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Posted in: UK faces record hit to living standards as tax hikes loom See in context

Its all ok. We took back full control and the the big bus that said we can find the NHS with the 350mllion. And we got that great Australian deal. No problem. Now, lets blame everything on covid19 and Russia……..shuuu! Don’t mention the B word.

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He gives 100 million to Dolly Parton foundation, as he wants to do some good, then fires thousands, to recoup the money. If he really wants to do some good charity work, keep people in a job. Hypocrite!

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Posted in: 3 convicted in absentia for 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine See in context

How we appeased Russia.

Russia invaded Chechnya, appeasement.

russia attacked Georgia, 2008 appeasement.

Russia invaded Crimea, appeasement. Russia invaded the Donbas region, appeasement.

Russia shoots down an airliner, appeasement.

Russia uses chemical weapons

in the Uk.appeasement.

russia used nuclear poison in the UK. Appeasement.

Russia invades Ukraine…….. we can’t appease a bully, because eventually they want just a little bit more.

Are we seeing a pattern.

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Posted in: Consumer groups in U.S. want grocers to ditch digital-only deals See in context

So I guess their fleecing customers.

one item one price. It might be higher or it might be lower, my guess is the American store will remove the cheaper one, when they could go somewhere in the middle.

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I realized air BnB are just a headline grabbing company after offering to open up our home to refugees. But when they said Air BnB are going to give refugees safe places to stay what they really meant was the “people on the platform” will offer the refugees free places to stay, and air BnB will just…… do and pay nothing except get the free media attention at absolutely no cost, because they weren’t offering small landlords anything. So although we wanted to help, we couldn’t afford to give our home away for free, and I realized it was just great free publicity.

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RodneyToday  12:32 pm JST

Japanese citizens also don’t get it. Japanese pay loads of tax, and don’t send all their money back to another country preventing Japan’s economy from not being drained. Why they should get special priority over normal Japanese hard workers?

Nobody is saying they should get priority. They should get the same rights and protections.

Are we saying the Japanese should get better work, pay and conditions, than an immigrant, who works hard,( for their money) just the same as the Japanese, PAY loads of tax, just the same as the Japanese. And Frankly what they do with THEIR MONEY is non of your business or mine. They worked for it, and can support their family as they wish. Better than a Japanese guy blowing it on alcohol, pachinko, hostess bars.And sending 10,,000 yen home is nothing. They spend the rest of their money here in Japan, food, housing, smart phones, clothes, USJ,Disney land, zflights, medical care,bicyles, restaurants. BOOSTING the Japanese economy, because the company employs them, boosting their productivity and profits. You're just spouting an old money trope, that was also used in the UK Brexit debate. Not all Japanese are hard workers either.Most work hard, but not everyone.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees call out unpaid illegal overtime at Japanese firm See in context

 Do you get a permanent contract? 

To get a "permanent contract", or hired as a komuin, you have to take Japanese citizenship, as non-Japanese can not be "permanent" employees of the Japanese government, which also includes prefectural, or municipal employees. Keep in mind, part-time employees of any of the above, have the same restrictions, are typically paid a hell of a lot less, and can only work, depending upon the location, for 3 to 5 years, on average.

ALT's were never meant to be "permanent hires" Like it or not, that's a fact!

Do you get the same pension rights? Do you get the same health benefits as the Japanese? 

Yes you do. Whether you collect them or not, is another story. Health insurance is the same!

Do you get paid the same as Japanese workers ina similar role ? 

Actually you are paid far more than the "regular" Japanese teacher with the same number of years experience. Particularly if you a a "contracted" Japanese teacher and not permanent.

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completely untrue. ALTs we’re never meant to be permanent but the job has been around for….. how many years? how many decades? Your right, it’s not permanent, because your fired every few years so you do get the same equal rights. If your meant to be there from the start of work until the end, then that’s the same hours as the other staff.

