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Posted in: Why Japanese women go for fake crooked teeth See in context

First picture cute and second picture stupid and weird.

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Posted in: Japan to pay U.S., Canada $6 mil compensation as Tohoku debris nears coast See in context

Thank you Japan! As Canadians we do not expect any compensation. Items found in the debris that have sentimental values are treated with utmost respect and returned to owners if possible.

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Posted in: Triumph girls lend their support to Nadeshiko Japan See in context

Misaki Tanabe represents the natural beauty of a japanese woman, no artificial fillers or preservatives just pure and natural.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko has pneumonia, agency says See in context

It's good the parents decided to take her to the hospital because as some people assumed that a cold is nothing serious that it requires medical attention. It's no one's business whether or not she goes to the hospital because you are not the parents who knows the child better than anybody else. I see kindness in this child, get well soon Princess Aiko.

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Posted in: Japan eyes simpler immigration procedures, including automatic gate See in context

Narita airport is quite good especially the female custom agents, they are very polite and friendly. Same goes for Vancouver airport, ask a few questions then on your way.

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Posted in: China enjoys 'bubble' while Japan languishes on sidelines See in context

Will China implode? Before you wish for that to happen ask yourself where does my clothes,electronic goods and other products come from? If you said china then you are the ones supporting their economy putting more money in their pockets.

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