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Posted in: Athlete surveillance warnings cloud China's Winter Olympics See in context


I agree but it is sadly probably better than than many other news outlets. At least we get a few people here who don't swallow the propaganda hook-line-and-sinker and can have some discussions about it.

This one probably just falls under the purview of "Whatever people accuse China of doing, they are actually doing thesmelves".. See the stories of US govt asking WhatsApp to monitor their citizens.

Honestly though, what do athletes expect to be doing that the government would even care about?

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Posted in: China mulls in-person event to mark normalization of ties with Japan See in context

Nice gesture and all, but probably not the time to be holding face-to-face events of any type. In any other time this wouldn't even warrant a news story, honestly.

Hold a ceremony by all means, but I think most attendance could easily be done virtually.

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Posted in: Japan, France seek to deepen security ties amid China's rise See in context


You are 100% right but I think it is a big ask for a group of nations that are so used to being the dominant force that can do whatever they want with the world to take a back seat.

The old guard superpowers would sooner engage in another Cold War than cede any ground willingly.

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Posted in: Exiled artist Ai Weiwei on Beijing Games See in context

@Joe Blow

I don't really agree with much of what he said here, or much of what he has said in the past, but I can take a stab at the two points you raised since he is actually pretty right about those.

How is the West more hypocritical on human rights than China is? He sounds like Xi there.

Should be patently obvious. At a government level countries like the United States clamor about unproved human rights abuses in China while turning a blind eye to those openly perpetrated by their ally against the Palestinian people (This admittedly is at least getting some traction among the public, finally). They wax poetic about the threat China poses to Taiwan, while bombing multiple countries on a daily basis.

Could go on and on about domestic issues in many western countries, I would not want to imagine living in the US as a minority. Nevermind things like sanctions that are still levied on many countries.

No country in the world is blameless of things like this, but it is very hypocritical to try to claim a moral high ground when you are one of the worst offenders.

And to say China doesn't care about the boycott? Of course they do, China is a face culture and being roundly snubbed on the world stage is the biggest loss of face. 

I agree to the extent that think they would care more if it were a real boycott, but it isn't. Countries are still sending athletes and boycotting countries are STILL sending diplomats and dignitaries, just....separately. It's transparent pandering.

I don't think they SHOULD care either way, but that is the way it seems to be paning out.

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Posted in: China's Xi rejects 'Cold War mentality,' pushes cooperation See in context

which all comes at a price

Hey, we got the meme!

Seriously though, what cost? Better relations between them and China? Regardless it doesn't change the fact that lives are concretely improved rather than exploited by these infrastructure changes.

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Posted in: Netflix increases U.S., Canada prices with competition growing See in context

I unsubbed from Netflix a while ago and don't miss it. It had a huge breadth of stuff that was mostly not great. The only streaming service I use these days is Apple TV+. A pretty limited selection but almost everything on there is phenomenal.


I know it used to be the case that Netflix in Japan actually had the biggest library, having most of what the US market had plus more on top. Not sure if that is still the case.

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Posted in: China orders overseas mail disinfection over Omicron fears See in context

I do wonder how much it is from the mail and how much it is from workers/sailors at these ports. Still, if those are high risk areas it makes sense to take every precaution possible as long as other measures aren't being disregarded too.

Unless/until the rest of the world gets their act together, countries with strict measures are going to have to keep maintaining them.

The best thing to do is still cancel the Olympics, but I think they got backed into a corner on that one. They can't realistically cancel them now even if they wanted to.

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Posted in: China's Xi rejects 'Cold War mentality,' pushes cooperation See in context


You aren't wrong necessarily, but I think there is hope for revolutionary movements in any country to change that. You are right that those would have to come first though, because a pre-revolutionary USA would never allow it to happen.

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Posted in: China drops plans to sell Olympic tickets to public as virus cases rise See in context

If you have to hold them, should be a foregone conclusion at this point not to allow spectators.

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Posted in: China's Xi rejects 'Cold War mentality,' pushes cooperation See in context

Couldn't agree more and China is truly leading by example here. Of course they are supporting a lot of their neighbors in vaccinations, which is great, but not only that.

They have been engaging in diplomacy around the world by building out the infrastructure of nations, which is sadly a pretty novel concept. Not only is it highlighting a compassion that capitalists struggle to understand, but it is simply effective diplomacy. Countries are way more keen to work with an ally that spends their money building up infrastructure to help the lives of every day citizens rather than an ally who just sends you a military force (That you need to pay for anyway).

Or worse, the diplomacy of sanctions and bombs. Look at Laos. Chinese diplomacy gave them a new train system, American 'diplomacy' was just constant bombings. Not a big surprise who they sided with.

The real catch here is that it doesn't even have to be a competition. If America could swallow their pride and propaganda, China would probably be willing to work with them in a heartbeat. Imagine a world where two of the biggest global superpowers worked together to improve everyone's lives.

