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Adamwesti comments

Posted in: Crimea to vote on joining Russia See in context

I am a supporter of people voting in favor of Russia . It's interference of Europe & the US is ridiculous. Neither Europe or the US can afford to provide funding to Ukraine without robbing the working class of decent living in the US & Europe. It appears the US is loosing support of many countries because the US politician attempts to encourage other leaders of foreign countries that the only country that is correct is Correct. All one has to do is watch how Israel is taking advantage of Palestine by continuing to steal land & building new houses & it appears the Sec of State is accepting what Israel is doing by being silent & yet laws etc spoken by so called Ukraine leaders that has outraged Russia is improper.

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Posted in: Foreign direct investment in China rises 16% See in context

I've happily invested in China's Real estate.

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Posted in: Abe says China's prosperity rests on trust, not tensions See in context

I can well understand the military build-up by China based on their experience during WWII. I have great respect & admiration for President Xi Jinping based on his accomplishment since taking office. He needs to insure the protection for people & his country. He uses more diplomacy than making threats toward leaders of foreign countries. Also, he is going after corruption of leaders in his country. In essence he is making various progress to improve the life of his people. Also on the International front he'd rather have peace in lieu of wars. Some foreign politicians believe selling weaponry even to poorer countries is better as it provides more income for politicians & protects their friends from the so-called enemies.

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Posted in: China to allow fully private banks this year See in context

It's amazing to me to see how China is progressing so rapidly because a lot of credit needs to be given to President Xi. I have great respect for this individual as he has been able to use diplomacy & many countries have signed agreements with China. He hasn't threatened any country leader. People of China are able to enjoy changes that are being made. Just recently over 6 ton of Ivory was destroyed. Africa had experienced the death of approximately 100 elephants annually because of tusks.

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Posted in: Japan eyes revision of U.S.-Japan Status of Forces Agreement See in context

During WWII when the US attacked Okinawa a lot of land was taken from people who owned the property & were never compensated. Today, the previous owners are not asking for compensation but want their property back. In my opinion, we should remove our troops from some countries & yet maintain friendship with the neighboring countries. My understanding is we have troops in 32 countries in Africa - why?

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Posted in: China slams Japan defense spending plan See in context

I have the highest respect for China's President Xi Jinping. He has used diplomacy when speaking with Foreign Leaders & has gained a lot of support, additionally at the same time, friendship. More countries appear to be turning toward China for support, & to help in improving their economy. I agree with China on the ADIZ as I believe they have every right to protect their people & property, just like any other country. I recall when the a govt in WWII landed in Okinawa & Japan & took land without any payment & even today many people who owned the property have never been compensated & actually prefer the land be returned to its owners.

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Posted in: Obama says Snowden leaks caused 'unnecessary damage' See in context

Diplomacy doesn't exist in America until such time the Government decides to stop dictating to leaders of foreign countries. We should not get involved in internal affairs of other countries because working citizens find increase in taxes, reduction in benefits, etc., & find our government is more concerned in caring for other people in foreign land. I admired Snowden for exposing NSA as this also alerted Americans to what was happening.

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Posted in: Colorado school shooting suspect dead; 2 hurt See in context

It appears parents no longer discipline their children thinking they can do no wrong & since discipline has been removed from school, children believe they can do no wrong even when don't respect elders. Until discipline is returned to family & schools, violence will continue & People will be stunned as to why the violence occurred! During my school era, capital punishment occurred & there was more respect for classmates & elders.

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Posted in: U.S. looks to manage, not end, China air zone rift See in context

During WW11, the US stole a lot of land from Okinawa, Japan & has never reimbursed for the land even though a lot of people in the island are still hoping to get their land back. It's understandable why the Politicians in DC are supporting the Japanese govt regarding the islands that have long belong to China & yet the US wants to be the Manager. I also noticed since the demise of Madiba how the politicians are giving him the best honors the world over and believe diplomacy is the best way to deal with foreign leaders & shouldn't deal in a threatening manner. Personally I disgusted in the way our government is denying the needy American a comfortable life because it would rather take the money send it overseas so they can dictate to foreign countries who are willing to accept our dollars!

