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BertieWoosterToday  11:13 am JST


I sympathise. I've heard many similar stories. 

My nephew was diagnosed with ADHD. His mum took him off ALL sugar and his behaviour changed 180 degrees overnight. 

Drugs are NOT the solution and psych is completely clueless.

This is stunning news sir. You should apply for a new company and sell foods, etc etc with no sugar.

Sugar certainly has energy issues and can set up a energy boost, crash cycle, but I hope you aren't saying that omitting sugar is the cure. There are different types of sugar, eg fruit, pastas, etc etc. Clearly you're referring to refined sugar, and pumping your kids with refined sugar and junk food is not healthy ADHD or no ADHD.

ADHD was first noticed as far back as the 1700s. well documented by a Scottish doctor, and I don't think refined sugar was the main cause then. You also need to explain by ADHD everyone just wants to pick out the over excitable kids but ADHD is a spectrum where a lot of ADHD kids have not attention and low energy and aren't hyper active. These kids are ADHD but are low energy low stimulus ADHD. I don't if you really are a professional and have a WIDE knowledge of ADHD but I think you need to understand the LOW attentive types of ADHD can benefit from some meds and they become more awake, more alert and are able to focus, and listen better. So there are two ends of the spectrum. Not just the media stereotype.

Patients who do not benefit from the meds are free to stop taking them, but if some patients benefit they can choose to continue. Nobody is forcing anyone to take these medicines.

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Posted in: Japan FY2021 long-term debt hits new high above ¥1,000 tril See in context

There will come a point when expenditure outstrips tax income. However, we can guarantee that sales tax will and must increase to about 20%, and the retirement age will be pushed back to about 65+++.

Can you owe debt to yourself? Yes you can because you've still got bills to pay, and you can't print your way out of trouble for ever. Maybe for a while, but not forever.

One things for sure, Japan can't afford to increase bank interest rates, because they may not be able to service that debt, and the public may not be able to afford loans. Onto of all that the government will force everyone to take out a personal pension, further putting pressure on everyones finances. Debt is debt, and you can only rob Peter to pay Paul before Peter clicks on.

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Pukey2Today  11:23 am JST

So is Japan happy to act as cannon fodder for USA? This is how USA does all the aggressive bullying. By getting others to do the dangerous work. See Ukraine. For once, I'd like to see countries like Japan put themselves first instead of putting USA first.

Japan has always put itself first. That's why it wants US bases here, and is working closer with other countries.

One thing is for sure, Japan won't do anything to help any other country. Heck! it couldn't even decide to help another country in Iraq if it was confirmed they were under attack and the Japanese were the closest army. They also had a big argument about wether or not to take machine guns. Japan will only accept others military help, but isn't the quickest to offer military help to others. Ukraine? Falklands? Iraq 1? Iraqi 2? Afghanistan? Especially if it comes to something like a shooting war. But they'll pay for others to fight, die, by opening the cheque book for

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Posted in: Japan vigilant against Chinese navy activity involving aircraft carrier See in context

Once china has increased its carrier strength, and the US economy is so linked to china, and the CCP feels the economy is getting worse and they feel threatened, they may try to take Taiwan. The USA will not get into a direct shooting war. but will probably just send some arms to Taiwan. Infact the US even had a hard time sending weapons to the UK during the Falklands war and had to be pushed to do it.

YrralToday  10:54 am JST

Rodney,the US have 11 aircraft carrier

These aren't all in the pacific, and we have seen how vulnerable ship are to missile, or drone attacks. You dont need to sink them. You just need to hit them. No nuclear super power has gone directly to war, and since the US doesn't have any bases on Taiwan, I don't expect the US navy to go toe to toe directly in a shooting war. Not unless china directly hits the USA first. A good example would be pearl harbor 1941, and the sinking of the lusitania in WW1. On the other hand it will only get involved if another group of countries will go to war along side the USA or a country it can kick ass with. EG, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanstan.

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Oh so simple. Now try doing that in a language they have absolutely no clue what you are saying. You could be speaking Swahili and giving all that wonderful praise, and it means nothing.because they don't understand what a single word. Taking the scissors away might seem appropriate if they understand the language your speaking, but if they dont understand, then it may seem unfair to the child. They may understand a NO. But you cannot explain any rational for it about it being dangerous because they dont know the English words for dangerous. You would have to explain in their native language because it is about safety, but then again, your Japanese boss will start screaming at you because,OMG you spoke JAPANESE.

