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Posted in: Japan’s top 7 alternative regional burgers See in context

Japan has some good burgers, some local shops near me have some of the best burgers I have ever had.

These...don't really look like burgers to me. The #7 fish burger looks fine, the others simply look like they are trying way too hard. Gyoza in a burger sounds a like textural nightmare, and that korokke burger looks practically inedible.

Good quality bread and meat and you are most of the way there already. Don't need to reinvent the wheel.

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Posted in: Why it matters if U.S. calls Ukraine genocide See in context

Not really sure the label fits, Russia is not trying to wipe out the Ukranian identity as a whole. If anything, it was the inverse on the people of Donbass and Luhansk. Still, if Ukraine surrendered tomorrow everything would end, Russia has no real objective of eliminating anyone there who isn't a neo-nazi.

On the other hand I suppose US are experts in the field after all, so they would probably be able to identify it pretty readily. Maybe they truly believe that the Ukranian identity is just the fascists, but personally I don't think that describes everyone there.

Maybe an argument could be made that removing all members of an extremist wing is a type of political genocide? On that sub group at the very least.

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Posted in: As credit cards, electronic money and payment apps become more commonplace, do you still use cash much? If so, what for? See in context

It has improved a lot in the years I have been in Japan. It used to be the case that very few places took credit card, and you often had to look for taxis that explicitly allowed for it. These days those kinds of places are the exception.

It is still necessary to carry cash for use sometimes, but I would estimate 90% of my transactions don't require it. I would love to not need to carry cash/coins at all anymore though.

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Posted in: Nearly half of U.S. warehouse injuries in 2021 at Amazon: unions See in context

"Amazon employed one-third of all warehouse workers in the U.S., but it was responsible for nearly one-half (49 percent) of all injuries in the warehouse industry,"

That is crazy both for how high the injury rate is, but also one company employing 1/3 of all warehouse workers to begin with.

I do hope that the recent union trends continue to spread for Amazon. As they continue to pick up steam we might actually see some real improvements there. I can't imagine much else will force them to.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. hold navy drills off Koreas See in context

This seems to serve no point except antagonizing North Korea and justifying their defensive buildup honestly. Short of North Korea launching an attack on Japan first, which they would never do, Japan can't get involved in military operations against North Korea. Unless a constitutional revision is coming way sooner than we expect it to.

the only regime destabilising the region is China, who constantly infringe on other country’s territories, & claim every metre of ocean is theirs.

Remind me how many wars China has been involved in in the past 20 years? 30 years? They've had some occasional skirmishes with India, something I hope gets resolved soon, but that is it.

How about the US?

Who exactly is infringing on other country's territories?

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Posted in: Biden to make 1st visit to Japan as president in late May for Quad meeting See in context

Is there any reason at all that these talks can't be done virtually? One would think that people have become used to it over the past few years.

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Posted in: Japan OKs asset freeze on Putin's daughters, 396 other Russians See in context

The only effect this will have is on the individuals involved in the few specific industries being sanctioned. It is actually worse than doing nothing because they will ruin some peoples livelihoods for absolutely nothing.

I don't support sanctions at all, but if you are going to do them, at least try harder than this.

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Posted in: U.S. orders non-essential staff to leave Shanghai as virus surges See in context

@Happy Day

Your source is a hyper-free market pro capitalist think tank. They’d promote literally anything to increase income for the richest of the rich, regardless of human suffering.

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Posted in: U.S. orders non-essential staff to leave Shanghai as virus surges See in context

But re 'any other country', could You show results from Russia, or could Russia even allow results to be shown? Or does the Kremlin have to first approve the number to ensure they are appropriate for more propaganda.

All of that information is publicly available, yes. Russia has had about 18M cases and 370,000 deaths. Pretty bad, one of the worst in the world actually. Their approach has not been particularly effective. Still better than the US, which was my point.

The only place we really don't have many details on is North Korea. Maybe they have the highest per capita rate of deaths in the world, we don't really know. It'd be surprising given how much more they have limited contact, even moreso than usual.

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Posted in: 'Why not us?' Latinos stuck at Mexico border as Ukrainians enter U.S. See in context

Thousands of Ukrainians have since flown to Tijuana to cross the land border to the United States -- easier than getting the visa required to fly direct.

Have to admit that taking that exact route and getting the VIP treatment past all the other refugees is pretty insulting, at best.

The actual reason "why not us" should be patently obvious to anyone though. Same reason that any of the multitude of bombings in recent years have not gotten the same media play, or that even Ukrainian refugees of non-slavic descent are getting different treatment.

They would probably be better off going in a different direction for the treatment they will get.

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Posted in: Biden urges Modi not to step up Indian use of Russian oil See in context

I feel like the US really overstepped themselves on this one. They are acting like they expected everyone to fall in line with their proxy war, and are just stunned so many powerful countries aren't. Now they are scrambling to try to salvage the situation after the fact.

Even if the US was deadset on this conflict, a wiser leader would have worked out deals with India, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and other countries BEFORE everything started. Not coming to them with hat in hand afterwards.

US is gonna have to offer pretty favorable terms to India to get something to stick, and even then I think Modi would think twice before accepting that poisoned apple. They have far more lucrative and reliable partners to turn to.

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Posted in: U.S. orders non-essential staff to leave Shanghai as virus surges See in context

If they want to leave, sure. But if they are truly concerned about their staff's well-being they wouldn't ask them to return to the country most heavily affected by the virus. Literally any other country on the planet would be better.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia start salmon, trout fishing talks amid Ukraine crisis See in context

For the sake of the fishermen I hope it can get resolved, but these are the types of things Japan should have considered before falling in with US-led sanctions. Japan is not a particularly self-sufficient country, and they definitely need Russia more than the inverse.

