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Posted in: More Beijing classes go online in tightening of virus rules See in context

Makes sense to do, it is an easy first-step countermeasure. Heck, I would have been thrilled with online classes when I was a student.

The real takeaway is the following though.

The National Health Commission on Thursday reported 11,285 new cases across mainland China, most of them asymptomatic and the vast majority in Shanghai, where an additional 47 deaths were reported.

For one of the most populous countries in the world, those are extremely admirable numbers. I know that China really wants cases to be 0, and it's a great goal, but their efforts are impressive nonetheless.

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Posted in: Russia releases U.S. Marine veteran as part of prisoner exchange See in context

Always nice when these kinds of deals can be worked out. I have always said that prison should serve the role of rehabilitation not punishment, but that is honestly best served in your home country. Hopefully both Whelan and Yaroshenko will have learned a lot from their respective mistakes.

On that note, for both sides of this, don't break laws in countries you are visiting and you will be fine. I have traveled to many places said to be hostile to Americans, and have had nothing but extremely positive experiences in all of them.

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Posted in: Wearing condoms cannot completely prevent transmission. People who perform sexual acts with multiple individuals should often take tests, and those who have one single partner are advised to take the tests when they change their partner, along with the other party. See in context

It should be common sense, but it isn't always. Especially for people in the 'heat of the moment', as it were. Never hurts to have a reminder of proper actions, it might help remind a few people to double check.

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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context

I am glad he apologised, apparently sincerely, but that isn't really going to fix things either. I know that accidents happen, but there are unfortunate accidents and then there is just criminal negligence. If he did everything in his power to prevent the accident and it still happened, it might be a different story. He definitely didn't.

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Posted in: Ruling LDP proposes doubling of defense budget See in context


I know you are 99% correct, but there is a naively optimistic part of me that hopes it could give them an incentive to oust the American military if they aren't reliant on them. They'd be reliant on them as a supplier still regardless though9, and will still ultimately dictate all the terms.

You are right that it is probably wishful thinking at best.

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Posted in: Ruling LDP proposes doubling of defense budget See in context

Doubling the defense budget of a country that ostensibly doesn't have a military definitely seems a bit much. I feel like there are so many good initiatives that money could be going to instead. Also, who exactly is the threat to Japan?

On the other hand, if it results in a reduced reliance on American military and a higher possibility of getting them out of the country, that would be great news. Could possibly be worth it, certainly the people of Okinawa would think so.

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context

Putin determined to further impoverish his already impoverished country.

For an impoverished country, they seem to be doing pretty well. The ruble is at a 52 week high. Actually way stronger than before the sanctions even.

The sanctions haven't worked nearly as well this time as back in 2014 because the US wasn't able to flood the market with cheap oil like they did then. Maybe if the US had lined up deals with Venezulea and/or Saudi Arabia beforehand, but they bungled both of those pretty handedly. They had to go hat in hand after the fact and basically got laughed away.

Now countries are boycotting Russian oil by...buying it from Germany instead. Who got it from Russia anyway.

It's an unsustainable farce, but it will let all the EU nations pat themselves on the back and take credit for ending the war after a peace treaty is signed.

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Posted in: Man indicted for selling 130,000 syringes to drug dealers See in context

If he was stealing them to provide to people in need, even to give away to drug addicts clean needles. Selling it to dealers though, can't really attribute any benign motive to him.


Yes, but that was because those were a special type of syringe being used to maximize vaccine doses. At least from what we know from this article, those aren't what he was selling.

Not that it makes it any better, but they are probably not the same that were in short supply.

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Posted in: Russia to expel 8 Japan diplomats See in context

That is only to be expected really, after Japan did the same earlier. It's still a shame, because this is the kind of time you want to have the most active diplomatic channels going you possibly can.

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Posted in: Japan to provide food, medicine to Ukraine, Kishida tells Zelenskyy See in context

It's ridiculous shipping カンパン to the food basket of the world.

Send cash to source the items much more cheaply locally

Giving them a blank check and telling them to spend it on food is...ill-advised.

One is simply the logistics of sourcing food yourself during a conflict, it isn't just a matter of calling up your neighbor and asking them to deliver bushels of wheat.

Two is expecting them to even spend it on food, when the people in charge have made it very clear what their preference is for international aid. There is close to a zero chance that any direct cash you gave them ended up being spent on food or medicine.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan, South Korea should quickly improve ties See in context

I am sure Japan would be mroe than happy to improve relations, depending on what is asked of them. I am not sold on what would be accomplished under a Yoon presidency though. Lip-service maybe, but any actual steps towards reconciliation strike me as unlikely.

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Posted in: Do you think Ukrainians who have come to Japan because of the Russian invasion of their homeland should be referred to as "evacuees" or "refugees." In Japan, "refugees" can be granted long-term residency, while "evacuees" are viewed as people who will eventually have to leave. See in context

Presumably they would return so evacuees.

