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Posted in: New Zealand to apologize for 'racist' historic police raids in 1970s See in context

Okay, help me work through this. Say I'm a copper working on immigration violations and an informant passes on intel that a bunch of Samoan illegals have gone to ground in the local Samoan community. Not knowing exactly where the illegals are, I instruct my team to go door-to-door in the Samoan community to root them out. Should I go rousting the Chinese and Indians too justto make up the numbers?

If your only course of action is "whelp, better interrogate everyone of this race until we found out who did it" you are REALLY bad at your job. The solution isn't to roust everyone equally, it is to actually do detective work without bothering every honest citizen in the process.

Not to mention, these weren't polite "Excuse me, have you seen anyone matching the following description?" type interrogations by all accounts.

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Posted in: ANA begins on-site vaccination; JAL to start on Monday See in context

My company started vaccinations for employees this week too, I don't know the logistics of how we secured the vaccines honestly, but I know we have doctors on payroll.

I will get my first shot on Thursday. Which, great news for me, but it still feels like the government is really dropping the ball here if the only people that can get vaccinated work at large companies.

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Posted in: Historic Asakusa shopping street in danger as Taito Ward calls for shop evictions See in context

I am definitely in the camp of making them pay their taxes for the land at the current going rate, but not to evict them.

I do wonder why this is coming up now of all times, if this is a persistent issue for literal generations.

The only case I could see for the eviction is if there is more to this story than we see. If the government has been unsuccessfully trying to get them to pay taxes for years, then sure it makes sense to evict them.

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Posted in: Main Tokyo vaccination center to offer shots to younger people See in context

Good news, way too late but at least some centers and workplaces seem to FINALLY be getting on it. My company just secured enough vaccine/doctor for all of our staff to be vaccinated starting next week (for those who want it). Sure I will be vaccinated months after everyone I know in other countries, but at least it is finally getting out there.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 board talks about vaccines, but not a word on further delay See in context

"These Games are very much a symbol of the whole world emerging from this terrible, global pandemic," she said. "

Except we aren't. If this was being held next year and vaccinations were immensely ramped up worldwide, MAYBE. Some regions are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Japan isn't one of them, but even then holding a global event of this magnitude just seems insane and tempting fate.

If you break your leg, you don't go running a marathon the day you get your cast off.

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Posted in: Half of Japanese people think Olympics will be held this summer: poll See in context


50% thinking it will be held does not mean 50% think it should be held.

You can think something WILL happen without thinking it SHOULD happen.

I am strongly against the Olympics being held, but I seriously doubt they will be cancelled at this point, the window for that to happen has realistically already passed.

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Posted in: Japan considers vaccinating all 70,000 Tokyo Games volunteers See in context

Oh I am glad they are considering it. At this rate, once the proposal goes through all the proper channels, meetings, and commitees, Japan will be all ready to vaccinate their volunteers by the next time they hold the Olympics.

Incidentally, that will be about the same time they finish vaccinating the general population anyway.

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Posted in: Apple faces employee resistance in office return plan: report See in context

Meanwhile in Japan most of us have been cramming into the same crowded trains every morning, 5-6 days a week, since the pandemic went down.

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Posted in: FDA approves much-debated Alzheimer’s drug panned by experts See in context

I get the strong push for any kind of treatment, even if ineffectual. Alzheimer's is about the most terrifying thing I can think of, as even with any other physically debilitating disease at least you always have your mind. Losing that, I would sooner die. If I was in the early stages of Alzheimer's I too would push for any kind of treatment I could get, even if the side effect was death that would be (personally) preferable for me.

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Posted in: Nike commercial about gender inequality in Japan receives backlash online See in context

Hats off to Nike on this one, I've never really used their products because I am not exactly the exercising type, but I would almost want to start. I don't think it is a big surprise to people who live here how far Japan has to go in terms of gender equality. It has certainly improved over the years, but it still has a LOT of growing to do in that arena. Lots of comments from people who seem to equate inequality with culture (even if it is, that isn't the type of culture we should be preservering) highlight how pervasive this problem still is.