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Posted in: Police escorts, hazmat suits - welcome to Beijing's Olympic bubble See in context


People are unable to admit anything positive about China, because the propaganda machine is VERY good at what it does. People like things black/white, it is easy. It is why "but at what cost!?" needs to be appended to every positive story regarding China.

China is doing it as well as anyone can expect. If you are going to hold an event like this, these are exactly the kinds of precautions that need to be taken.

I am still a little bit disappointed in China going ahead with them though. I am supportive of a lot of Chinese policy normally, but think holding any major international events is premature and was really hoping China would be the country that would make a stand against the IOC.

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Posted in: Most of Japan’s new adults hope to fall in love and get married, according to recent survey See in context

Except I think they feel like they have to get married and not that they want to get married.

This is a really key point, a lot of this is people thinking they have to follow that lifescript. I definitely know people, and not just in Japan, who got married because they felt obligated to. Or, even worse, had kids because they were "supposed to".

It should go without saying, but neither are required or should be expected from anyone; being childfree and/or unmarried are perfectly reasonable. Especially given the prohibitive costs of weddings here, unless you have massive amounts of disposable income if you ARE going to get married just sign the paperwork and be done with it.

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Posted in: Firefighter docked pay for making over a million yen from game streaming See in context

The only justification for this would be if he was streaming during working hours at the fire station. Companies should have zero say in anything you do outside your assigned work hours.

The amount of control exerted by schools/companies in Japan has always seemed truly bizarre to me. Students not being allowed to buy a snack on the way home (???) or workers having to behave in certain ways outside the office.

I understand a code of conduct at the workplace, but the second I clock out that should be the end of my company's concern with me.

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context


There is NOTHING "sinophopic" about calling out Communist China over their genocide against minorities (worst since Nazi Germany), constant threats and warlike behaviour toward peaceful neighbors, and all other reprehensible behaviour this totalitarian state engages in.

Only collaborators would NOT voice opposition to Communist China.

Responding mostly for the sake of anyone that might come across this, even though I am sure I won't convince you.

You don't get to just claim a country is committing genocide without any proof. Satellite photos of school buildings is not genocide and are not "concentration camps". Schools where they are actually teaching in the minority language are not "cultural genocide" either. We don't live in an era where people can be willfully ignorant of these things either, in the age of readily available information we live in, surely there should be some hard evidence? Not just a handful of anecdotal accounts from people in a position to benefit from said accounts.

There has never in history been a genocide resulting in the actual growth of the minority group in question; they must be having a staggering amount of children.

Now if you have this evidence, please by all means share it. That would be a world-shattering breakthrough.

So yes, going full McCarthy and blacklisting everything that comes out of China for no other reason than because it's the CIA smear campaign of the week is absolutely sinophobic.

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Posted in: North Korea says it tested hypersonic missile See in context


No, as popular as that story was, it was a simple scorekeeping mistake caused by confusion between a relative-to-par scoring system (where par was 0 ) and a stroke-count scoring system.

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Posted in: North Korea says it tested hypersonic missile See in context


They have, they've done multiple weapons tests underground as well before. People aren't any happier about it.

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Posted in: End-of-life conversations can be hard, but your loved ones will thank you See in context

Definitely something you should have contingencies for, regardless of how much longer you think you have left to live.

Doesn't need to be a conversation though, having an up to date will is probably far more important. I hopefully still have many years left in me, but update my will annually just in case. Never know when the revolution comes. Or, you know, a bus.

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Posted in: IOC major sponsors mostly muted in runup to Beijing Olympics See in context

If the one good thing to come out of the sinophobic hysteria from the western world is the end of the Olympics wholesale, I suppose I will take it. It really isn't looking like it though. Sponsors would have pulled out or disavowed involvement by now if that were the case.

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Posted in: Married Japanese men and women rank the things they miss most about single life See in context

Incidentally, comments like this one

“Ever since having kids I’ve had no time to myself, and I’ve missed single life.” (Woman, 40s)

Make me wonder how much of this is missing single life and how much is actually regretting kids they never truly wanted. Especially with the expectation of one parent raising the kids. I know so many folks here that are so devoted to the lifescript it has never occurred to them that kids are optional and are not a requirement after getting married.

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Posted in: Do not help crashed Olympics vehicles, Beijing police warn See in context


I shouldn't need to explain this, but unless someone is in immediate danger of dying (like they are literally on fire) don't move them. You could exacerbate the injury if not outright kill them yourself. Call emergency services, and wait for actual responders to arrive. People without medical training playing hero can cause far more problems than they help. It doesn't matter if somebody is in agony and begging for you to help them, don't move injured people.

In the event that the situation calls for absolutely immediate assistance, the emergency personnel on the phone will instruct you what to do and walk you through it. Laws passed in China explicitly allow for this and absolve the care provider of liability should something go wrong. Same thing would probably apply here, you'd just have to submit to quarantine afterwards.