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Posted in: Obama seeks to renew Asia role with rescheduled trip See in context

Susan Rice now heads NSA. This lady has made millions of dollars since working with our government! She needs to use more diplomacy when dealing with leaders of foreign countries. I'm so happy that President Xi has done so much with foreign countries without threatening leaders of other nations.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

****Having lived in Japan for 3 years I don't believe Japan is a racist country as a whole! Adamwesti

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Posted in: 27-year-old woman found strangled to death in apartment See in context

It is sad to hear about the rise of violent crime taking place in Japan. I dealt with a lot of Japanese people during my 3 year stay in Osaka. Additionally I did a lot of travelling throughout Japan. Yes, there was some crime but none violent like today. My condolence to family & friends of the young 27 year old lady Momoko!

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Posted in: German spy chiefs to head to U.S. as phone-tapping dispute widens See in context

I want to commend Ed Snowden for letting countries & particularly the citizens of USA know about the spying action by NSA. As a result of the information being disseminated around the world this will encourage other countries to follow suit in order to protect their home land. In lieu of constant threats & spying on other countries, there is more need for honesty & diplomacy! The action alleged by the NSA should be terminated immediately as all it does is to encourage leaders of foreign country to mistrust but also other countries that might be doing the same. Best, Leaders protect their homeland & border areas.

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Posted in: As U.S. averts default, Japan and China brace for next dollar drama See in context

Remember when England was the power of the world until the US took over the top spot! I think there is going to be another country involved & I believe it probably will be China since I noticed a tremendous upscale of its economy & another country!!

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Posted in: Japan's defeat in WWII not only due to atomic bombs, says China See in context

DURING & IMMEDIATLY after the war, a lot of land had been confiscated from Japan & the Isle of Okinawa. Much of that land is not in control o Japan.

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Posted in: China warns U.S., Japan, Australia not to gang up in sea disputes See in context

I AGREE WITH CHINA'S REMARKS. I believe diplomacy should be used in lieu of threats. I also believe after WWII the US signed up authorizing some lands to go to Japan. Therefore, under these agreements, China & South Korea are losing some land.

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Posted in: Incheon Airport embarks on $4.6 bil expansion See in context

I've been to that airport a few times & I commend the facility for its efficiency & cleanliness. To be honest I've been to many foreign airports & none could measure up to the Inchon AP. I also heard sometime ago it was the number one AP in the world.

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Posted in: U.S. defense secretary heads to Seoul, Tokyo See in context

I've listened to Kerry more often than I need. He needs to realize the importance of using diplomacy in lieu of his threatening remarks when dealing with Leaders of foreign country. He needs to remember the US doesn't own the world even though there are numerous warmongering politicians in Washington DC. We need to respect people because population is increasing but the world isn't. I appreciated President of Iran when he stated Nuclear weaponry needs to be banned throughout the world. This is well understood why many poor countries are trying their best to protect their land.

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Posted in: Iran starts nuclear talks with world powers at U.N. See in context

I like the President of Iran's comment, that no nation should have nuclear weaponry and that includes Israel & the US. I can well understand why foreign countries want to defend their country. We should be able to use diplomacy when dealing with leaders of foreign countries in lieu of verbal threats. Population might expand that the world won't, so let's try to get along with other people.

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Posted in: 59 killed, 157 injured in Kenya mall attack; hostages still held See in context

Unfortunately, things like this will happen when a country interferes in the internal affairs of another & it's sad that innocent people will die as a result. It's sad also that Pres Kenyatta has lost family members even though he was recently elected.

