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Posted in: Japan's nuclear industry growing, but slower than government hoped See in context

GOOD! Hopefully it will slow down even more and ALL the government targets are never met! The nuclear industry should be shut down permanently!

In my opinion, there is no acceptable risk with them here.

And where, praytell, do you propose Japan gets it's energy from? Green energy is great, but we aren't at the point where it can supply the entirety of Japan's energy needs. Coal and the like is even more dangerous than options such as nuclear.

Properly maintained (this is very important) and modern nuclear reactors are pretty much our most efficient and safest option. Yes, even in the wake of something terrible like Fukushima. Emotionally I realise that is a hard swallow for some, but stepping back and looking at it rationally, it is our best bet. Reactors should not be allowed to be as outdated as some of the reactors that Japan had been running, and even those older designs required an absolute perfect storm of circumstances to cause the catastrophe.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Then remove the Class A and B war criminals from Yasukuni

Doesn't work that way, insofar as Shintoism is concerned. Just their bodies aren't interred there, their kami/spirits are (assuming you believe in that sort of thing). Supposedly once interred these cannot be just transferred to another place. This has come up before, when a wife petitioned to have her husband moved from Yasukuni after he was interred there and the shrine could not honour that request.

This is all assuming you believe any of that belief structure, but that would be the reason presented for why it isn't that simple. I don't, and I generally think it is a massive mountain being made out of a molehill from both camps.

Since Yasukuni inters all war dead who died for Japan, not simply WW2 war criminals, there is no real way to separate these. Of course you could argue that the war criminals should never have been interred to begin with, and that would be a fair argument, but they were so there isn't much to do about it at this point. I think the concession that current PMs make of generally not visiting the shrine is already a pretty substantial one. Imagine if countries demanded that the United States president stop visiting Arlington Cemetery. Nobody interred there is as guilty of heinous crimes, at least from the American perspective, but it would be a demand that would probably not be followed regardless.

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Posted in: There is a tendency to think that a Western-style diet increases the risk of death. However, it is in fact desirable to consume a moderate amount of meat and dairy products, as they are a source of protein, in addition to eating healthy items such as vegetables and soybean products. See in context

Ashish, there are a lot of problems with The China Study.  If somebody wants to be vegetarian, go ahead, but it's not a good source to say that people should objectively be vegetarian. 

For example, the study makes no distinction between raw or cooked foods, and relative health benefits.  Nor does the study note a difference between things like commercial mass-produced meat and free range or otherwise organically sourced meat.  Those are pretty big oversights.

Additionally, the study is rife with Campbell obviously having a preconceived agenda.  He focused on anything that confirms his hypothesis and ignores anything that contradicts it, which is not remotely how one should conduct science.  A good scientist is open to being proved wrong.  For example, Campbell's data do show that animal protein is positively associated with cholesterol, whereas plant protein is negatively associated with cholesterol so assumes that because cholesterol is associated with cancer that animal protein is as well.  Sounds legitimate, right?  However, Campbell's data also show that there are just as many negative connections between animal protein and cancer, but these are disregarded because they are inconvenient for his preconceived conclusion.  This kind of shoddy science calls into question the majority of his report. 

I think the biggest difference in health quality is honestly the exercise.  We simply walk a lot more in Japan, and while places like NYC are similar they also tend to be more healthy than the countryside areas in the US.  Combined with a generally healthier diet, as people don't eat things like karaage every day typically, and lucky genetics.

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Posted in: Where medical marijuana is legal, illegal use climbs See in context

cannabis use disorder?? What kind of BS disorder is THAT? And who came up with that stupid term, Jeff Sessions??

It's a real thing, it's in the manual of medical disorders, though it's not the most dangerous form of dependence (as opposed to something like alcoholism, which is far more dangerous). 

There's no proven physical dependence on the drug, but of course anyone can become mentally reliant on something.  It's basically a mental addiction along the lines of gambling more than a physical addiction like nicotine or alcoholism. 

It's fairly uncommon, even as far as mental addictions go, floating somewhere around 10% of regular marijuana users.  Unsurprisingly, it's higher amongst heavy users of the drug as they are more likely to become tolerant to the effect of THC.  It's not a made up thing though.

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Posted in: Ex-actress Saya Takagi gets suspended term for marijuana possession See in context

Yes, take chemicals that benefit huge pharmaceutical companies rather than ingesting a plant that doesn't make them a yen.

This is kind of a silly semantic argument.  The things in marijuana that make you high (THC) is also a chemical, basically everything is a chemical.  Your body and consciousness exist because of chemical reactions.  Penicillin originates from tree mold.  A chemical is not magically superior because it was derived from the plant vs artificially. 

We just synthesize these things in a lab for efficiency sake.

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Posted in: As streaming booms, songs getting faster: study See in context

Any chance of getting SPOTIFY In Japan???

Spotify and Apple Music are both available here already. Spotify more recently.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

I can't say I haven't experienced any discrimination, but it's more from housing than anything else. That's the biggest case of just being refused service for being a foreigner. In many other cases, the 'no foreigners allowed' bit generally gets waived in the face of being able to speak Japanese. If you actually put the effort in to learn the local language, and you really should, a lot more doors open up. Housing remains terrible though, and I lay that at the feet of the landlords more than the real estate companies.

