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and hopefully they don't fall for each other.

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Although you claim to know that Obama will not leave American troops in Iraq for 100 years, Obama will actually only have a say in this matter for a little less than three years. After that he'll be booted back to the political swamp land from which he came.

The actual duration of our presence in Iraq will be one of "wait and see" and could actually be a hundred or more years. Its quite obvious the opposing political forces agree......and from you own comment it seems you agree your just confused and hurt that obama has used your vote to do his war mongering without your permission.

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the people of california should stop complaining about their pathetic state and move somewhere that doesn't suck. The rest of us enjoy our lives, our standard of living, and especially our insurance and health care the way it is. Just because the yahoos that crowd together like mindless poops are finding it hard to survive in such conditions shouldn't mean the rest of us have to suffer through Obama's master plan to socialize the country.

God Bless.


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Posted in: Jesus was gay, says Elton John See in context

Elton John is gay.

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