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Posted in: U.S., Russia agree on Syria weapons; Obama says force still option See in context

Why is the US complaining about the chemicals in Syria when the Chemicals that were used against Iran were furnished to IRAQ by the US. I agree chemicals should not be used against humans no matter whereabouts they may be. Now, the FM of Russia in speaking with Sec of State Kerry came up with the idea that violence should not be used and they appeared to agree at least while the two were together. Then I noticed where Kerry went to Israel and standing next to Netanyahu stating force can be used if all isn't settled then Kerry with a huge smile with Netanyahu at his side as the two walked away. This appears to me that based on Kerry's remarks, the US will do anything to protect Israel and believes this may scare Iran into thinking force may be used against them. Only 30% of Americans polled agreed that Syria should be bombed!!

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Posted in: U.S. envoy on North Korea to visit South Korea, China and Japan See in context

I keep reading & listening about N. Korea & to me it's never good news when the source is forthcoming out of DC. It appears there is no better government then what the US has. Yet, I watch China's President Xi who has been travelling to many countries in Africa & South America. He's using Diplomacy and apparently is accomplishing relationship with politicians from foreign countries. He has strengthened ties with countries bordering China. I believe we need to improve relationship between N. & S. Korea since each area has a lot of Koreans with relatives across the border. We are not the world's policeman and we don't have sufficient funds to attack other countries even those who've not attacked our wonderful country! Our economy continues going down hill even though our government continues to print money.

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Posted in: Kerry says world must act as Obama wins some support for Syria strike See in context

Since Syria has not attacked the US, if the US attacks Syria it would be a violation of International Law and also our own Constitution and it should be determined by the UN Security Council id the Syria Govt is creating war.. Remember we killed thousands of innocent people because of the lies told that got the US to attacked Iraq. What about Libya & Tunisia, we attacked them also, but I don't remember them attacking us! I'm tired our warmongering politicians instigating wars and sending our young men & women to fight for them. If politicians want war, let them don on a military uniform and let them do the actual fighting. After all, our politicians are causing the US economy to go down hill!

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Posted in: Obama tries to build support for Syria strike See in context

Those politicians who favor attacking Syria in my opinion are warmongers. When they took the oath of office, they are required to uphold & defend the Constitution. As time passes, the Constitution is becoming a worthless document. We've got money to support wars and dole out money to countries like Israel & Egypt and at the same time are planning to reduce benefits for seniors & ignore hell out of taxpayers. Also, the Government is planning on reducing medical benefits on 171,000 military retirees.

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Posted in: Obama asks Congress to authorize Syria strike See in context

Haven't we killed enough innocent people? We never should have gone into Iraq where we killed thousands of innocent people. We are also killing many innocent people with our drones & this also includes women & children. Let's take care of people in America. Apparently we don't pay too much attention to ur Constitution & International law.

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Posted in: U.S. anti-smoking battle moves outdoors with more bans See in context

****What happened to Freedom in America? Seems to slowly disappear.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for slashing ex-husband at supermarket See in context

Very Sad - Never should have happened. She needs to serve time in confinement!

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Posted in: U.S. scrambles to stop globe-trotting Snowden See in context

Politicians taking the oath of office swear to uphold and protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights to include the 4th Amendment (Privacy). I agree Snowden violated the US laws. But spying on foreign countries violates International laws as well as foreign countries, What Snowden has done is let the public know what the US Politicians in DC are doing secretly behind the backs of the citizens in America. We the public along with the US Govt should be concerned about the safety of our own country, and this means protecting our borders by using our own military. I don't understand why we have military personnel stationed In Jordan, & in a number of countries in Africa. I now understand since Snowden has left HK, politicians are complaining that heads of a few countries are not holding Snowden so he can be sent to the US. I didn't know our politicians in DC had the power over foreign countries officials.

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Posted in: U.S., Taliban to start talks on ending Afghan war See in context

I'm in favor of President Karzai taking over his country. How did they survive before the attack by foreign troops?

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Posted in: 64-year-old woman arrested for stabbing 59-year-old boyfriend See in context

**It's so sad unless it is proven she was defending herself. Too many people around the world are being killed for no reason except many enjoy killing others.

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