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Posted in: 'Washoku' delicacies served at banquet after emperor's ceremony See in context

I wouldn't know if was so great, paid my taxes but got no invite. I noticed all the mega rich did but where are the tax payers? The construction workers, laborers, clerks, dishwashers, welders, all the trades. hmmmm. And the courts rule that public tax can be used because it is a social event for the public. Not even close.

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Posted in: Many typhoon victims unable to watch enthronement due to clean-up See in context

Like a story about not being to watch it on TV vs actually getting a real live invitation to the actual ceremony since it is a public event and paid for by public funds. Nope.

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Posted in: Woman gives birth on train at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Station See in context

nice, congratulations.

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Posted in: Emperor Naruhito proclaims ascendancy to throne; pledges to fulfill his duty as symbol of the state See in context

what a waste of taxpayer funds.

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Posted in: Meteorological Agency warns of more rain, mudslide risk in typhoon-hit areas See in context

Another typhoon. More rain. It could be worse though. Too bad not enough budget to help those in most need but yet the socialites get their budget.

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Posted in: Emperor Naruhito proclaims ascendancy to throne; pledges to fulfill his duty as symbol of the state See in context

Looks very lovely, but again why not it was all free to them and didn't cost them a yen.

That was all paid by the everyday working stiffs who aren't even invited to the main social. because I have yet to see truck drivers, convenient store clerks, cashiers, stockers, fishermen labors, construction workers etc at the black n white tie affairs. I thought this was a social event for the public. hmmm.

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Posted in: Police officer found to be sex worker after leaving her gun in public restroom See in context

This is a shame that a public servant such as a law enforcement office turns to this trade business as more lucrative in pay than the profession one chooses. The pay should be increased so that this doesn't happen. The fact that she was a sergeant means she had been there for several years. Why not use the wasted tax money paid for the upcoming "social" parties and pay law enforcement more or use to help the ones most hit by the typhoon i.e. city infrastructure rebuild projects.

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Posted in: Gov't funding for imperial ceremonies sparks rare dissent See in context

The government is setting aside billions of yen in funds, in particular for the sumptuous October event, which will draw dignitaries from around the world.

I agree that the two ceremonies are effectively religious rites, and public funding for them violates a constitutionally mandated separation of state and faith. "quote article"The government has set aside 650 million yen in cabinet funds for the events, with the remainder split between the imperial household -- itself funded by taxpayer money -- the national police agency, and the foreign and defense ministries. All three public tax money. Well too quote Ralph Waldo Emerson: Speech is power: Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel; This quote brilliantly summarizes the power of a good speech. What a shame that this monarchy only exists because of the mega rich and not the wishes of the people of Japan.

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Posted in: China's defense minister says resolving 'Taiwan question' is greatest national interest See in context

IMO I thought that question like Hong Kong is resolved. The people have spoken and they don't want to be a part of China. China can't even keep what is written i.e. with Hong Kong. Please this is just a warning of the land grub by force coming to Taiwan and the rest of the Asian territories including the Japan administered islands that Japan keeps failing to put its own self defense forces or allies military and declare it fully as Japan.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader to visit Japan after huge rally, night of violence See in context

Japan should stay with Hong-Kong but not with a leader not wanted by its own people. She only represents China's position that's it. Why Japan? No reason for her to come here unless running from China and seeking political asylum.

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Posted in: Japan's exports fall for 10th straight month in September See in context

It is so much easier to blame another country for your own problems.

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Posted in: Emperor to proclaim enthronement in ritual-bound ceremony See in context

Can anyone tell us who pays for all of this? Where does the money come from?

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Posted in: S African power ends Japan's run at Rugby World Cup See in context

Japan did extremely well. Very honorable and respectful as true talented players throughout the entire game keeping the game clean, honorable and non sportsmanlike. IMO Japan beat itself. The scoreboard gave the win to SA, but they know that the real game was won by Japan where it counts, the fans and Japan didn't have to lower its standards to get a V. That right is a true caliber of a future champion team. Way to go Japan you have really put a mark on the game that Japan belongs and can hang with the big boys. After seeing the tournament forget US American football with all the drama. This was pure raw talent in the field. I hope the League keeps it this way as it is one of the few remaining honorable sports left. Thanks...

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Posted in: Hong Kong police, protesters clash; hundreds of shops trashed See in context

I wish the media would tell the truth for once and call the so-called police by their real name: Chinese militarized force. Live ammo vs a glass bottle..Real gas masks vs a stop shop paper mask. really the media is on the wrong side.

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Posted in: Trump drops plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort See in context

POTUS, nothing new there, the US Government loves to wastefully spend money on high priced hotels vs cheaper rate. In this case a top rate hotel at a cost savings to the tax payers sounds crazy.

