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Posted in: Abe to honor woman who died saving man on rail crossing See in context

The samurai spirit still lives in Japan! She was just as a sakura blossom.

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Posted in: Putin says Snowden at Moscow airport; rejects extradition request from U.S. See in context

Snowden certainly betrayed US government, and according to this fact he must be punished.

On the other hand, US government - like many around the world - is corrupted and has violated many human rights. Thus, I think Snowden should be protected. Corrupt governments should not be obeyed. Hope you have a change (for good) in the US!

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Posted in: China's Xi, in Mexico, sees new 'golden era' in Latin America See in context

It is such a pity that one of our biggest exports are soup operas. Shame.

In addition, I think we'll be doomed with low-quality chinese products....when we read in a product "Made in China" that generally means poor quality.

Oh no! the two Chinese oil ships Mexico has bought may sink XD

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Posted in: 20 dead in gas tanker explosion near Mexico City See in context

I do not like my country, specially bad drivers. Most people do not properly drive cars, they only know to pump gas.

They should be riding horses and donkeys instead.

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Posted in: 20 dead in gas tanker explosion near Mexico City See in context

That's typical of our country.

Most feasible explanation: corruption.

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Posted in: Obama in Mexico to discuss security, drug trafficking, immigration See in context


Indeed drug cartels are a HUGE problem, whose origins date back to 1940's. According to the book "The nazis in Mexico" the Nazi party tried to introduce drugs in the USA in an effort to make the young population weak and thus the army would have less resources. Poor peoples have not many choices but crossing the border or entering into drug cartels.

Car manufacturers have opened many factories here, but there is still a lack of low-level jobs. Moreover, our government is not interested in having a THINKING population. Just look at our "president", and the type of TV programs that are scheduled daily. Only a bunch of us want to either induce a change in Mexico (which I guess will take 200 years) or move to a more civilized country (like Japan or Germany). Mexico needs better education quality and more opportunities for scientists.

Personally, I would never think on moving to the US, you guys love guns, and defend the "right" to own fire weapons. Just look at the news, every month you have a crazy young man killing innocent people!

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Posted in: Back in the black See in context

Oh! A pirated version of Super Mario Bros called Super Mairo :P

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Posted in: Mexican president: Japan a role model for social development See in context

In Mexico we cannot ride taxi cabs, it IS dangerous. Recently in some cities criminals have been murdering with rapid gun fire taxi drivers and their passengers. Sometimes criminal bands fight against each other killing innocents that had the misfortune to be in the wrong time and place.

I would rather go to live in Japan for the rest of my life than staying in this putrefact country called mexico (yes, with lowercase). I did not choose this country to be born in.

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Posted in: North Korea puts rockets on standby for U.S. strike See in context

As Albert Einstein said once, if WW III happens, WW IV - if there is even one - will be done with sticks and stones.

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Posted in: 'Rent-a-Girlfriend' service offers simulated romance See in context

There are himono otoko everywhere :/ we men suck

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

Ishihara san would lead Japan into nuclear war...what a stupidity! Wants Japan nuked...

Stupid men are found everywhere, starting by our politicians!

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Posted in: 9 random reasons to love Japan See in context

I have never been to Japan, but since I was a child I started to learn a bit about Japanese culture and customs. I wish all Mexicans would be as organized, respectful, clean, and polite (ok most are polite) as Japanese peoples. Keep dreaming.

Still, there are some aspects that Japanese should work hard on: prostitution and easy access to sex material and child pornography, and high suicide rates.

Nevertheless, I still consider Japan as a nice country for living.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

I though only in Latin America it was possible to watch those horrible videos, but now I see that Asians can also do horrible "art".

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

I am Mexican and I do not find any attractive that video...I don't give a Gangnam about it, IT'S A HORRIBLE VIDEO!!! HAHAHA.

