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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn boy flushed down toilet See in context

At 25 weeks, there was no virtually no way that was going to be a successful birth. Even in a state of the art hospital, that is around a 50% survival rate at best. That is going to plummet to basically 0 for a home birth. Different story if this was a full-term pregnancy, but it was barely half of one.

This was basically a miscarriage that this poor woman is going to be raked over the coals for, despite probably feeling terrible already. Her identity should 100% not be published unless some actual crime was proved to be committed, which I am just not seeing.

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Posted in: Apple's next iPhone mirrors last year's, adds more storage See in context

Might be in for one of those, but I would love a new iPhone mini. Apparently they didn't do that well though, which is a shame. The trend towards larger and larger phones is something I hate; if I wanted a tablet I would buy a tablet.

I don't update annually, I am still on an iPhone 10, but every few years it's usually worth it. Makes the incremental differences feel way more significant too.

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Posted in: Chinese property giant Evergrande under 'tremendous pressure' See in context

This seems like the three red lines actually working as intended, preventing real estate firms from borrowing into [further] oblivion.

I don't have much sympathy for companies in general, but especially those that went under by overborrowing, especially when those funds are wasted.

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Posted in: Fate of California Gov Newsom hangs on recall vote See in context

California has been turned into third-world socialist country, thanks to Democrats. Same with New York. Their poisonous policies have been bad for all.

Actual ML checking in here, I wish that were the case but Cali is extremely far from socialist still. There are socialist policies, like in every state, but those have existed for ages and are nothing new.

No fear for you, the US democratic party has little to no chance of ever being an actual socialist movement, it is far too conservative for that. If even the slightest left-leaning politicians surfaces, they get quickly stomped down before they can threaten the status quo (See: Sanders). An actual leftist would never get the time of day from the party.

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Posted in: No. of Japan's centenarians hits record 86,500 See in context


Same, as long as I am mentally sound and [relatively] physically capable, I am content to live as long as possible. As soon as one of those starts going, I hope to be making my exit asap. Hopefully by the time I reach that add, we have progressed in both medical care and euthanasia acceptance that we are able to live longer lives before choosing when they end.


The rest of the world should be eating Japanese cuisine as much as possible, so lifespans can increase everywhere.

I've heard this before, but I am not entirely sold on the Japanese diet being the reason for this. While a traditional Japanese diet isn't the worst, stomach cancer is one of the leading causes of death for a reason and I see plenty of unhealthy Japanese food. Food tends very heavily towards being sweet.

I would say the biggest contributor is the health-check system (and more readily available health coverage) wherein basically every person is getting a pretty comprehensive physical every year. Possible health issues are caught pretty well in advance, which is very significant. The amount of walking the average person does helps too I am sure, but I am willing to give most of this one to the doctors.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea call on N Korea to return to arms talks See in context


NK are not going to give up their nukes.

I can think of very few nations that, in the face of an enemy with nuclear weapons, would give up their own nuclear arsenal. Not saying it is impossible, but that is akin to putting down your weapon first in a standoff. It's why that whole arms race has occured.

Especially given the respective track records. I don't see what would actually get NK to disarm short of the US doing so first or having its own revolution. Neither which seem likely to me in my lifetime.

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Posted in: Fate of California Gov Newsom hangs on recall vote See in context

Not particularly keen on Newsome, if he had an actual leftist challenger I would be singing a very different tune. For the most part, he is a personification of the [many] issues I have with Democrats. Still, the recall seems to be mostly unjustified and this doesn't put me in camp Elder, who is impressively somehow worse.

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Posted in: Chinese students hit by U.S. visa rejections See in context


Devil's advocate a bit, but there is a lot of merit to study abroad even if your home country's education system is very good. Aside from the academics, there is a lot to be gained by the inherent cultural study too. Just because a student studies abroad doesn't mean their home country's system is lacking.