Presumably they would WANT to return to their homes, though I am sure some may want to stay afterwards if they find jobs or the like. Those who want to stay should go through the same process as anyone else, though I would fully support the ability for them to apply from within the country while they are here as evacuees/refugees, it would be a bit much to expect them to leave once and apply to come back.

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Posted in: Mask requirements can be ended when the infection trajectory and epidemiological surveys show that the coronavirus pandemic has been completely stamped out. See in context

Honestly, I am fine with that. I am not sure I would drop my mask ever again even if I were allowed to. I went from getting a cold once every year or two to...not ever being sick since the whole pandemic started. I had a few friends who always were masked prior to the whole pandemic as well, and I am understanding why.

I am not so sure how many people would drop masks even if the government announced today that it was no longer necessary.

Maybe in a world where more countries had adopted the necessary measures to eradicate the virus early, we wouldn't even need to have this discussion. Precious few did, however.

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Posted in: Musk-ruled Twitter: Users left to fight trolls and misinformation? See in context

The liberal meltdown of this is absolutely telling. Who would have thought the left despises free speech so much?

Hey now, don't conflate leftists with liberals. As a leftist, we have about as much animosity towards liberals as the right does. It is one of those rare areas we agree on.

Not to mention in the past few weeks just as many leftist accounts have been under fire, suspended, or banned on Twitter if they don't fall in line with mainstream narratives.

At the same time, I don't realistically hold any hope that Musk will wave a magic wand and fix all of that. I don't expect any kind of actual change to take place. Who knows, maybe I am wrong and many accounts (on all sides of the spectrum) will get re-instated.

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Posted in: Ukraine omits Japan from list of countries thanked in Twitter video See in context

with Japan's top diplomat saying Tuesday the omission was a result of Tokyo not providing lethal weapons.

I fully acknowledge this could entirely be hearsay without any backing, so I don't want to jump to conclusions.

However, if that IS true, that is ridiculous. Food, medicine, refugee assistance, those are the things that should be thanked above weapons. I am not surprised for a second at their position, but it remains every bit absurd.

At the same time, I give kudos to countries like Japan or China for actually giving the people suffering what they need, not the government what they demand. It is pretty difficult for medicine or blankets to be misallocated, unless they start selling them to try to buy weapons.

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Posted in: What are your plans for Golden Week? See in context

Same as every holiday on every year.


Nothing particularly exciting, always one of the busiest seasons for us.

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Posted in: Ex-Aum cult member released from prison after serving full term See in context

He served his full term, so should be released, as simple as that.

Can criticize the sentence he was given however you want, but he served the terms of what he was given. Given that he turned himself in and was apologetic during his incarceration, I would say that there a lot of headway towards rehabilitation already so the shorter sentence makes sense.

I do hope that there was a lot of therapy over those 9 years too, but I doubt that kind of information would be (nor should be) disclosed.

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Posted in: Japan to provide food, medicine to Ukraine, Kishida tells Zelenskyy See in context

Absolutely reasonable things to provide. Food, medicine, blankets or clothing. This is the kind of aid nobody can really object to, because it helps the people who actually need it and can only save lives.

I do think Hiro has something of a point though. As the big "hot topic" crisis, a lot of others who also need aid and support can easily be swept under the rug. There are still people displaced within Japan and many suffering from the multitude of wars and bombings around the world. Of course, nothing says it has to be either/o, it should be all of the above receiving support.

Ultimately though, as long as aid continues to go towards people who could actually use it, can't really complain. Nobody can save everyone.

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Posted in: India denies request for SDF plane to collect aid items for Ukraine See in context

if you are looking for a nice payout by being friends with Russia through this, good luck getting paid in Rubles, which are worth less than toilet paper now.

I doubt it has anything to do with that, considering India offers aid to Ukraine themselves.

You might be surprised to note that the ruble is actually stronger now than it was before the war started. So I don't think that would be an issue either.

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Posted in: China looks to learn from Russian failures in Ukraine See in context

It's a bit of a strange article. The analysis of the Russia conflict seems...surface-level at best, but presumably not his area of expertise so that's fine. I just don't really see where the parallel to China is. It's comparing Russia to an inherently non-interventionist nation. China doesn't benefit by attacking Taiwan, even if it was over overnight. There's no real reason for them to do so, unless Taiwan actually tries to declare independence.


I mean, that's probably not a problem for them, China isn't really involved in wars against other countries. They have some border conflicts with India and...that is really all since 1979.