You do not need to be hired as a komuin. But just need to be hired, as a direct hire. As some already do. If you work there, get paid there, get punished there, the. That’s a job and if the law says we can’t be hired there, then they must be breaking their own law. Also just because it’s the law doesn’t make it just. So it might be legalised discrimination then. Never meant to be be perms but working at schools for 10 to 15 + year “is permanent”. So I respectfully think your wrong, maybe not legally but absolutely morally.

pension is not the same as all the staff employed in the school get the benefit of contributions not just by the teacher but also the employer.

in regards to sickness benefits, how many have been fired for being sick?

also can a Female ALT who is pregnant also receive the same maternity rights, or for male ALTs recurve the same paternity leave? NO! They are fired. Even though they have been working their for many years. So no your uninformed.

You May be paid more per hour but actually you are paid less over all.

you do not get the same pension contribution by the employer,

you do not get sick pay, or salaries pay,

Maybe you support a law that legally did discriminates, but it’s not right, dodging laws, or finding loop holes. We are immigrants and deserve permanent jobs, permanent contracts and the same rights as the Japanese.we have families, Japanese families.immigrants, permanent residents deserve the same contracts as the Japanese.

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Posted in: J-Pop group Travis Japan’s worldwide major debut single 'Just Dance!' dances into the charts See in context

Wow. Take another bands name Travis and stick Japan on it. Might as well create another group called “the Rolling Stones Japan. Or how about The who Japan. Nope! Gondor 1D Japan. Gotta love Travis, the original band. They just came to Japan too. Excellent band.

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Posted in: Princess Hisako becomes 5th COVID-19 case for Japan imperial family See in context

has now dropped to around 36 C

That's below normal. Wonder why?

36C is within the normal range.

36c-37.2c is the normal range acceptable. The temperature was also taken via the skin and is not a core temperature. So this is perfectly normal.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils new Prius hybrid with more power, range, style See in context

Look like Toyota are missing a trick. They could have added a full electric version for those living in houses with their own garage and potter around Tokyo, Nagoya,Osaka and other big cities.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees call out unpaid illegal overtime at Japanese firm See in context

As if we didn’t know and as if the Japanese government care. You could add how ALTs are fired every year, don’t get paid in summer holidays, causing problems for families, don’t get the same benefits as the Japanese staff, and yet seem to work there for years and years. I guess if there is such a thing as white privilege, in Japan is it possible there could be yellow privilege. Do you get a permanent contract? Do you get the same pension rights? Do you get paid the same as Japanese workers ina similar role ? Do you get the same health benefits as the Japanese? did you get fired during Covid, when all the Japanese staff went into work and got a salary ? The gov tacitly and actively accepts it. Same problem but now a different group.

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Posted in: Renault touts 'warm' Nissan ties as pair review alliance See in context

Don’t get involved with China, if your not happy with Renault your probably gonna be even unhappier with China as you end up transferring your knowledge and tech to China. Bad move! You could build anywhere…..

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Renault saves Nissan from going bankrupt, and Nissan aren’t happy. Well if you didn’t get into this mess, and stopped spending time blaming foreigners for your ills, I’d feel sympathetic. Renault is not a charity. Now stop complaining and build those electric cars, that you once had a lead in and are giving away.

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Posted in: Renault touts 'warm' Nissan ties as pair review alliance See in context

Renault saves Nissan from going bankrupt, and Nissan aren’t happy. Well if you didn’t get into this mess, and spent time blaming son for rip-off your ills I’d feel sympathetic. Renault is not a charity. No stop complaining and build those electric cars, that you once had a lead in.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to his death from 10th-floor apartment in Aomori Prefecture See in context

Surely, There must be some very smart engineers out there that can design this out.

The other day a TV show, showed small kids at a kindergarten climbing over a balcony railings/walls without a chair. We don't need any more excuses, we need someone to look at this, and pass legislation to prevent this from happening. Maybe new locks on ALL WINDOWS, where it can't be opened unless an adult can reach it or unlock it. The locks are basically at toddler height. She did what every single parent did at one time of another when their kid is sleeping.