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Posted in: Human rights groups around the world are urging the International Olympic Committee to rescind its decision to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and that countries boycott the Games over China's human rights violations of more than a million Uyghur Muslims. Do you support such a call? See in context

Depends on the reasoning, but based on the IOC's own logic, probably not.

Should they be cancelled if COVID is still a big issue by then, as likely will be the case? Yes, though they probably won't since they didn't cancel Tokyo. Both should be for public health concerns.

Should they for humans rights abuses? Probably not. Not that I support human rights abuse, but because the IOC is supposedly an apolitical organization that is not the arbiter of these things. It seems like an incredible double standard to ban an athlete for making a political stand about the occupation of Palestine, and then make their own vs China. Would an athlete agreeing with the IOC's own stance be in violation of their rules?

If they want to make a political stand and boycott China, more power to them, but then they shouldn't ban athletes who do the same. They can't have it both ways.

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Posted in: Japan's main opposition party vows to realize separate surname option See in context

@Rolf Anderson

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan is not only anti-marriage, thus also anti-family, they are bosom buddies with the Communist Party.

Are you trying to sell me on the CDPJ even more? That is a glowing review from my eyes.

Seriously though, this is just a simple overdue change to make. It is ridiculous it took this long or even needs to be a political position anyone has to take at all.

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Posted in: Smartphones make porn addiction a growing problem See in context


I think it depends what you mean by addiction, but I would argue absolutely anything can be an addiction, in the terms of mental addiction. See gambling, most commonly. People can become mentally addicted to basically anything, even work. There can be physical elements to it, such as the dopamine hit, but also just from forming certain habits.

Physical addiction is another thing altogether, ala caffeine or alcohol.

I don't think there is any real physical addiction to pornography, but mental...sure, same as anything else. There is no way we can possibly deal with everything people could become addicted to, we would have to live in a box with zero stimulus. Instead we need to look at ways to help people identify and best manage these addictions.

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Posted in: Algerian judoka banned for 10 years for refusing Tokyo Olympic bout See in context

Got to say, having the conviction to follow through with a protest even if it can be career-ending to you is admirable. Knowing some things are way more important than your sport, even if it has been your livelihood.

This also probably ultimately highlights the protest more than if it were just glossed over too, so it only really reinforces their position.

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Posted in: Drill to catch attacker See in context

Without a forward notice, warning, don’t think police generally have big sticks in their pockets.

To be fair, they have them at the koban, which ARE located right by stations usually.

Presumably if they got a call about this kind of attack, they'd grab their sticks as they went to respond to the call. If they just happened to be on patrol that wouldn't be any help, but you wouldn't have this many police on site then.

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Posted in: Art, terror and erections show VR potential at Venice See in context

@William Bjornson

There have been different forms of suits with haptic feedback already, they are a bit unwieldy as it stands but they do work. A far cry from the sleek wetsuits you might see in a SF film, closer to taping a bunch of game controllers to yourself. Still, that kind of prototype is already coming along.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted rape of sleeping woman in her apartment See in context


I am pretty sure we are in the same boat regarding the benefits of legalized prostitution/better protections thereof. Where we maybe differ is I don't think pornography itself is inherently the problem either.

Obviously illegally obtain pornography should be illegal, and there absolutely is a discussion to be had about better monitoring of such practices (such as recent issues a big name hub site recently have had). It is why I have long been an advocate of content creators being able to upload things themselves, via services like OnlyFans. It helps democratize the process and is a lot less open, though not immune to, exploitation I feel. It is far less likely the creator is being exploited in a situation where they are managing the account themselves.

Maybe a little bit tangential here though, as we don't know what sparked this particular person to these actions. It may be a much more relevant conversation if we find out the police raided his house and found a hard-drive full of voyeuristic pornography.

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Posted in: Art, terror and erections show VR potential at Venice See in context

I think it's a really cool medium, but one that a lot of filmmakers and game developers haven't quite grasped yet. Abdalla is absolutely correct that you need the right kind of project for it to work, you can't just make everything VR and call it a day. It's why we got a lot of on rails first person shooters early on in VR's lifespan, because they were the most intuitive to put together.

