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I learnt english when I was in Kindergarten. My family always thought it was a great invertion for me and for my future. At the beggining I didn't understand why was I so pressured to learn another language, I thought I could learn it when I was older. Years passed by and went to collage and found out that most guys on my class where struggling with the language barrier, most of the articles our teacher presented us were in english, when they found out they needed the language to take a Ph.D most of them went to Canada or London to learn the language as fast as they could, they never learnt the language, thousands of dollars spent in those trips and they never learned the language because they found it complicated to learn. In my personal expierience, I grew learning english, I will never know how it happened, it came all "natural", they keep asking me why do I found english so easy, well I think it's because I grew learning it, it became part of my life. Now that I need to learn a new language I can understand their struggle. It's not easy learning a whole new language from zero. I think it's a good call to invest their money in their kid for learning a new language, it doesn't matter if it is english or german. If they have the money now then why don't do it? Maybe tomorrow it won't be as easy as it is right now or maybe it will be harder for the kid to learn. Investing in education is the greatest thing you can do for your kid. As most Mexican's parents tell to their children: "La única herencia que te dejaré será tu educación" "The only inherence I will leave you it's your education."

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