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many men look at women as sex objects. It is our right to.

... Ha ha...? I can't really tell if you're joking or a serious rape threat.

Sometimes I really enjoy the discussions in the comments sections of JT... But today is not one of them. So happy I'm in a relationship and don't have to interact with boys like these anymore. Sheesh!

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Yeah, but how did she get the money in the first place? What does a young woman do to be able to earn that kind of money to lend out so easily. Now let me think...

Hmm, lets brainstorm together. When I was that age, I worked 54 hours a week to pay for my university tuition. I never lent someone that amount of money, but could definitely afford to help out a friend if I trusted them. I didnt need to, however, because all my girlfriends worked equally as hard as me.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I worked at a financial institution full-time during the week, and as a lifeguard at a condo building on weekends.

We`ve come a long way, baby...

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Posted in: Justice ministry worker arrested for taking photos up woman's skirt on train See in context

@ sugarbowl

I would be very interested to know your opinion if it were you this man was taking pictures of, maybe in a bathroom or bath. Would you be so forgiving if it were your private areas he was photographing and using for personal use, or perhaps putting up online for others to see?

You mentioned that you wish men had this sort of desirable feature...but if it were other men who lusted after it, would you still feel the same?

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