Likewise, I am not surprised pornography is thriving in VR because it doesn't take a whole lot of creativity to figure out how that one will work.

You have to be really aware that some people don't take to VR easily, VR-sickness is a real thing and it took me a couple months to stop feeling nauseous playing certain games. Anything where you take the autonomy of movement away from the viewer is going to cause a severe reaction in most people. It also creates issue with longer form video because some people can't take it without feeling sick for the length of say...a feature film.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted rape of sleeping woman in her apartment See in context

@Legrande I know you have an ongoing agenda against sex work for whatever reason, but the solution to those problems is more acceptance (not less) of sex work, so that sex workers can get the kind of protection that they should have always had.

Not the problem in this case either way.

Much like rape is often about power more than sexuality, I would wager that this guy was more into the excitement of peeping and not getting caught, which he probably couldn't replicate elsewhere. Glad he was caught though. At the absolute least I hope he won't be working in a university environment anymore.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for new type of capitalism to address income, social gaps See in context

@fxgai Not entirely sure if you are being facetious or sincere, but I would say Cuba is absolutely a success story.

In spite of crippling economic sanctions they have drastically improved education (up to a 99% literacy rate), access to housing, potable water, and other basic living improvements. Nevermind an absolutely incredible healthcare system that trumps rich countries like the US, with even lower infant mortality rates, while managing to send doctors around the world to help others. There is a reason it is said that Cuba's chief exports are doctors.

The difference between pre and post revolutionary Cuba is night and day. Imagine a Cuba that wasn't sanctioned half to death.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for new type of capitalism to address income, social gaps See in context

The switch to centralised control didn't work too well in the Soviet Union or other Communist States.

I disagree wholeheartedly, the switch to centralised control was actually a massive boom for Soviet economic growth, they grew much much faster during that time period. The issue they ran into was being forced into an arms race they couldn't afford against an already more established economy in the US. That they grew as effectively as they did is a testament to the system, not a condemnation.

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Posted in: Statue of Robert E Lee comes down in Virginia capital See in context

Takeda said it best here I think, we put statues up to honor and venerate a historical figure. Nobody looks at a statue of a figure they don't know and goes "Oh, that is who that is, I got it now!". They aren't educational objects. Maybe an accompanying plague, but you can leave that and get the same educational value.

Comparing it to book-burning isn't accurate because books inherently convey information. I will be on the conservative side if they start censoring Lee out of textbooks, because yes we should learn about the evil figures of the Civil war, but we don't need statues to do that.

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Posted in: NHK praised for deaf interpreter use in Tokyo Games ceremony broadcasts See in context


That's tricky because language is cultural as well as communicative. You can often tell a good amount about a culture just by studying the language and the ways it is used. In a similar fashion we don't have a singular world spoken language (even if there are a few that are the most prevalent).

Not saying it would be impossible, but I feel like any kind of universal sign would be a secondary language for most people.

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Posted in: Japanese chain CoCoIchi making inroads in curry's toughest market See in context

Sure, why not. It strikes me as similar to why some american chinese food has popped up in China, it is so far from authentic that it has become its own food. Not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you know what you are getting.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for new type of capitalism to address income, social gaps See in context

A new type of capitalism you say? Can I recommend...not capitalism? It's not just a Japan problem either.

If your concern is the gap between classes, which is an absolutely reasonable concern, there's no capitalistic system that can truly work to totally level off the income gap disparity, as long as you have a class that solely profits off of others' labour. Capitalism is based entirely off the exploitation of that class. You can't have a "new capitalism" if you still have a class that appropriates the labour of others for their profit.

A stopgap system is a social democracy like some northern european countries exhibit, but that is really only a band-aid on the underlying problems. Still, it would be an improvement over what Japan has now, so any movement in that direction would be a positive one. I am not holding my breath for any real revolutionary movements in Japan in my lifetime.

