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Posted in: 3 in China found guilty of operating Japanese anime piracy site See in context

Japanese anime”? Anime means Japaneseanimation—you can call it Japanese animationor just anime.

In Japanese anime just means cartoons without distinction of where it's from. So to Japanese people Tom and Jerry is anime, for example.

Therefore Japanese newspapers would make a distinction of where the anime comes from. Although, in English version, the term anime was probably used for SEO and headlining purposes.

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Posted in: Food allergies among Japanese school kids up 1.8 points from fiscal 2013 See in context

I feel like laws here don't protect people and kids from allergens in food product. Only half of products I read list allergens. Most of them don't list 'contains soy' even though they contain soy emulsifier (with different kanji from soy) and I suffer.

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Posted in: How 5G puts airplanes at risk – an electrical engineer explains See in context

I used to do paperwork and communications with the FAA for some of their AHCs, EFDs, ALTs, etc. With the mistakes, likely there was a game of telephone where the FAA rep asks the consultant at the repair facility for information on the issue. The consultant, engineer, and technician compiled a report and somehow the information could have gotten misconstrued and made it into the article.

Anyway, the problem ALTs are likely more than 30 years old and flight companies are probably panicking to find upgrades to the old equipment that the FAA can allow or trying to find used newer equipment.

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