I am not pro-capitalist by any stretch, but every so often a company's pursuit of profits does end up pushing forward good things, and those moments should be celebrated.

@Joe Blow

If they want to compete in the same arena, why not? These women aren't asking for special treatment, they are already playing on all men's teams.

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Posted in: Half of Japanese people think Olympics will be held this summer: poll See in context

I am pretty sure they will, my company is partnered with them for some things and everything is full steam ahead. There's not even really discussion over what to do if they are cancelled because there is so much confidence it will go ahead.

I don't think they SHOULD be held, but they are being held almost certainly.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of boyfriend See in context

I could almost buy a "I didn't meant to kill him argument" with a singular stabbing in the heat of the moment, and then realising what you did. Multiple stabbings? Maybe not premediated, but definitely murderous intent.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 235 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,278 See in context


I know! If only the rest of the world had figured out the virus is purely nocturnal and can't affect you during crowded morning commutes because it is still asleep.

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Posted in: What are the ethics of giving back money that doesn't belong to you? See in context

Any amount that has a good chance of going missing and/or is feasible to track down, I would absolutely return or turn over to the authorities. That includes large sums of money, credit cards, or any sum of money in a wallet (especialyl if there was ID attached).

Something like a 100 or 500 yen coin lying on the ground? I would probably keep, it is exceptionally unlikely the original owner would even notice it missing or try to report it, and even less likely they would do so in the right area. The exception would be if I saw someone actually drop it, I would try to chase them down probably.

In the case of a mistaken transaction, I almost always go back to try to correct the transaction. Not that I particularly care for the finances of the 7/11 that undercharged me, but I don't want it taken out on the cashier who made the mistake.

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Posted in: Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief See in context

I don't believe them for a second, but assuming we take them 100% at their word (ha!) and believe that all these measures are sufficient and will actually be followed and somehow this doesn't result in ANYONE dying.

How does this STILL not go down in history as the worst Olympics ever? No crowds, no cheering, no ability for the athletes to enjoy themselves or their host country, several teams likely not even showing. I know that the money is the big (only) driving force here, but surely having the distinction of being the host of the worst Olympics ever held has to be worth something?

Years from now, people will use Tokyo as the barometer for bad events, that is not a good PR/tourism look. "Yeah, that was a pretty bad Olympics, but at least it wasn't Tokyo 2020".

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Posted in: Are you in favor of vaccination passports for international travel? See in context


Let us say we accept your totally insane premise that vaccines injure/cause death in all but the rarest cases (which are the cases we need everyone else vaccinated against, to protect them).

You absolutely have the choice to opt out of society if you don't want to take a vaccine. You do not have the right to opt out of society and still benefit from the parts you like.

Somebody can opt out of having to get a license, but they choose to never [legally] drive. You can't complain the government is infringing on your rights by not letting you drive unlicensed. If you opt out of the vaccine, you are as much a risk to people around you as an unlicensed driver is to those cars around them and shouldn't be allowed in public flights.

Could an argument be made for chartered flights and/or personal aircraft? Maybe, but I don't think many folks railing against vaccines are in those camps.

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Posted in: COVID vaccines to be available to all under 65 in Japan at same time See in context

The year is 2125.

Japan has finally finished vaccinating their population and re-opens their borders to the world. The once thriving economy is in shambles. Foreign investment has dwindled to nothing and most large companies have withdrawn. Most of the world has forgotten why Japan had closed their borders, as the virus has long since been eradicated on the rest of the planet.

But at least they will always have the "2020" Olympics.

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Posted in: Court rules restrictions on transgender official's use of women's toilet legal See in context


Different terms, one relates to gender and one relates to sexuality. Different concepts. One could be cisgender and homosexual for instance, or transgendered and heterosexual.

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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context


I entirely agree that families should be able to support their child themselves before they have one, but in the next breath you say they should be exempt from income tax?

That would literally be childfree families supporting you, which goes against the previous sentiment. I would not be surprised if people started having kids solely for the reason of avoiding tax. I do not nor ever want children, but I still think that having kids for any reason except really wanting them is flawed.

Sidenote, if you do really want them, maybe adopt first before making even more.