@Aly Rustom

At least as of right now, any sanctions against China are going to be pretty self-defeating. Other countries need China much more than the inverse. Even moreso than with Russia now.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia has shifted elite units to new battleground See in context

Fisch reported from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Associated Press journalists Mstyslav Chernov and Felipe Dana in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Yuras Karmanau in Lviv and Robert Burns and Aamer Madhani in Washington contributed to this report,

So every source is based in Ukraine (or Washington), and Ukraine speaking on what their opponent is doing. What gives any of that any credibility at all? Surely their reporting is going to be just slightly biased? Why are we taking what they say at face-value?

If you ask someone their opinion of their hated enemy, they will probably not give you a very unbiased point of view. If unbiased third-parties aren't available, you should at least look at points of view from both sides to try to find the points they agree on as the probable truths.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia strike deal on salmon, trout fishing despite sanctions See in context

Honestly good news for a lot of fishermen that were probably really worried about their livelihoods. $1 million payment to Russia is nothing that will have any impact on Japan or Russian governments, and is not going to be the straw that ends the war. It will however, have a massive impact on a lot of workers who rely on the industry.

Really good to see they could work this out.

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Posted in: What's the difference between an average burger and a great one? See in context

Good meat, good bread.

Good quality meat with a good fat content, I like a 20% fat patty cooked to about medium-rare if I am making it myself.

Bread that has some substance and won't fall apart. I usually like a brioche bun but that isn't strictly necessary.

You don't need a bunch of gimmicky condiments or presentation, or anything that will overwhelm the taste of the meat either. I might add some cheese and mustard and that is about it.

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Posted in: India denies request for SDF plane to collect aid items for Ukraine See in context

Seemed weird from the headline, given India has been offering humanitarian aid themselves already to Ukraine, but when you actually read the article:

He said India had only approved Japan's use of a commercial plane to collect the items, but not the ASDF aircraft's landing.

I don't think it is crazy stipulation honestly, not wanting foreign military aircraft operating in your borders. Surely Japan can just use a commercial plane like what was originally approved? Is there some reason it needs to be a military transport?

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Posted in: Japan says disputed islands illegally occupied by Russia See in context

Seems like Japan just trying to piggyback on the Russophobic sentiments going on worldwide.

Which...isn't a bad tactic, objectively speaking. I don't think it will actually work, because there's really no standing there and no military backing behind the gesture. Japan surrendered these islands and lost any legitimate claim they had to them already. Maybe they hope they can leverage some kind of international pressure, but I really do doubt it.

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Posted in: Putin claims victory in Mariupol despite steel mill holdouts See in context

AS - maybe in some countries it is legal, but not in the Ukraine, nor in my country, the US.

That is a specifically really strange example to use. Do you consider yourself a British citizen still then? I mean, points for consistency if that is the case.

Putin in this sense is smart not giving the "Martyrs" what they want, eventually they will slowly die surender, and fade from the news.

I would be surprised if it actually ended up that way. More likely it will be a repeat of Snake Island, they will quietly surrender after some period of time and it will get brushed away because it doesn't make nearly as good a headline. No need to risk lives storming the location until then.

Unless they are the remnants of Azov, in which case I doubt they surrender because there is no winnable situation for them.

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Posted in: Japan should use the COVID downturn to improve aspects of tourism. Japan was not quite ready for a big influx of tourism … The new policy of focusing on sustainability, but not hurrying to increase inbounds, I hope will be effective and show results when the border opens up more freely. See in context

I like the sentiment here, I really do. I just would want to know what kind of specifics he had in mind. Sustainable tourism is a dream for most governments, but has been pretty difficult to reach. Especially if you are talking about international tourism.

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Posted in: CNN's streaming service shutting down a month after launch See in context


CNN is definitely not "leftist progressive news". I don't think any major US news network qualifies as that.

But it really didn't offer anything you couldn't get from any of the other neoliberal sources. If you are gonna offer a paid service, you need to offer something people can't get elsewhere.

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Posted in: U.S. drone company starts delivering medicine in Japan See in context

Dropping things from drones IS what America does best afterall.

Seriously though, it is good to see the tech used for something beneficial. It seems particularly useful in remote areas where traditional delivery mechanisms are a lot more limited. Mountains, islands, or other remote inaccessible areas. I doubt we will reach a day anytime soon where we see drones crisscrossing around Tokyo with packages, but for specific use-cases it could be great for people.

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Posted in: NZ, Japan boost security ties amid Russia, China concerns See in context


I am admittedly maybe optimistic regarding more countries transitioning, it is possibly some degree of wishful tihnking. But honestly nothing I disagree with there, cheers.

She's left of a lot of world leaders right now, so I understand why the knee-jerk reaction of "oh no, communist" some people have, but I agree that she is still ultimately a neoliberal that doesn't have some secret socialist agenda.

I also am skeptical as to how likely regional cooperation actually is specifically for the reasons you gave, not to mention some bad history with almost every party. I think it is the correct path forward, but I don't know if it is the likely one.

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