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Posted in: Gemba: China should play fair under world rules See in context

There are a few countries who are envious of China's military expansion and always want to make sure that other countries are aware how dangerous China supposedly is. The same countries who complain about China are the same ones who want more space in Asian countries.

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Posted in: Japan protests Chinese boats' entry in disputed area See in context

****Wondering which country encouraged Japan to bitch about the Chinese boats found in the waters near those islands that Japan claims to own?

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Posted in: Panetta, Clinton: Bigger defense cuts would weaken U.S. See in context

****Do we need troops stationed in 108 countries around the world? I don't think so! Do we need to be the world's policemen around the world? Again, I don't think so. The 2nd country with the highest Defense spending is China and it spends approximately 100 billion dollars a year. When contracts are made, what Politicians are able to pocket kickbacks? We need to only be concerned about defending our own country, and we can do it on much less than 500 billion dollars a year.

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Posted in: Defense chief questions why China needs aircraft carrier See in context

****I'm elated that China has its own aircraft carrier. I've often heard and believe the President & PMinister of China have often stated they will not interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations and China must defend itself from other countries who enjoy interefering in the internal affairs of other countries. By China having its own carrier, they will be able to protect & defend Asean countries that have signed agreements with China. If I remember correctly, those countries that signed the UN Charter have agreed by their signature to respect sovereign nations.

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Posted in: Japan Coast Guard seizes 2 Chinese boats over illegal fishing See in context

****If the Japanese govt can prove the Chinese were in Japan's territorial waters, then legally they should take them to court and fine the hell out of them, then return them to their homeland. If the govt is wrong, it should be more careful in the future. There is no way that in a war, Japan will again defeat China.

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Posted in: Yingluck Shinawatra becomes Thailand's first female PM See in context

In my opinion I believe she will do well as the PM as long as there is transparency in Govt. My concern is what will happen to her if the King Dies - will she be able to prevent a possible revolution. As everyone knows the King is well loved in Thailand.

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Posted in: Soccer star Kumagai in hot water over Twitter remarks during party See in context

****Sometimes we all say things that appear normal, until we are confronted with the information, and then we will apologize. I don't think it will affect any future games and I hope she will continue playing. The Japanese team did wonderful and in fact, I was supporting them the whole way.

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Posted in: Clinton vows to pay off Women's World Cup bet See in context

****The fruits that I've eaten in Japan all were very tasty. Course ole lady Clinton will probably send rotten ones then claim they got that way because of shipment delays and time.

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Posted in: Train collision in China kills 35, injures 191 See in context

****My condolences to the victims, their relatives friends & family. I don't believe all the facts are in that caused the accident but I'm sure an investigation is on going.

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Posted in: Japanese women, fans savor World Cup win See in context

****I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game. Congratulations to the Japanese ladies who participated in the game and defeated a team that certainly believed it would bring the cup to America. Hope Solo sure played a fantastic game in helping Japan defeat the USA. They certainly deserved the win!!

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Posted in: S Korean PM criticizes Japanese gov't for boycotting Korean Air See in context

The more international airlines the better it is for travelers because the competition can provide cheaper flights.

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Posted in: Kan says Japan will remain on 'maximum alert' to deal with crisis See in context

As of today, radiation has exceeded 4000 times above normal limits and it will probably cause more people to be evacuated. This is certainly sad, but we also have so many Monday morning "Quarterbacks" involved. I certainly hope installation of new nuclear power plants will be put on hold until a thorough investigation is made.