The rest I just chalk up to ignorance more than anything else. People continuing to be amazed that I can use chopsticks is less offensive than it just is annoying.

All that said, I am still generally far safer in Japan as a minority than I would be in many other countries. I experience inconvenience sometimes and sure it sucks, but nobody is going to physically assault me for example. There are ways that things can improve for sure, but I would sooner be a minority in Japan than in the US right now, for example.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka restaurants offering all-you-can-eat beef for Y290 on Meat Day See in context

Sensei258, they probably expect to use that to get people in and make money on the drinks AND as advertising. Alcohol is usually a way higher margin than most food at restaurants, and they would still be getting full price on that.

Plus having a single day with really good deals is basically just advertising cost, I am sure they expect to lose money but gain customers. There's a meat specialty place near my flat that has pretty deep discounts the 29th of every month, the first time I went there specifically for that and I started going back regularly, so it worked.

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Posted in: Suicide of overworked Dentsu employee prompts company to order lights out at 10 p.m. See in context

10 Pm seems pretty reasonable to me, that's about when I go home everyday if I am not doing too much overtime and I don't feel "overworked" at all. It seems like relatively normal hours honestly.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Even if you think Japan is in the wrong with whaling, vigilante justice is not the solution. It sets a bad precedent and potentially puts people in harm's way. These guys should be arrested as pirates, because that is what they are. It doesn't matter if they are pirating for 'morally justifiable' reasons or not, what they are doing is still illegal.

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Posted in: The wait is over for Pokemon Go fans in Japan See in context

can't people just ignore it if it's not their cup of tea? i don't understand why people waste their time bashing it. this is how stupid things (or people) get famous.

The problem is you can't really ignore it. People block sidewalks/stairs (akin to those who read books or play their handhelds while walking) or are invading private property. If it were something people did at home or just sitting on the train, nobody would care much.

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Posted in: Line, the year's biggest tech IPO, struggles to show its growth plan can work See in context

@Speed That's not really how business works, if a company is dropping market share and not expanding, it is not going to attract any investors. Business needs to grow and expand, especially as a public traded company.

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Posted in: Woman gets 3-4 years for suffocating 16-day-old daughter in garbage bag See in context

She's a minor who committed manslaughter, she shouldn't be sterilized or given the death penalty for that. Nor should she get life in jail, we don't make legal decisions based on emotion, thankfully.

One can argue with the definitions of minor or manslaughter all you want, but within the definitions that currently apply, she was given the correct punishment. Punishment for manslaughter for a non-minor is already ten years or less, a minor getting about half that seems about right. Logically speaking, she got exactly the punishment that she deserved.

For those who are incredulous over a 17 year old being married, women can be married as young as 16 in Japan. 18 for men. Doesn't make you not a minor.

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Posted in: Japanese man leaves $100,000 watch behind at Newark airport See in context

The band looks alright, not great but alright. The face is hideous.

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Posted in: The PS4 is selling like hot cakes all over the world…except in Japan. But why? See in context

Mobile games are more popular, both phone games are traditional portables. I see plenty of Vitas, PSPs ,and 3DS out and about, not just phones.

The cost of developing on consoles is more and more expensive than it used to be. This limits the studios that can develop on them, you can't release a big AAA JRPG on consoles anymore and make a profit unless you are Square. As a result, more and more Japanese development is moving to the Vita and 3DS. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, those are fantastic platforms.

Couple that with more time spent [passively] commuting on average, and it's not hard to see why various forms of mobile gaming are more popular.

That said, I like my PS4, but I play it a lot via my Vita's Remote Play. Assuming I'm not too tired after work. I get to play games now maybe once a week, or less?

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

Nice to see someone step up and represent the millions of haafus that live in Japan and speak as a single voice assuming everyone is the same.

Does every single haafu have to post here for you to accept their opinion? So far a majority have disagreed with you, themselves haafus. If one person agreed with you, would their opinion also be null and void? Or are people only incorrect if they disagree with you?

It's an argumentu ad populum anyway, the popularity of a belief has almost no bearing on the veracity of that belief.

My two cents, I'm not haafu myself nor do I have offspring who are. I have never perceived it as a negative term, and I know numerous haafus who use the term to identify themselves. None of them have ever seen it as a negative either, they've even done entire youtube video segments discussing why it isn't.

Has somebody who hated half people used the term haafu negatively? I am also certain they have. That doesn't make the word offensive. I've been called white in a negative way, but that doesn't mean I think the word 'white' is offensive or that I will refuse to let people use that label.

The label cannot be conflated with the intent behind it. Some words, such as the afforemention N-word, DO have an inherent negative context. It is associated with slavery, prejudice, and subjugation. Haafu does not. It can be used both positively or negatively, that depends on the meaning the individual attaches to it. Rather than try to censor the words people use, it would be better to deal with the underlying feelings that causes some to dislike haafus regardless of what they are called. Changing the label isn't going to make somebody who is racist suddenly love everybody. All it does is remove the label from those who use it correctly, which I feel is a majority to begin with.

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