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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

Some people have forgetten about rickets, osteoporosis and how important milk and Vit D was for teeth development. Rickets is on the increase in the UK, Japan.Some conditions have been forgotten about.

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Posted in: Woman, four children found dead in Aichi home See in context

Sandiegoluv. As a registered mental nurse, registered medical Nurse with 20 years plus working in mental health hospitals, and general Medicine including children units, adults, mother and baby unit, as well as community, I think most People here are condemning this woman, without fully understanding what patients are going through. The western and eastern comment was I reply to someone else who wished to make comparison about Japan and the west, I E European North American values. and as you said it has nothing to do with it but if I citizens anyone it was due to their judgemental view about this women,mental health and suicide, without ( probably)knowing anything about the situation. As a mental health nurse,we spend year educating not only patients but the public too and with some Of the views here I hope they may take some time to do some research about it. Sadly many won't but would rather judge or stigmatize people who have mental Health problems without knowing the condition or even the person.

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Posted in: Woman, four children found dead in Aichi home See in context

Maybe for those that can't understand or even comprehend you probably lack an ability to empathize with depression. The ones who criticize are probably the people who have no training or knowledge on mental health issues and are in some ways are part of the problem. Being Judgmental and stigmatizing,, and just passing on their opinions while knowing nothing about suicide at all. But I would say this, it is not western a eastern problem, it is a global problem. However,i wound say the western idea that suicide is somehow a sin and we are going to hell is different from the eastern view of suicide. So instead of being judgemental, as I'm sure you may judge others with mental health issues , try reaching out. You never know, you might be in the same boat one day, if not you, it may be someone you know and surely you would want them to reach out to you.

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury freezes assets of Kodo-kai yakuza group See in context

Maybe the j government would rather have organized crime without guns compared to the U.S. Which has disorganized crime with guns, murders everywhere.lol

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Posted in: Purported IS video shows Jordan pilot being burned to death See in context

Japan today. The BBC and CNN and other news stations out of respect for the pilot, family, etc have decided not to show a single pic of the pilot caged due to his horrific murder. I would rather you showed a pic of the pilot as he was ,a proud, handsome pilot out of respect for him, his family , and just out of compassion. I don't need this.

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Posted in: Nobel winner Nakamura was salaryman who took on bosses See in context

Patents should belong to the company but the inventor should be compensated accordingly. I guess the short sightedness of a japanese company has cost them dear. Cleo:He didn't show his true colors. He was being treated unfairly by his company and went to another company where he was appreciated. Doctors,nurses,engineers do that. Not only for money but also for job satisfaction and a sense of being valued and maybe something more important, and that is self worth/ esteem.

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Posted in: In your experience, how do your Japanese friends of the opposite sex react when you try to give them a friendly hug or kiss on the cheek when you are greeting them or saying goodbye? See in context

I think its a bit bizarre people going around hugging japanese people unless they are from a culture that does that back in their home country.E.G France,Italy,Saudi arabia. If an american,Brit,Canadian,Aussie or NZ did it,then they are being way took friendly. Pretty dumb questions really unless it is naturally part of your culture to kiss or hug friends or an acquaintance. Sinice it isn't in my culture or the japanese culture why would I.

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Posted in: Generic drugs: The best medicine for Japan’s economy? See in context

I think what we have here i japan wanting generic drugs but at the same time they must be from a japanese company. Yep the tax payer is being squeezed,but japan loves its brands and they don't want foreign drug makers coming over and destroying the japanese drug makers..If it isn't brought under control the costs are going to rocket.

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Posted in: Pop idols’ management demands Y8 million in damages after two members caught dating fans See in context

Maybe these idols need to stand up for themselves and take them to court,but i think I see a pattern of your women being used by corporate japan.If they don't comply with the said company i guess they loose their job and their dream. Pretty shocking,and i wonder why nobody calls them out on it.

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Posted in: Apple a decade behind Japan on mobile payment curve See in context

Who cares. It's still a great phone,even when jp phones had cameras,Internet and phone payments. Yep apple are late,but its a great phone that leapfrogged jp makers. Not does the new iPhone have NFPayments in Japan ? If not, then I can't be bothered upgrading as my 4 does the same stuff. Lol still a sexy phone.