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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context


I am not sure I see the point. Less babies IS good for the planet, some places continuing to have high birthrates does not invalidate that. You don't just go "oh well, they are having tons of kids over there, so may as well join in!".

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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context

Great news, even with a declining birthrate, Japan (and the world) continues to be overpopulated. We could use far fewer children. Honestly, the single best thing an individual can do for the environment is not have kids.

The problem isn't people having fewer kids, the problem is an economic system predicated on constant and infinite population growth within finite resources. It is impossible for that to be sustained. The problem the government (and this isn't just Japan) needs to address is not how to get people to have kids, but how to implement more forward thinking economic models.

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Posted in: Scientists restore partial sight in blind man See in context

Really exciting research that will hopefully benefit many people in the future, but probably not cheap either, sadly.

Would be interesting to see how it would work for somebody born blind, but I would guess not at all without the kind of neuron development required from an early age.

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Posted in: Rights group urges Japan to update law on changing gender See in context

The amount of regressive attitudes here is pretty staggering, but I suppose that just means we run the gamut of beliefs here.

I think most people should be able to agree that forced sterilization and a psych eval are incredibly intrusive, dehumanizing, and an affront to basic human rights that needs to be addressed even if you don't support trans rights. What if it were proposed that anyone identifying as a conservative would need a psych eval first before they could register? Does that seem nearly as benign to you? Honestly it would still make more sense to do that, since at least that one is a choice.

This isn't even a particularly extreme ask, they aren't even asking for widespread acceptance, just to stop treating them worse than sexual predators are treated.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games cancelation likely to cost Japan ¥1.81 tril: Nomura See in context

I would say that is a fair trade for saving lives, and worth paying out to save potentially thousands. However, I am all but certain some economist has actually crunched the cost-benefit analysis over the average cost of a worker's life vs the economy, and how many people are "acceptable" to lose over the Olympics.

It is cold and depressing, but I am sure those are the numbers the government is poring over. How many people could die and still be profitable for them in the long run.

The only way they'd cancel at this point is if they think they'd lose more money by holding them.

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Posted in: 100% plant-based veggie wraps curb food waste and add color to dishes See in context

I am all for reducing food-waste, but there are easier solutions.

For example, allow us to buy "imperfect" produce at the market, for a reduced price. I don't need a pack of absolutely perfect grapes for 1000 yen. It's driven me to eat almost no fruit since I have moved to Japan, except bananas and mikan.

The obsession with every vegetable and fruit being picture perfect is absolutely ridiculous and a way bigger issue.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 542 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,903 See in context


That is incredibly optimistic. Aren't we not even at 3M fully vaccinated (second shot complete two weeks ago)? I would be floored if Japan could get that to 5M pre-Olympics, nevermind 50.

Just checked, and fully vaccinated we are at...2%. A bit higher on first doses (7% I believe).

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Posted in: Japan to impose 10-day quarantine on travelers from India, 5 other countries See in context

Did I miss the memo that the incubation period is shorter for Japanese nationals? Is it because of their longer colons?

Seriously, even the "extended" quarantine periods are not long enough and the pre-extended ones are laughable.

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Posted in: Premium melons go for ¥2.7 mil at auction See in context

You can't have a post-pandemic recovery in the middle of a pandemic. Please don't tell me the messaging in Japan is going to shift to "Job well done guys, pandemic is over! Fruit time!" before they even seriously start vaccinating.

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Posted in: Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31 See in context

New SoE, just as toothless and ineffective as the last one. I feel like Japan's only real action during the pandemic has been declaring State of Emergencies that do absolutely nothing, and then wondering why that doesn't help the situation.

Just calling something a state of emergency doesn't make it one. Everyday I commute as normal on a packed train that is probably a figurative petri dish. Companies can't close without government support/enforcement of remote work policies. I go home and I see restaurants just as crowded (or moreso) as before the pandemic, even if I haven't set foot in one.

A SoE emergency declaration needs actual weight behind it. A good start would be canceling the Olympics

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species See in context


LGBT couples can and do have children as well. It does not necessitate a childfree lifestyle. Nor does being straight preclude a childfree lifestyle.

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