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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready to continue peace treaty talks with Japan See in context

Maybe Putin's palace at Krasnodar Krai needs some more renovation and after Navalny's video it is more difficult to take the funds straight from the coffers of Russian government. I do not think Suga is as bad sucker as Abe was to believe Putin's promises.

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

I am sure that Fukushima water is much safer to drink than tap water in Beijing after living there several years and seeing the water filters after one month of use. Probably Chinese Baijiu would taste better if made of Fukushima water.

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Posted in: Masks good, ventilation better at cutting COVID risk at indoor events: study See in context

This suggests that wearing mask outdoors and in open areas is not that important, if one can keep the distance. Unfortunately, I often see people wearing masks outdoors but after entering a crowded izakaya remove them and start chatting at loud voice while drinking and eating.

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Posted in: U.N. experts urge Japan not to rush discharge of radioactive water See in context

I am sure that everyone involved, including the culprit and arrogant TEPCO, want to find the best possible solution. I do not believe that Japan wants to ruin its remaining reputation by causing another disaster by releasing polluted water unless the government is convinced that it will be the least troublesome solution to the problem. In any case, once the waste storage is full, it will start leaking into sea. Whether it happens controlled or not is the question.

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Posted in: Australian economy will suffer if China students stay away, says trade minister See in context

China behaves like a superpower, though untested, to any individual, organization or country not accepting its view. That kind of bullying is obvious in so many cases around the world. EU has shown weakness when trying to address China human rights or dealing with investigation on Coronavirus. South China Sea dispute is escalating and corrupt countries involved in the dispute have bowed to China’s threats. Australian student issue is a minor one among the real problems with the Chinese. Probably the Chinese students who can not study in Australia are the biggest victims if they have to study in line with CCP’s curriculum.

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Posted in: GSDF conduct live fire drills near Mt Fuji See in context

Though the history is not a proof of future, there are some Japan naval incidents in the past with some neighbors showing Japan Navy's competence in battles. I would not underestimate the moral and competence of contemporary Japan Navy.

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