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First few times visiting Japan I did quite a bit of bike touring, putting in long miles with much elevation gain. I vividly remember how great squatting with completely depleted legs and aiming for that pit felt.

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I'm finding Japan to be pretty inexpensive these days, probably the best value I've seen in my 20 years traveling there. I spent some time during December in Kyushu and Kansai and never spent more than $45 for a business hotel. Street food is as good a value as it gets, but grazing all day can add up. I think the main cost constraint is airfare. Fares over the winter and summer school breaks are outrageous, when most have time off to drag the whole family over. Maybe the J-feds can drop the airport taxes to entice more toursts? Looking at my last airfare invoice, which is as low as it gets for one way, the KIX tax was something like $375 and the airfare was $125 from San Francisco.

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I'm driving from now on...

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That's beautiful, I'd love to be the gaijin to anally maintain this thing if I had the means. There's a Japanese style house for sale here, near San Francisco, going for $7,000,000. This is the real deal though.

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Silicon Valley locals despise this company for their jacking up of rentals and real estate prices. The imported employees are the most socially inept people to dip thru town since the 1999 wave.

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It looks like he got dressed by going to a junkyard and pulling interior materials out of a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Wrong answer. Google the utube "Japanese girls surfing diamond head".

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1st world problemo.

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