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Posted in: Why Japan took the word 'mansion' and applied it to condominiums See in context

Love the naming of apartments and mansions in japan. You'll have some run down apartment called something like 'Monsieur Koenji' or some combination of french and the town.

My building has some french name which is literally impossible to say on the phone explaining the address to a japanese company. There's a bunch of 'L's and 'R's in it so we literally need to spell it out by saying the 'Ru' in 'Ra' 'Ri' 'Re' and so forth.

It amazes me the names they pick for apartments and mansions when for sure most of the names 1) mean absolutely nothing and 2) are nearly impossible to say.

Somebody needs to start a twitter account with the funny, western names used on japanese buildings.

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Posted in: Workers express frustration as Tokyo enters 4th COVID-19 emergency See in context


Didn't the previous state of emergency close gyms, some cinemas and some shopping malls?

I live next to a prefecture gym which has indoor football/basketball court, etc, and that was closed in the last SOE, but this time the gym, etc are open and people working out, playing football, basketball etc without masks.

I'd understand that some private gyms and such not close, but this is a government run facility that is operating as normal (well, it's closing at 8pm instead of 9pm, but nothing different otherwise)

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