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Posted in: Palin warns of China's rise in visit to India See in context

Great Palin! Now, how many countries have China attacked since WWII, and how many countries have attacked other countries since that period? I believe she has diarrhea of the mouth. She's saying the US Pres should be doing more to support the Arab Protesters and at the same time she's going to meet with Netanyahu in Israel - come on - give me a break! The west controls approx 12% of the world's population regardless of its over 150 countries diplomatic ties. OMG, China is building up such a military force - how can that be on less than $1 billion dollars, while the US exceeds $500 billion dollars on its defense. The leadership in China has constantly stated it will not interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation but it will defend its own region. So far, it has stayed true with its comments. I suggest those who constantly criticize China should watch the Chinese Channel in their foreign language and get a better understanding of what is taking place in China. I also believe India and China are developing better relations and hopefully with more of the Asean countries.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy says six-party talks on N Korea won't resume See in context

I strongly concur with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao who called on all sides to show "Maximum restraint" and called again for renewed six-nation talks aimed at persuading NK to dismantle its nuclear programs. Wen said those talks involving the two Koreas, China, Russia, Japan and the US aare the best way to insure stability on the peninsula and its denuclearization. For too long the US has imposed sanctions on NK which in fact is considered war. NK is a sovereign nation and has the same rights as any other country IAW international law. SK has come a long way since 1953 and I would hate to see it be destroyed because some fanatics would rather engage in war in lieu of diplomacy to resolve situations. China will not be subservient to any country, but is willing to be involved in communications that possibly may result in peaceful settlements. Our own politicians in DC don't want to agree to a treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons but at the same time advising other countries can't have it.

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Posted in: Tensions high after North, South Korea trade shelling See in context

If someone believes China is behind this then they should listen to the news out of Bejing. China is urging diplomacy and doesn't want the Korea situation to escalate and I wholeheartedly agree.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy says six-party talks on N Korea won't resume See in context

I believe the 6 party talk should take effect immediately. To constantly ignore the communication with DPRK may only result in war. I believe diplomacy would be the better solution - if not, then we can proudly say, we at least tried. I hate seeing more innocent people dying resulting from govts that prefer divide and conquer! China a close ally of DPRK also is strongly encouraging diplomacy. US Govt is concerned about the nuclear situation in DPRK, and isn't able to move on the treaty with Russia as our politicians in DC don't want the treaty agreement.

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Posted in: Campbell: U.S.-Japan pact vital in changing Asia See in context

In my opinion a strategic pact should be made with China & other Asean countries! I believe the US wants to control the whole world and is interested in maintaining bases in Japan and yet,expects Japan to subsidize their presence. Currently I don't believe any country is planning to attack Japan and this includes North Korea.

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Posted in: Obama says U.S.-Japan alliance a security 'cornerstone' See in context

China has a large strong military and has the right to defend its possessions such as the Diaoyu Islands that go back to the Ming dynasty. That was long before the existence of the US. I believe in all honesty, the situation should be resolved through diplomacy. Release the Captain and keep the ship, then carry on through International court.

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Posted in: Talks with Afghan insurgents draw closer See in context

I don't think it will work if any al-Qaida are citizens of the country. The citizens of the country don't want war and certainly don't want foreigners in their country.Karzai isn't going to say too much that will cause them to change their minds, but he benefits from US because of constantly providing funds that he can jam in his pocket.

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Posted in: Japan says it is too early to resume Korean nuclear talks See in context

I believe Japan should cooperate and accept the nuclear disarmament talks.It's time to get rid of all nuclear weapons to include the US and Israel and make this a safer world to live in. Additionally, I believe all countries should comply with international laws and respect and not interfere in the internal affairs of of sovereign nations.

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Posted in: Israeli foreign minister: No Palestinian state by 2012 See in context

In my opinion, I believe the only way to resolve the situation between Israel and Palestine is to enforce International Laws and the UN Resolutions that have been violated over the years. I personally don't believe Israel wants a two state solution as long as it is able to expand homes on land that rightfully belongs to the Palestinians.