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Posted in: Why it’s so hard to have your family come to Japan See in context

I travel about two days from south Brazil to central-north Mexico at the end of the year because of posdoc research, only to spend two weeks and a half...hope I can leave this country at once this time, go back to Mexico and someday go to live in Japan!

Japan is in my heart.

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Posted in: Mexico downs Brazil 2-1 to win men's soccer title See in context

Indeed, our team won. A lot more important than soccer, we should struggle to become the best in science, education, technology, culture and common wealth!

There's still a very long way to go. Daily fight never ends.


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Posted in: Totoro cream puffs are too cute to eat See in context

I would eat'em all! while drinking one liter of milk...

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Posted in: Mexico beats Japan 3-1 to set up men's soccer final clash with Brazil See in context

Go ahead Mexico and beat the Brazilians!

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Posted in: New memoir on racism by New Yorker living in Japan reaches #1 on Amazon See in context

I've never been to Japan, but I'm pretty sure that there is a lot more racism in USA and Mexico than in Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese men turn to parasols to beat the heat See in context

Fortunately, I will leave this warm, tropical place in a couple of months, and then...back to the highlands!... ^_^

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Posted in: Japanese men turn to parasols to beat the heat See in context

@ dragsby: Yes, but since those places - like my home city in Mexico - are colder, you keep yourself much more covered, which protects your skin. I enjoy more cold places.

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Posted in: Japanese men turn to parasols to beat the heat See in context

@ Serrano: No, because I go to the physics laboratory to work. Thus, I must go out early and come back at sunset or night. At weekends, I DO STAY indoors.

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Posted in: Japanese men turn to parasols to beat the heat See in context

I must live in a cold city, little city, little ball of snow...

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Posted in: Japanese men turn to parasols to beat the heat See in context

I'm Mexican, currently living in south Brazil, the sun BURNS here! Even wearing an umbrella, you can feel the burning rays on your skin. I'm neither white nor dark, but reddish-skined and I must get out of the house early morning and return at sunset to avoid get burned and overheated.

The worst part is that there is no real winter here! It sucks...

I need a spacesuit!

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Posted in: Otsu mayor apologizes to father of bullying victim who killed himself See in context

Ganbare otoosan!

You must continue fighting, so bullying will be stopped at schools!

Those kids and their parents should be taken to judgement. Those irresponsible parents which allow their kids to bull others!

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Posted in: Mexico's old rulers claim presidential election win See in context

We Mexicans do not need to migrate to the USA, which is certainly NOT the best place for living. Who wants to live in another land filled up with unpolite, gun-lovers barbarians?

My guess is that we, the scientists, must struggle to open the minds of other Mexicans. The last option is migration, which - at least in my case - would not be to the USA, but to Nihon, Germany or France.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

I've never been to Japan, but I wish I could spend there at least some years. I love to take off my shoes and leave them at the entrace. Keeps the house cleaner, but some people argue that looks bad. I find squat toilets cleaner, since you do not have to seat on them (actually I ALWAYS squat since I'm never at home).

The only thing that would worry me a lot is to see a cockroach on my tatami!!! (I hate them!!) and eating raw fish because of parasites, raw fish does not taste bad but makes me worry about parasites... :/

For the rest, I see too many foreigners complaining. Japan is Japan, if you want them to be like you...it wouldn't be Japan. From my part, I find annoying from other Mexicans that they are too noisy....parties at midnight with loud music...seems that some peoples do not care if others want go early to bed! They also laugh and make noise at buses...ANNOYING! especially when returning from study or work, completely worn out and have to withstand those guys/girls... And most of them do not follow traffic rules... I want to move to Japan!!!!!

If you complain too much about Japan, then better go home ;)

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Posted in: Roman jewelry found in ancient tomb near Kyoto See in context

Definitely looks like a doughnut covered with chocolate...yumi yumi! I want some cold milk and a doughnut, please...

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for molesting woman on train See in context

@ ElBudaMexicano: Ok these are old news; you were Densha otoko this time ;)

¡Bien hecho camarada!

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