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Posted in: VR tour peers into Hiroshima's past See in context

Hats off to Hiroshi Yamaguchi. May hundreds of additional like minded entrepreneurs arise. This VR demonstration is only the smallest taste of what horrific insanity awaits the human race as frquent nuclear saber rattling by major powers becomes the norm.

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Posted in: 75-year-old Japanese man opens free cafe in Ukraine's Kharkiv See in context


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Posted in: Don't call us grannies: Meet Japan's senior cheer squad See in context

This is exciting to me. Just another reason to be fond of Japan. Hats off to these fine, fun, upbeat ladies! I'd be pleased to meet them all in person.

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

I'd consider it if we actually land on the moon. Going 220k + miles into trans lunar orbit is spectacular but somehow dispiriting. Had the same feeling for Christmas 1968 NASA Astros. It the final 50 miles to the lunar surface that is the best rush!

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Posted in: Going your way See in context

Excellent. Very versatile if the automated navigation is comprehensive and not restricted to a small territory. Human minds are too valuable to waste sitting in traffic jams and fuming over unavoidable traffic antagonisms. This is the future and it is very promising.

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Posted in: TEPCO exec tells DPJ Fukushima plant not under control See in context

The solution to this problem is staring people in the face. It is an unpalatable one. Things must be allowed to take their natural course. Let me explain.

The methodology that exists to deal with this catastrophe seems to emphasis its wildfire characteristics. It is clearly not a fire, and not an atomic one as well. The uncontrolled nuclear cores want to fission and right away. At Chernobyl this happened and the results were terrible. It could have been a lot worse. Once the cores overheat and explode, a small % of the harmful radioactive material available is dispersed.

Due to the mitigation efforts at Fukishima this is not being allowed to happen. All of the available core is being allowed to contaminate the environment.

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Posted in: Get your car washed by girls in swimsuits for Y10,000 See in context

If the people want to make money, you better let them. Morality and Money don't Mix.

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

These type of confrontations are very common throughout the history of nation states. No doubt the most effective response is already known by the foreign policy experts. My guess would be that a response that is equal in kind would be appropriate. Some cost must be attached to these "flyovers" else they will continue. The Chinese plane should have been intercepted and forced to land on Japanese territory. Negotiations would have then commenced in order to secure the air crew's release. Alternatively, an overflight by a Japanese military aircraft should be made over Chinese airspace. To allow these provocations to continue w/o a commensurate response is to court disaster.

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