I also believe the US Government speaks with forked tongue by saying things in public, contrary to what is said directly to the Israeli government. The US could apply pressure by denying aid to Israel, and this could be done because any country in possession of Nuclear weapons and not a member of the NPT is a violation of US law unless waived by the President.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree to deepen alliance, cooperate on Futenma, N Korea See in context

It appears the voice of the people aren't being heard by the politicians in power. China to a degree is an ally of NK, however, China's Pres Hu Jintao has spoken that in lieu of escalating the situation between North & South Korea there should be dialogue between the two countries. Regrettably, NK wanted to send an investigation team to SK, but was denied by SK and I wonder who influenced SK to take that stand?

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Posted in: Kan suggests China be invited to G-8 summits See in context

In my opinion,the G8 should be disbanded as it really serves no purpose. The G20 should be expanded to include more developing countries so that there are more voices heard. Since the WB and IMB are run by US & EU, China, India and Brazil should also be involved. Many of the developing countries are losing more money than they should because of the US & EU policies.

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Posted in: Biden condemns new Israeli settlement plan See in context

We've given Israel since 1948 over 104 trillion dollars.They also receive in grant form, annually, $1400.00 for every man,woman,& child.A US Regulation also prohibits providing aid to a country that has Nuclear weapons and not a member of the NPT unless the President waivers the regulation. Palestinians live like caged animals, little food, poor housing situation, and no jobs, all because of Israel and the undying but blind support for Israel. Why complain about Iran wanting nuclear power and nothing mentioned about Israel? US needs to be an honest mediator and politicians need to stop taking campaign funds from Israel, & AIPAC, THE ARM of Israel.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador: U.S.-Japan pact critical for peace See in context

It is imaterial what the Ambassador has to say. Japan must make up its own decision and if it wants the foreign troops out of its country, so-be-it! I don't believe removing foreign troops from their country will cause another country to attacked it. I believe a lot of problems can be resolved through diplomacy and lieu of threats.

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Posted in: U.S. commander: Nago mayoral vote not a setback See in context

Since Japan is a sovereign nation, it should make the determination whether it wants foreign troops on their soil. We have troops in over 130 countries and eliminating a majority of those countries, we could save our country a lot of money and provide more security on our own borders.

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Posted in: Israel says it will keep parts of West Bank forever See in context

Any land confiscated during war time must be returned back to its owners IAW International Law & UN Resolutions. The US blindly supports Israel regardless of their action, and as long as this continues, we will constantly be at war with the Arab world.

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Posted in: French minister criticizes U.S. aid role in Haiti See in context

Let's see, when the US Marines attacked Haiti in 1915, they occupied the country until 1934. Additionally, I believe in the late 80s, the US didn't particularly care for the way the Government of Haiti was operating. Then a coup took place, President Aristide was kidnapped by the US government and flown to Africa. Aristide has been trying to return to Haiti for many years now, but still being denied. He was elected by the people of Haiti as their President. Secretary Clinton made an appeal to the UN to cause the government to institute martial law and enforce curfew,for pillage of goodsand for security reasons. Correspondents in Haiti dispute her comments because there is no problem. Course, if you haven't eaten or had anything to drink, you would do whatever possible you could to put food or water in your mouth. There is really no reason to have so many US troops in Haiti.

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Posted in: Netanyahu demands Israeli presence in West Bank See in context

If there is a two state solution, then Palestine should be recognized as a sovereign nation. Under the current situation of the Palestinians who are being treated worse than animals in a cage. Additionally, Israel continues confiscating land that is privately owned by Palestinians. Recently the Arab-Israelis are losing their status and their homes are being confiscated in Jerusalem. Pressure should be put on the Israelis to start complying with the UN Resolutions that the US Government always vetoes.

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Posted in: What do you think of the international response so far to the Haiti earthquake? See in context

"Doctors without borders", is a very effective organization and will be of great assistance in helping the Haitians. I believe China was the first developing country to send a good size contingent of personnel to help in the disaster. Thanks to all the countries who have pledged to donate monies and/or people to help in the rescue efforts of the Haitians. The only regrets are the dead bodies were stacked up blocking roads because some of the Haitians believed aid wasn't quick enough. The other problem is the looting that's taking place.

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