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Posted in: Apple a decade behind Japan on mobile payment curve See in context

Jeff lee. I think we are talking about cell phones being stolen and SIM cards and how it contributes to phone theft.Tthe UK had 700,000 phones stolen and .the SIM card makes it easier.but as for crime generally in Japan.mmmmm maybe others can jump in here but I feel safer here than I do in my own country,and I don't feel I have to worry about my kids here.

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Posted in: Apple a decade behind Japan on mobile payment curve See in context

Smithinjapan. The reason we don't use sims in Japan is to stop cell phones being stolen.steal a phone in the UK or USA and stick in a new sim.and then there is a new phone. There is a reason,why I can leave my phone In a shop in Japan.forget it ,and go back an hour later and still get it back. I don't think that happens so much in e UK or the states.sims cards are for the benefit of the company and not the user.have a phone stolen,and you need to. Uh another one.

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Posted in: Lowest number of elementary and junior high school students ever as birthrate continue to decline See in context

The birth rate is recovering! Not quite,as japanese women start to go out to work as wanted,they are more likely to reduce the size of their family.Not have more.If we look at most highly develop countries,their population is falling.(excluding immigration). Gerard. The UK system is not free,it is only free at the point of delivery,and it is payed by taxation which is way higher than japan,and prescriptions aren't free. ( some medicines are free in japan) UK VAT is 18% compared to japans 10% UK tax is also higher compared to japan. Even in the UK people can't afford kids so health care isn't the main problem.If anything the JP system gives you more choice and flexibility than the UK NHS ever will. Furthermore people who do have kids are also being asked to look after their parents,which can be a blessing or a financial curse,and that may not even be their own parents but the parents in law.So it certainly isn't easy. There isn't a way to fix this without immigration or getting men and women to have more time off work,to have kids,which result in less money for the family to spend on goods for the kids, and as we get richer and more in debt, the government will want us to spend more, so they can get the revenue,but at the same time they will tell is to save more cause they they can't afford the pensions. Since our life expectancy and health is better than say a third world country, we don't want three or fours kids when two will suffice and we can give them that nice shiny 3DS,nice car and trips to disney or USJ and send them to Uni. Sadly we can't have both,the average women working full time and popping out kids, men staying at home and earning more money.Somethings got to give and it looks like we want smaller families and a better life. Childbirth is basically free here and if you can't afford it you go to the ward office and they can pay the clinic direct.So it isn't money that stops women having kids.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies in head-on collision in Hiroshima See in context

We may have had a stupid mother holding her child in the front seat in the dumb insistence she is protecting her child.However, her child now becomes an airbag and saves the mother and is crushed by the mothers weight on impact. Or is launched through the window. The death of this child is sad but i cannot feel sorry for the mother or the driver of the vehicle or for any of the family as they probably did this a million times, Infact i also feel sorry for the driver of the other vehicle who has to live with the guilt of the death of this child. Why don't the JP police clamp down on this and we don't see public health warnings.Standing at any intersection the cops would catch loads of mothers and fathers doing this.

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"Indeed, "going it alone" has nothing to do with 'being' alone." but it can force the carer to end up feeling alone and being isolated. Looking after someone 24 hours a day,7 days a week can be hard on any carer.The daily life and grind of looking after a child is hard enough but looking after an adult can be much harder. Whereas parents with children can support each other,make friends, male carers may give up their jobs, gradually stop meeting their colleagues,loose self esteem, feelings of tiredness and depression can set in, friends they had may stop popping around and the support system they had all their working life has stopped. Male carers may see asking for help,as a sign weakness, they can't cope or a sign of failure. Men may not want to go out with their buddies and talk about the difficulties of bathing their mother or wife who has for E.G dementia and is violent,or wonders in the night or has incontinence problems. So they can feel alone,and even though there are some places where they can get help, many care givers do feel a sense of guilt at putting someone they love and have know all their lives into a nursing home. As you said loneliness is based on friendships,but being a 24 hour carer can make it difficult to go out with your friends.On top of that, when men retire they often loose contact with their work mates who may have their own problems too,or may not want to listen to your difficulties.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

How about when i speak japanese they reply in English even though i might NOT actually speak English. Oh and English harassment,it is rather unwanted and it is really inappropriate. Oh and the head tilt when something doesn't compute.

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Posted in: S Korean activists protest against Japan See in context

Japan really needs to move forward and stop chating we sorted it out in 1965. New things have come up and japan needs to look at them on it's merrits. It is amazing how Germany has dealt with it's past and is praised for it, unlike Japan which seems to have it lingering like a sore wound.

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