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Posted in: 'One Piece' author claims a certain seven villains extended the series far longer than he intended See in context

its good story, i following it sience i was a kid, but well, it had a lot "dramas" that make this story long enough (such as alabasta, skypiea and dressrossa arc) i wish oda would recap the next episode and no more pointless story and too much dramas (in this case, its anime version) i think if oda keep pointless story and drama like this, im afraid it will take another 10 years!. the next episode (according bigline stories) is wanokuni arc, beating kaidou, beating big mom (coz they dont do it yet), beating, kurohige, beating shanks, founding 4 misterious island, founding raftel, after story (which mean meeting laboon as brook's purpose). also and dont forget about another story like mugiwara crew connection with another sayaku sedai, battle with sichibukai (i dont think buggy and hancook will have another fight), discovering last ancient weapon and other crew's dream (ex:founding all blue) the point is, if oda keep doing this we'll have to wait mooore time until the end of story, well, i dont mind it if one piece had a long story, but i hate a single arc with over hundred episode, its boring to wait 1 episode each week for hundred times for a single arc (it may took 2 or more week due oda's healty and take some rest) cmiiw. love, OP fan.

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