Again, this seems like just warning people to do what was already the procedure, just a reminder more than anything else.

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Posted in: Do not help crashed Olympics vehicles, Beijing police warn See in context

I get the added warning as a precaution, but how different is this from normal procedures?

If I see a crashed car, I am not going to try to pull somebody out of the wreckage myself and risk injuring somebody more. You call the ambulance and wait for them to do their job. Moving somebody injured in a car crash is extremely dangerous, and shouldn't be done regardless of a pandemic unless you are qualified.

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Posted in: Married Japanese men and women rank the things they miss most about single life See in context

If your activities are limited/can't spend money how you want, you probably need a second look at your relationship.

My partner and I keep separate finances, we split the big things like rent and utilities 50/50. We might confer on big purchases (new tv or computers) but otherwise spend our money on whatever we want. We have our own interests and while we sometimes enjoy doing things together we also have a lot of things we do separately.

Making your life entirely revolve around your partner might seem initially romantic but it's not healthy or sustainable.

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Posted in: Mask mandates imposed by governments and employers: Persecution or protection? See in context

Protection, but probably not how the survey means it.

Government Mandates- With some exceptions, they exist to try to get the economy back on track not for the good of the people. This does not apply to every country, but the countries willing to take an economic hit for the sake of their people are few indeed.

Work Mandates - Protection of the company itself. Practicality and PR. Again, virtually no job in the capitalist world gives a flip about any of their employees' well-being. If it was cost-effective for them to let staff die and replace them, they would be doing that instead but it would look bad for their brand.

In both cases, they do have beneficial side-effects of saving lives, but I don't for a second think that is the driving force.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan agree to keep troops on base to curb COVID spread See in context

They shouldn't really have had to reach a deal to begin with, Japan should have simply been able to tell the US troops. Sure the bases themselves are American territory, but the land outside them is not. Supposedly at least.

Then again, the Japanese government doesn't have the power to restrict their own citizens, so they legitimately not be able to do that for the same reasons.


Try saying that to a US MARINE in his face and see what happens lol

The implication here is that the US military is so poorly disciplined they'd strike a civilian for an insult? I mean, I don't disagree but I don't think that is the argument you wanted to be making.

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I appreciate quiet on my commute as well, but honestly this isn't a big problem I feel. Especially in the morning, 90% of people are going to the office so aren't exactly chatting with their neighbors. I wear headphones so it only bothers me if people are talking to the point where I can hear them over whatever I am listening to. Even then I can usually just move to another train car.

I have definitely experienced way worse in other countries.

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Posted in: How China is keeping to its strict 'zero COVID' strategy See in context

@Wick's Pencil

You are absolutely correct, people are quick to rake China over the coals for propaganda, ignoring the fact that every country has just as much. Sometimes even more absurd, but people just take it at face value.

As far as your question goes, the actual treatments aren't too far off the standard practices from my understanding. Vaccinations as possible (with four vaccine variants currently available as far as I am aware), with high-flow oxygen, ventilation, IV immunoglobulin, and plasma transfusions for reactive care.

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Posted in: How China is keeping to its strict 'zero COVID' strategy See in context

This applies for any story really, but goes doubly for anything about China (or Cuba, Vietnam, DPRK, etc.). Check your sources, always. Teng has had a history of being pretty hostile to China, so take that with a grain of salt. Still, facts can only be bent so far.

The key takeaways from the article should be that China has managed to keep deaths extremely low , which is true, and that they have actually grown their economy in spite of everything. Their model is definitely shaping up to be among the most effective.

Anything more isn't really up to them at this point anymore. Unless they want to close all borders entirely, there is a degree of dependence on the rest of the world to do the right thing. If everyone had jumped on top of things as quickly as places like China or New Zealand, we wouldn't be where we are now.

Now I still don't think they, or anyone else, should be hosting the Olympics during the pandemic. No matter how well they've handled things so far, it just seems to be inviting trouble.

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

Easiest solution was the first comment here, just make all bathrooms unisex. There's no functional reason that bathrooms need to be separated, nobody [should be] walking around naked. Can't say I have ever seen anything that would be inappropriate in a public restroom in my life. Even if somebody needs to change, you wouldn't do that smack dab in the middle of the room anyway.

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Posted in: Over 500 people taken to hospitals in Tokyo after falling due to snow See in context

I know snow isn't the most common thing in Tokyo, but it is also not unheard of. Yet every time, I swear people here have never seen snow in their life. I always see people pouring hot water on their front steps like they totally forgot how ice is formed. My building manager was doing the same thing this morning (Yes, I explained why it is a bad idea).

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Posted in: Olympic chiefs urge Beijing participants to be extra vigilant See in context


I would guess zero, unless somebody is dumb enough to try instigating something while they are there. In which case I don't think they will be missed by many if they were detained for breaking the law.

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