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Posted in: Kishida to meet China's Xi in Thailand on Thursday See in context

It is better to JAW JAW but some leaders want to believe they can do what ever they want, while everyone else wants to jaw jaw. It relies on both wanting to jaw jaw, but you do have to have the will and guts to stand up, to the bully that want to punch you on the jaw. I think we can see China Jabbing. Keep the status quo…. Eg keep the whole of the China sea, let’s keep building military islands, not to mention their Senkaku island claims, oppress the Uighurs, and Hong Kong free speech.

They’ll hide your strength or claws until the time is right for them.

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Looks like another scam, asking the people who buy crypto to buy insurance which naturally will make massive profits for crypto companies. Interesting how this idea has just popped up.anyway I’m thinking of making a new crypto called the con-coin. It will protect anyone who buys crypto, with my new con-coin.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Tokyo See in context

you Shouldn’t be reporting on this. If I’m right the WHO guidelines say you shouldn’t report the place this was done or the method because it actually suggests to those who cannot see hope, to see this as a possibility.

1 you mentioned where it took place

2 you mentioned the method.

quite prominent.

As a mental health worker we always notice an uptick after all the reporting.

for your convenience here are the WHO guidelines on reporting suicide.


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Posted in: Tom and Jerry have been given an ultra kawaii redesign in Japan for a new animated series See in context

Omg, I have a hard time watching Tom and jerry talk, but this makes me wanna vomit.

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Posted in: Kishida tells Asian leaders China infringing on Japan's sovereignty See in context

China seems to be infringing on Indias, vietnams, the Philippines too. There is a bully boy on the block. Or at the very least a loan shark on the block.

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Posted in: Kishida sacks justice minister to curtail damage, but leadership questioned See in context

It doesn’t matter. The people keep voting for the same party for nearly 70 years, and somehow they expect something different, so they may change the label, but the content is still the same.

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Posted in: Mindfulness works as well for anxiety as drugs, study shows See in context

Mindfulness, CBT, etc all have a good place, but there is a downside and that is, it’s note a cure, it also requires a lot of time and effort, and many patients say it can be exhausting doing all these mental exercises. The idea of mindfulness has been around for decades and is another psychiatry tool, that’s become the latest fad.20 years ago in college you couldn’t move without CBT being the next wonder treatment. Not to mention the breathing exercises, and focus on that. They all help, for a little while.Shorma Morita knew about this in the 1930s about focusing on the here and now and didn’t agree with Freud. One kept point he brings up is, accept your feelings, don’t fight it, which is so western, and to do what you need to do. The west have ignored this man for decades, so they can focus on the cure. Now it says we need to accept them.Maybe he was onto something, spending thousands on counseling, years in talking therapy going over the “past” again and again meaning the patient hasn’t accepted their past, feelings, looking for a cure, or some kind of eraser, and are still living in the last. Some patients become attached to talking therapies. I’d you’ve been doing it for 20 years, has it really been helping you when your missing today or tomorooy.

talking therapy has its place, as does CBT, etc. But Morita also showed the occupational therapy was just as effective for his patients too.

the problem with these articles is, they over inflate the effects and efficacy of one particular treatment. They don’t work for every patient.

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Posted in: Japanese music stars form band 'to make the world rock' See in context

Fantastic! Although if you wanna make the world rock to your music, your probably gonna have to take a lead out of K-pop and sing a bit more in English.

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Posted in: Japanese volunteer fighting for Ukraine dies in war See in context

The soldier that joined up are not mercenaries. They are soldier who stepped up to t he plate, and decided they wanted to help Ukraine. Some will give all, while all will give some.

So today on Remembrance Day, I’ll stand and, remember that he wanted to help liberate Ukraine along side all the other foreign legion soldiers who wanted to stand up to an invading country. At ease, you duty is done!