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Posted in: Do you think the U.N. is dysfunctional when it comes to dealing with wars and other disputes between countries? See in context

I wonder if anyone has anything better to replace the UN with then? Then please let us hear it.

Has anyone considered how the UN has actually reduced wars since 1945?

How about all the world vaccine, food, health, relief, programs? how would you replace them.

Since the UN has not standing army, how do people expect the UN to step in? and which countries will supply those troops?

Basically if you want to find out another reason why there is no alternative to the UN you just need to look at the League of Nations. One reason it fell apart is the BIG super powers don't want to listen to some small country somewhere telling them what to do. So what's the alternative?

As Churchill once said, it is better to JAW JAW than to WAR WAR.

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Posted in: Report: Draft opinion suggests U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe See in context

The Republican Party is the only party that really wants to get involved in everyones healthcare and bedrooms.

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Posted in: Report: Draft opinion suggests U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe See in context

I think the women in the USA who voted for Trump, and thought it was the settled law of the land, and aren't happy about this law being removed, really needed to think what they were voting for.

But it's interesting its MEN and predominantly republican who decide MEDICAL access to something they may need. This is the party that will now turn towards repealing same sex marriage law next.Because they will need to motivate the christian evangelicals, who will get out their vote.

Wont be long before they want to reintroduce bans on interracial marriage next. Sadly the USA get what they voted for. A vote isn't just for the president, It's also a vote for president to fill the Supreme Court. Unless your a black president. Then the republicans will block it.

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Posted in: How cryptocurrencies work (and how they don't) See in context

NFTs are just a digital receipt. Nothing more and nothing less. To show you own something and didn’t pinch it. just hype. Reminds me of the .com bubble 1999. Stick a dot common a business you made tons. Seems NFTs and crypto are the same.

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So what mathematical equations is this so called “mining” actually solving and more importantly to what end?

Otherwise it’s just a great story, and we buy bitcoins just to sell to the next person, at a profit, for them to believe they’ll sell it on, at a profit. Tulip bulbs?

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Posted in: Train driver posthumously awarded ¥56 in docked wages for 1-minute delay See in context

Kyo wa heiwa dayo neToday  02:44 pm JST

Bob -

Google military time and educate yourself.

Its a 24 hour clock.

It may be a surprise to you, but the military don't even use 24,00 as a time It's actually 00:00.

PS. I was in the military so no need to google. Used it for years.Experience counts. No you weren't talking about military but you did mentions 24 hours.

Every clock has seconds. and we didn't need to be that accurate unless we work for JR shinkansen.

Only time will tell, but its really not that important. Im just glad he won.

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Posted in: Mother, 10-month-old daughter die in suspected murder-suicide leap from apartment building See in context

and to discuss where they can get help. Not just the link.

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Posted in: Mother, 10-month-old daughter die in suspected murder-suicide leap from apartment building See in context

I expect another copy suicide to happen in a day or two. The evidence is, articles like this inform people who maybe contemplating suicide that this is a way out. That’s why we shouldn’t tell people how they did it. This was one reason the news stations went on about the so called beautiful suicides with gas in groups in the back of vans. Then there were lots of copycat’s. I believe there is a cliff too and Japan has stopped talking about that area.

matbenit would be better to to also discuss mental health issues in articles like this.

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Posted in: Rengo chief attends LDP meeting, in rare move ahead of election See in context

So we will talk about the pay between men and women but not the pay between rich and poor?

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Posted in: Tokyo police post tweet to put people’s minds at ease, but creep them out with weird illustration See in context

That’s not supposed to be her left eye brow. It’s the inner part of the eye near the nasal septum.There is one good thing about this pic though, and that is the cop has a darker skin. Usually people jump up and down about dark skin being used for criminals.nice to see some darker skin though.

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Posted in: Russian-language sign at station in Tokyo back on view after being covered up See in context

I wonder which idiot thought that up.

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Posted in: 62.9% of people with foreign roots in Japan questioned by police: survey See in context

I think there are bigger problems to deal with. like the deaths in immigration.

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Posted in: 62.9% of people with foreign roots in Japan questioned by police: survey See in context

I'll put up with it if it catches illegals, and if it just acts as a deterrent. We can't claim everything is racism.Thank god this isn't the USA, then we'd have something to really moan about. Just answer their questions, show your ID and be on your way. If you feel harassed then go an complain to the police station.Thats the best way to deal with it instead of shouting RASCISM. If black/white guy does a crime, there is no point stopping the Taros.If a man does a crime there is absolutely no point in stopping women.

