They were owned by Japanese and then they were purchased by Japanese Japan. That's about as Japanese as you can get.

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Posted in: Joggers warned to mind their manners as they run around Imperial Palace See in context

Strict codes of behavioral conduct. I like that idea. We can learn a lot from Japan.

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Posted in: Friending the boss on Facebook: Fun or foolish? See in context

Pizzatime thanks for the blocking tip. You're a genius! Eggsalunt

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Posted in: Review: Slick iOS 7 shines on Apple's new iPhones See in context

Um i dont think that Sony Xperia is a clamshell...lol

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Posted in: Tritium levels reach new high at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Fortunately scientists snd engineers are working to find a solution to this problem while the whiny brats do what they do: gripe and blame.

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Posted in: Pope's revolution - not all are pleased See in context

Altar girls? I guess this reporter has never heard of Saints and Nuns. The media is profoundly ignorant of the Catholic Church among many other subjects.

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Posted in: Chinese ask: Why doesn’t Japan hate America for dropping the A-bombs? See in context

I truly love and respect Japan and wish her well, but let's be clear, America did nothing wrong. Japan was in alliance with the Nazis and the Italian fascists. She got what she deserved. Dont forgrt Pearl Harbor. Japan killed a greatly Americans in WW II and many more would have died if we had not used such overwhelming force. Japan refused to surrender after being warned by the United States. The author of this article is a guilt ridden bleeding heart liberal mess. When you raise the sword you have to suffer the consequences. The blood of the dead is on the hands of the agressor. At that time in history it was axis powers including Japan. I think we have forgiven Japan and admire and respect her as a great country.

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Posted in: Crown prince says Masako feels better since Netherlands visit See in context

I'm astounded at how rude everyone is on the JT blogs. Day after day there is no serious discussion of the issues, only name calling, speculation, and libel. Let's try to have have a civilization.

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Posted in: Abe says he won't flinch at volatile stock market See in context

I applaud Abe's efforts to return Japan to prosperity. Japan is a great country and deserves to be led by a great man such as he who is not afraid to make the bold decisions that are necessary. Any great leader will always have these little dogs yipping at his heels.

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Posted in: Gov't denies ghosts keeping PM out of residence See in context

He is the PM, he has a big job to do, so he should be able to live where he wants to live.

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Posted in: Gov't denies ghosts keeping PM out of residence See in context

This is one of the many reasons why I love Japan. Oh, and I'm not ruling out that there may actually be ghosts.

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Posted in: Tokyo protesters say no to amending constitution See in context

I wish Japan well as the people debate this extremely important issue. I hope that they choose to keep the bar very high for constitutional amendments. The right to freedom of speech and press is something that is critical to the success of a free nation. Without it, all liberty is doomed. I also wish Abe well in his attempt to restore Japan's economic growth. The whole world is a much better place with a confident and powerful Japan.

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Posted in: Woman's face burned with alkaline solution in store attack See in context

I would not make the assumption about the gender of the assailant.

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