We saw how appeasement works, (Germany WW2) or giving the wrong signals embolden an enemy, Argentina pre 1982 they both read the signal wrong. China is watching this and will see if we loose interest. North Korean is also watching to see if we loose interest.

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Posted in: Japan's 8th COVID wave could surpass previous wave's peak, say experts See in context

I think it’s time to get back to normal. If you want the vaccine, get the vaccine, if you don’t want it, and end up dead, that really can’t be helped now. But I also think maybe it’s time to unmask. Seems like a mask tax now. O fcourse it’s not, but it sure feels like it! I haven’t seen some students faces in nearly 3 years. Get vaccinated and move on now and let those that don’t want to get vaccinated take their chances.

btw the vaccine was not meant to eradicate this virus, it was just supposed to stop people dying.

hepersoniamnowToday  07:30 am JST

Theres almost certain to be a lot of Covid going around here over the winter.

Vaccinations don’t seem to be the main factor in spreading it to me, as the worlds most vaxxed nations still have massive infection rate

btw the vaccine was not meant to eradicate this virus, or it was just supposed to stop people dying, not sure what you mean about vaccines not the main factor in spreading it. People spread it, not vaccines.

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Posted in: What is inflammation? How the body responds to everything from stings to vaccination and why it sometimes goes wrong See in context

BroncoToday  07:56 am

This is why I personally refrain from getting corporate injections into my body.

I do not want this "collateral damage" done to my body.

But you accept that polio has been mostly eradicated because of vaccines, smallpox eradicated, antibiotics, saving children from sore throats and cuts fingers that people once died from. The daily injections that save diabetics, or the anti inflammatory medication that saves asthmatics, patients with inflammation of the bowels, if you look back over 70 years, you will see how our lives are extended. But if you look for one mistake, one error! You ignore the billions who have been saved.

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Posted in: World Cup ambassador from Qatar denounces homosexuality See in context

FIFA, (IOC too) just wanna make money. These organizations aren’t there to be socially fair or helpful.It was all about the money, profits, and a nudge nudge wink wink. So glad the European leagues are pushing back against FIFA. They should be standing up for the players! And some are GAY, male and female players. Don’t award tournaments if they aren’t going to play fair and be inclusive. What century are they living in!

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Posted in: Nissan, Mitsubishi consider stakes in Renault EV unit amid alliance talks See in context

Oh no! This will not end well as they it will blame the gaijin for their companies ills as they rush to play catch up. Come on Japan why not do what the Chinese do? Buy a few of they’re vehicle, strip it down, copy it, but make it better, and work more with Japanese battery makers.

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Posted in: Nintendo's profit surges on Switch machine, software sales See in context

Great news for Sony, and Nintendo gaming. We all think the weak yen is alway a bad thing but the yen was over 200 yen in the 1980s. It will also encourage our farmers to produce more food instead of importing, and maybe we could export some of that lovely rice, sake, etc etc. hopefully the Toyota, Nintendo, Sony Nissan, Honda, Kawasaki et al can share the profits in a bonus, so they can spend it in the shops, restaurants, and places.

Its hard on some industries but then again a strong yen is bad for exporters too.

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Posted in: Japan to remodel surface-to-air missiles to intercept hypersonic weapons See in context

I think these kinds of weapons are more about appearing to do something about it. First you'd need to detect these hypersonic weapons, and then launch them. So I'm not sure how long the window is before interception. Next, if you shoot one of these things down, its still coming down.Possibly over a large urban area so location of interception would be needed too. Although I wonder if this is more about protecting high value area, than say Mr Suzuki's house. At the moment we have difficulty shooting down the old scuds. So what is the rate of success? That's the main question. Previously the patriot system was only successful at shooting down 9% of incoming scuds while Israeli think the rate is nearer 2%. and they have to launch 3 or 4 to hit one incoming. All these missiles all have to come down. War is always bad for every economy, but the fear and anxiety of war is certainly good for the economy as countries like to spend money on new toys.Personally if they can find the money, I'd rather they spent it on the sorting out climate change.


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