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Posted in: Two 19-year-old drivers arrested for racing each other 6 kms down mountain road See in context

sounds like the final race of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift!

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Posted in: 45-year-old man under arrest for killing father also charged with mother’s murder See in context

Absolutely disgusting. This lazy, unemployed son is sitting at home while his parents are working the graveyard shift delivering papers, trying to make ends meet and put food in their son’s mouth. I hope he lives the rest of his life with the guilt eating him up inside.

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Posted in: Hokkaido police searching for naked man in glasses who groped woman in sub-zero weather See in context

You write this story as satire however this is a very serious situation where this poor young woman has been sexually assaulted. I really think the writing style of this story is completely disrespectful to her.

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Posted in: Duck with arrow in its back seen in pond in Tokyo park See in context

I’m also cautious of people who injure innocent animals, it worries me that they move on from animals to innocent people. i hope the perpetrator is caught soon.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in over fatal hit-and-run See in context

Piece of garbage, not even man enough to call police and stay at the scene. I hope you rot in prison and feek guilty every day for the rest of you life, tamura.

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Posted in: Three arrested for robbing empty murder scene house See in context

The lowest form of disrespect. To rob victims of murder for their possessions is absolutely despicable. If you don’t respect the dead, at least show some respect to their grieving families.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by man while walking home in Funabashi See in context

What a scary situation. After her recovery there will probably years of emotional scarring that she will overcome.

Hope the culprit is found quickly and put in prison for a long time for attempted murder.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after partially skeletonized body found in apartment See in context

I’m hoping for her sake there is more than one toilet in this household.. otherwise that’s quite an awkward situation

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