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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune gets suspended prison term See in context

Ok this is total bullshit.. Japan should'nt be whaling period. The Ady Gil was clearly rammed and demolished by that boat. You can see the SM2 clearly turning right into the Ady Gil. Pete you have my respect for doing what you did. If anyone deserves jail time its whalers. They lied about ramming the Ady Gil as they lied about peace when they attacked Pearl Harbor. They're under the impression that they can do as they please and always have been. I understand men got to make a living but there is such thing as fishing shrimp, oysters and etc.) There isn't a limited supply of those creature's, whales however can go extinct due to the massive factory ship's quota and all the other whaling fleets out there that could make a living doing something else. Japanese people are'nt bad but they allow this and that is wrong. Killing whales for research is wrong. A whale is huge and taking a small blood sample would be fine leaving the whale unscathed and breathing then replacing it where it came from. I praise the Sea Shepards for their action's. 3,000+ quota for the Factory ship thats horrible. Whales deserve to live as they are a part of god's creation's. Japan stop doing whatever you want and start doing what is right.

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