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Posted in: Indian village orders gang-rape of woman as punishment for having affair See in context

The incidence is regrettable. Being a largest democratic country and due to high population pressure, it seems government of India failed to provide security to common men. Although in India much good work has also been done. Please focus on the other side of the coin also.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese people obey traffic laws? Chinese students give their opinion See in context

I have seen in Japan they work hard to educate the people by imparting knowledge of road safety through various ways either through TV shows or at college level traffic police trained young people to follow traffic rules strictly.

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

It is good wearing masks, I don't know whether it is a part of fashion in Japan but I think prevention is better than cure.

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Posted in: Why Japanese people are comfortable with nakedness See in context

Japan is Japan, it is puzzling and become very difficult to understand Japan.

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Posted in: Temperatures soar across Japan See in context

Take watermelon, juices, lemon-water with salt and yogurt in diet. Avoid to move under sun.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

Astonishing! It is simply exploitation of male biology at early age. At this age male may be physically matured but mentally immature. The hormone level is at peak at around 20 years of age. This may be imbalance marriage life. Marriage life can be more successful if both wheels of life have equal sharing. I understand why suicide rates are increasing in Japan.

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