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Posted in: NHK praised for deaf interpreter use in Tokyo Games ceremony broadcasts See in context

Clarification of a point, since I see some commentators missing it and wondering why NHK is being praised for using sign language. My kneejerk reaction was the same. That isn't the part that is being praised.

They are being praised for using specifically deaf interpreters to convey sign language, which is fed to them from a non-deaf interpreter who is translating the original broadcast. The much more common practice is using the non-deaf interpreter directly, which can be harder for people who don't know Japanese to begin with (for example, people born hearing impaired).

This functionally is a two step translation. Spoken Japanese - MCJ - JSL. It lets the viewer have a native in their language as an interpreter.

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Posted in: Indonesia prison fire kills 41 inmates; 80 hospitalized See in context

Overcrowded prisons because of too many people rounded up for drug-use.

Whatever could be done to fix this problem? Stop putting people in prison for victimless crimes you say? Pshaw! Oh well, guess there is no solution, carry on!

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Posted in: Tips for smokers in 21st century Japan See in context

Honestly if you still smoke and aren't angling to quit, it is probably a handy article to know where smoking is permissible, because it is the opposite of a lot of places I have traveled to. Not to mention it has changed immensely in the years I have been here. You used to have smoking areas on train station platforms when I first came.

I am in a weird hybrid situation of not smoking anymore, but still actively seeking out smoking areas to vape in (incidentally the only way I have successfully quit smoking). While it is not always subject to the same restrictions as smoking, people are unfamiliar enough with it here that I only do it in areas which also allow smoking or specifically vape shops. Given it is a lot more prevalent overseas, it could be good to know when tourism starts to become possible again.

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Posted in: Ex-lawmaker Akimoto gets 4-year jail term over casino graft See in context

Akimoto, who has since left the ruling party, was also found guilty of offering bribes to his former advisors to make false testimony in court to cover up his wrongdoing.

I feel like that's the part that really got him in hot water, taking bribes is pretty much par for the profession here, but no court is going to appreciate tampering like this. Probably could have got off way lighter if he didn't have that added in.

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Posted in: Man gets 9 years in prison for fatal assault of 9-month-old daughter See in context

Kura has “promised to undergo rehabilitation.”

Is there much recourse for that in Japan? My understanding is that the Japanese prison system tends to follow the US model and is mostly concerned with punishment, not rehabilitation.

Nevermind the limited framework for rehabilitation and therapy of any form here, criminal or otherwise. Really would like to know what kind of programs are in place for this, if any.

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

Helix, the problem with that mindset is that it isn't something that affects you only as an individual. It is a public health concern. You don't defeat diseases with selective vaccinations.

Declining blood transfusions on religious grounds is a dumb thing to do, but hey you have that right to make the free choice. Nobody is hurt by your decision except yourself (unless you force it on your kids, but that's another argument).

Think of it like smoking. Yes smoking or not is a personal choice, but by choosing to smoke you actively hurt those around you regardless of whether they made the same choice or not. This is why smoking has been banned in so many public areas.

If the rules of biology changed overnight and vaccinations benefited nobody but yourself, then sure I would say every anti-vaxxer can go out and choose not to be vaccinated. That isn't how it works though.

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Posted in: Japan’s oldest McDonald’s worker defies age barriers, inspires everyone at the age of 93 See in context

I...find this more depressing than inspirational, honestly.

I get wanting to be active post-retirement, but to do so by working for a faceless conglomerate that can't possibly care about you seems like the ultimate picture of late-stage capitalism. I can think of at least a dozen things that would be a better way to stay active.

Speculative, but I can't help but feel this is one of those cases where Japan has so conditioned somebody to work every minute of their life that they don't know how to actually retire. Maybe I am wrong and he is truly passionate about this work, but I just find that hard to believe.

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