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Posted in: U.N. warns Earth 'firmly on track toward an unlivable world' See in context

But but but….. the politicians said some new wonderful tech will save us.in the future!

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Posted in: Companies revive in-person ceremonies as new recruits start work See in context

I want you to break your shells of common sense and stereotypes with flexible thinking,

OMG I'm laughing. Which NEW recruit is going to tell their boss.... This rule is stupid.

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Posted in: Japan's hardcore train fans accused of going off the rails See in context

Typical internet news outlet blowing up things that happen to actually make it seem a bigger problem than it really is. There’s always a “MINORITY” who do stupid stuff.

I wonder why they look angrily at Rodney?

is it your bridge? Are you walking infront of their camera lens?

is it too hard to say “sumimasen? Or good morning?

im sure there is space for everyone!

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Posted in: Japanese Youth Conference petitions government to end compulsory after-school club activities See in context

Better than hanging around convenience stores, shoplifting, getting into trouble.

we might also wish to consider the benefits to clubs.

Making friends. Trying something new. Stops kids being bored. Better than latch key kids, supports parents who work, it’s Confidence building.Allows kids to practice taking leadership roles. look after younger students and spend time with a teacher outside class who sometimes may act as a support for kids who are on their own.

some rules need to be changed but we don’t need to throw then baby out with the bath water.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy approaches Japan over possible online speech to Diet See in context

Ukraine knew they were never getting into NATO, NATO knew this was a red line for the Russians too. Everyone dangled it infront of Ukraine, much like how the EU dangled EU membership to Turkey, but they weren’t really going to let them in.

It also seems like the EU is dangling EU membership to Ukraine, too, but will they really let them in?

and if the west accept Russia has any legitimacy regarinf its fear of being surrounded by NATO,, and the west accepts it, it might open up a whole can of worms when China decides to take Taiwan, as part of their sphere of influence. And any sanctions will hurt China hard but they’ll really hurt the western democracies too.

But we just ignore it, so long as money is being made.

we ignored Georgia, Chechnya, Crimea, Donbas regions, chemical attacks on the UK and Dirty money in London. And we are doing the same with China. Tibet, Hong Kong, China sea islands, uighars, concentration camps but taking their money.

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Posted in: Ex-Ghosn aide Kelly confident of being acquitted on Thursday See in context

Really? He thinks he’ll be aquiited!

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Posted in: It's all about legs See in context

Shouldn't this be in Japanese?

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Posted in: It's all about legs See in context

I prefer to cross my legs because it eases pressure of my spine.

Too much interference. How about no Farting? Burping? or yawning.

People are adults. I don't mind. I don't think this is about the person next to each other, I think its more about the people walking down the carriages. At which point I Un-cross my legs for them, then I recross them.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs record ¥107.6 tril budget for FY2022 See in context

The next sales tax increase is coming......soon....In a few more years.LOL probably inching up to 20%+

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Posted in: Does scaring people work when it comes to health messaging? See in context

This is used in health promotion, pointing out the bad effects of something, but to make it work better they give people the information and the means to make a better choice to help themselves HIV campaigns are a good example, in protecting themselves and others by using barrier contraception.Along with smoking advertising bans, packaging changes but also giving people choices that they can control by offering help to stop smoking.

car seat belts are another great example of using negatives and positives campaigns to change behavior. Pitty we don’t see them in Japan. How many die because they didn’t wear a seatbelt.

Vaccines are in a situation where as a healthy , highly developed country we don’t see people due from polio, measles, and the heroes virus( which leads to cancer) that died in their millions years ago. So your average anti vaxer, can rely on everyone else doing the right thing, and the passively receive herd immunity from the rest who do the right thing. Personally, if you don t take up the vaccine, and get I’ll you should pay all the health costs incurred. This is also the same with antibiotics. Millions die because people don’t use antibiotics properly and MRSA is increasing. We never saw people die from a simple infected cut because of this tech, Now we are. But I wonder why the anti vaxers , still want the docs and nurses and all the medicines to make them better?

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Well hopefully Japan will understand its never going to get those islands back up from Russia.

One things for sure... if there was ever a reason for Ukraine to join NATO....this is it, and another reason fro North Korea to show it is never worth giving up its nukes.( I bet Ukraines kicking itself for doing just that).

Now its up to the west to show it will help a country that wants to make its OWN choices. Democratically!

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Posted in: Women overtake men in exam pass rate at Japan's medical schools See in context

Oh first time ever. Really! they've been beating men for years....if it wasn't for the ol male doctors cheating and fixing the system.

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