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Posted in: China reports zero new domestic virus cases for first time See in context

They pass along to Europe, we will see how they deal with the virus, they might spread to africa.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer arrested for robbing convenience store in Yamagata Pref See in context

Only in Japan can go to police officer to store robbery in retirement, that what working extra hours does to you.

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Posted in: Tom Hanks says he, wife Rita Wilson have coronavirus in Australia See in context

Let see which kind of treatment money can buy, believe me they will pay alot of millions

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Posted in: Tokyo tourist sites nearly empty as coronavirus bites See in context

japan must be missing its revenue

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Posted in: Politician apologizes for ¥8.9 mil face mask price gouging See in context

In time of crisis and need he profited being a politician send to prison.

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Posted in: Gov't set to revise law allowing Abe to declare state of emergency over virus See in context

Abe sori wa need to declare emergency this virus can spread like wildfire through Japan like it did in korea.

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Posted in: Japan begins coronavirus travel restrictions for China, S Korea See in context

Japans best friend Korea is not too happy

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Posted in: Confirmed coronavirus patient in Aichi told to go home, goes bar hopping instead See in context

Virus has turned japanese crazy, if there were 80,000 cases like china, it would be chaos for sure.

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Posted in: Campaigners for ex-justice minister may have received illegal rewards See in context

Corruption bad news, begins a downfall of a country.

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Posted in: 86-year-old man arrested for molesting two sisters aged 6 and 4 See in context

Japan get rougher and rougher by day, get some wiered crimes

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Posted in: Japan to invalidate 2.8 million visas for Chinese amid virus fears See in context

Italian will be next on the list they have serious problem

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Posted in: Some areas short of Japanese-language teachers for children with foreign roots See in context

Learn it yourself that is the best way

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for assaulting man outside convenience store See in context

I thought Japan was polite, it must be changing geting more rough.

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Posted in: Panic buying follows coronavirus across the globe See in context

If people stop fearing and start understanding will save them alot of stress, pressure and mental health but they will listen to anyone shouting.

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Posted in: Japanese deputy justice minister tells Lebanon Ghosn should stand trial in Japan See in context

How can Lebanon extricdite him, when the goverment will look like traitor to there own people, loyalities are big thing there.

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Posted in: Health ministry not helpful for foreigners in Japan seeking virus info See in context

Best advice is anyone can have the virus, avoid contact with people much as possible, wear musk always

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Posted in: Transportation, tourism sectors hit hard by virus outbreak See in context

Recession always happen in trade, tourism and transport sector should be perpared more for calmities.

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Posted in: Man detained over murder of woman in Miyazaki See in context

Sounds like a losers woman tried to get away from him, but he could not let go, probably commit sucide in custody

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Posted in: Australia reports 1st coronavirus death, a Diamond Princess cruise ship passenger See in context

If this virus spread like wildfire, the WHO and health organization are way off-guard. The people spend so much on health service, disgraceful health providers.

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Posted in: Man murdered by ex-colleague who was fired the day before See in context

If don't annoy people at work then this won't happen or work properly or maybe over woman!

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Posted in: Peruvian man sues state over assault while detained in Osaka See in context

Got stab by his own japanese kind definitley needs compensation and citizenship

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Posted in: American man gets 8 years for killing, dismembering body of woman See in context

Because she is deemed from weak class women, same as a prosititute as she was with a foriegner hence the judge and prosecutor didn't deem her valuable. If it would have been a woman with higher status he would have been given 80 years in prison. Lets just hope his fellow prisoners give him a very bad time make 8 years feel like 50 years

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