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Posted in: Empress emerita Michiko turns 85; celebrations shelved over typhoon See in context

That's great and many congratulations for the birthday, but I have one question. Who pays for the celebration and from where does this money come from?

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Posted in: Future of Japan's imperial dynasty rests on shoulders of 13-year-old See in context

This monarchy is long past its place in time and should end. We simply cannot afford more tax burdens to support this endeavor while they enjoy the best of life and trips. The costs are growing each year and simply put has served its purpose. Time to wise up and use our taxes more wisely.

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Posted in: Japan to dispatch SDF to Strait of Hormuz instead of joining U.S.-led coalition See in context

Nice and about time. More than 90% of the US base civilians are local nationals, so this makes it much easier to pull out as the US moves its business interests out of Japan too. No need to keep our troops here any longer or a contingency. Of course that's still a bit off but a move in the right direction.

ref: "We won't join the United States, but will cooperate closely with them," Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news briefing. "Self Defense Force assets will ensure the safety of vessels related to Japan. and has been reluctant to join forces with Washington in the Middle East because it maintains close diplomatic and economic ties with Iran.

Seems the choice has been made already on which side they choose. Time to go finally coming. Took them long enough.

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Posted in: Man runs toward car on street and smashes windshield See in context

This incident reminds of a guy back in the states but was high on drugs....very very similar cases..

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Posted in: School bullying cases hit record high in Japan in FY2018 See in context

IMO opinion "The number of "serious" bullying cases, involving things like broken bones and being absent from school for 30 days or longer a year, rose to a record 602, up 128, it said." broken bones? , that is beyond bullying and more leaning towards physical assault by legal definition. Absentia from school is not bullying, and besides it builds character that either your weak and won't survive or beef up to get your place.

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

Yes, about time something good is finally coming of this issue.

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Posted in: Abe's offering to Yasukuni shrine sparks criticism from Seoul See in context

Burying war criminals with honored fallen soldiers is a disgrace to their bravery and worthiness. It diminishes their honor. A separate site should have been built for the war criminals despite being military members. This is like saying bring Benedict Arnold back to the US and bury him in Arlington National Cemetery with the fallen brave honored US soldiers. In my book a traitor and a war criminal run in the same circles. The fallen men of Japan were only following orders of those who placed them I.e. the war criminals.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader presents policy address via video after disruption See in context

re: "We are determined to create home ownership opportunities for people of different income groups such that they will happily make Hong Kong their home," Lam said.

a happy home under Chinese control and rule. No thank you..

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of common-law wife See in context

Why not put the effort in getting a job instead to help provide.

I'm sure there are plenty of labor type of jobs out there for skilled and unskilled with a shortage of manpower. May not pay much but ever little bit helps.

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Posted in: Kim vows to fight U.S. sanctions See in context

Nobody in or out of the Peninsula wants a Peace Treaty or unification between the Koreas. Sanctions hasn't worked in over 40 yrs, more talking has failed for the last 40yrs. That only leaves one thing that works though costly.

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

What can one post that shouldn't be said again that speaks for itself posted by Yubaru and Zones2surf except for:

re: The typhoon that ravaged Japan last Saturday hit with unusual speed and ferocity, leaving homes buried in mud and people stranded on rooftops. But nothing spoke more of the powerlessness of modernization against natural disasters than rows of bullet trains deluged in floodwaters in Nagano, a mountainous region.

This is why it is important to elect highly skilled, trained and competent decision makers, planners and organizers during elections and have the proper high skilled Ministerial level positions filled by those who understand issues important to Japan and not themselves or ride on the coattails of their Daddy's such as Koizumi's comments about the environment being "sexy and cool", well I don't think the folks the experienced the wrath of the storm think that the Typhoon had anything sexy or cool to offer.

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Posted in: LDP exec apologizes for calling typhoon damage 'so-so' See in context

re: killing more than 70 people. At one point, more than 6 million people were advised to evacuate.

Human life is now so-so, right on top of yesterday's Taito City refusing homeless people shelter in the midst of a very powerful typhoon. No clearly he words were poor in taste and taken out of context. His words were in comparing 1958 to this typhoon. The word so-so was his way of not saying a more appropriate word i.e. "diminished damages, few damages but unfortunate due to loss of life, etc.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward barred homeless from evacuation shelters during typhoon See in context

I'm shocked, speechless that there is such lack of humanity even a small dignity of compassion for fellow man. Those who even commented about no paying taxes so no welfare, without even knowing if at one time they paid more than their fair share. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context

Who is going to pay for the tires, time and trouble it takes to get them fixed and both the cars and bikes back on the road again. There is a lot of community road service work to be done and I say 5 yrs of it should be able to pay it all back. Everyday for the next 5 yrs his job is to pick trash, cut the tall grass and trim trees.

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Posted in: Stepfather gets 13 years in prison over fatal child abuse See in context

13 yrs but left us wondering if hard labor came with that.

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