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Posted in: China closes Guangzhou to most arrivals as virus outbreak spreads See in context


I agree, I think that is why it is easier to be more critical of the Shanghai situation, because it seemed like officials there (who thankfully have been canned) initially tried to value the economy over the people. It is why they got into the situation they are in now.

@Desert Tortoise

That is an extremely easy question. Because the alternative is hundreds of thousands, if not millions dead. I would sooner be stuck at home (or even my office) for a couple weeks than dead. I realize it is an extreme example, since they are basically the best/worst respectively, but comparing China to the US is night and day.

I would rather have a government that cared if I was alive over one that cared if I was making them money.

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Posted in: China closes Guangzhou to most arrivals as virus outbreak spreads See in context

I apologize, my original post looks like I accidentally deleted half of it as I hit post, I reposted it below if you can delete the previous comment.

Despite the large number of cases, no new deaths have been reported in the Shanghai wave, possibly because the omicron variant is less deadly than older variants.

That*s the good news about all of this. It definitely seems strict, but it is also working at preventing deaths. While any death is too many, China has kept it down to less than 5000. Not the best, but given their population and population density it is extremely impressive. The US, with by far the worst ratio in the world, has no place to be critical of anyone's handling of this pandemic.

It definitely makes sense they want to get Guangzhou under control sooner rather than later, they don't want a repeat of Shanghai. Whether they were worried about the economy or just caught off guard, they were uncharacteristically slow there.

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Posted in: China closes Guangzhou to most arrivals as virus outbreak spreads See in context

Despite the large number of cases, no new deaths have been reported in the Shanghai wave, possibly because the omicron variant is less deadly than older variants.

That*s the good news about all of this. It definitely seems strict, but it is also working at preventing deaths. While any death is too many, China has kept it down to

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Posted in: In France, it's Macron vs Le Pen, again, for presidency See in context

Neither was my first choice by a mile. Was really hoping Melenchon would pull out, he was very close too. Would be an entirely different election if that had been the case.

Instead a choice between a right-winger and a liberal, which underwhelming choice to be sure. While neither candidate is good persay, I honestly can't say which would be worse.

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Posted in: Pakistan's PM vows to fight on after Parliament ousts him See in context

I don't agree with Imran Khan on much politically at all, but this kind of foreign-backed coup really needs to stop. He was dutifully elected and seemed to represent at the very least a plurality of his people. Time and time again we see how devastating the effects of this kind of coup can be. Which is probably the whole point of it to begin with: to destabilize any region that won't fall in line.

People across Pakistan seem thoroughly unhappy, I haven't seen protests of this scale in a very long time. I do wonder if this will even stick when the will of the power seems so overwhelmingly opposed.

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Posted in: Amazon plans to object to union win in New York See in context

Of course they do, but I hope the union stands. Not only that, I hope it spreads to every last Amazon warehouse. One of the best moments in recent memory for workers’ rights that hopefully inspires millions more.

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines to step up security ties amid China worry See in context

May not be something I say too often, but I definitely agree with Desert Tortoise here 100%. Philippines just doesn't seem like a particularly reliable ally, especially given the current political trends there.

Maybe in a world where Marcos doesn't win, but the last time I checked he had a pretty big lead. Even then, Robredo has a lot of work to do.

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Posted in: G7 condemns Russian atrocities in Ukraine; vows to up pressure See in context

Maybe...not the most appropriate picture for the gravity of the situation.

Nothing too surprising overall in their actual actions they take, but it will definitely be worth keeping an eye on how much influence the G7 can actually exert and what it will mean for the future of the institution.

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy in coma after being hit by truck; driver arrested See in context

He hit someone hard enough to put them in a coma while making a turn? That seems like extremely dangerous speeds.

Hopefully the kid pulls out of it.

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Posted in: What do you think the outcome of the war in Ukraine will be? See in context

What I think will happen is basically how things have been laid out. Donbas and Luhansk will become autonomous areas closely affiliated with Russia and Ukraine will be permanently neutral. How long that takes remains to be seen, it could end tomorrow if the leadership wanted it to. The longer it goes the worst it gets for basically everyone. After that the social media buzz will die out as fast as the financial aid, and a lot more unfortunate civilians will suffer as a result. I give it 3-6 months after the end of hostilities for all the Ukranian flag profiles to change to the Next Thing. The lives impacted will, sadly, never truly recover.

What I hope will happen is that after all that happens, all the backlash to Russia will destabilize Putin's control (contrary to what some people here think, I have no love lost for Putin) and the communist party can take control of Russia again. Also that all the anti-Russsian at least begins to fade away. I am obviously being excessively optimistic on both counts.

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Posted in: Russian media campaign dismisses Bucha deaths as fakes See in context

Regardless of guilt, would anyone expect them to be like "Oh yup, we are doing all the war crimes!"? When has a country ever done that when they weren't coerced to?

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Posted in: U.N. warns Earth 'firmly on track toward an unlivable world' See in context


That...isn't exactly how that works. Global warming doesn't just mean that the area you live in gets a bit warmer. Areas that were hot become even hotter. Ice caps melt, water levels rise and weather becomes more extreme in both directions. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, that may mean you even get colder than usual weather sometimes.

"I don't like winter so global warming is a good thing" is not remotely a reasonable position.

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Posted in: Why is Europe balking at a ban on Russian energy? See in context

Short answer is: they need it.

Short term, they can only sacrifice so much to their masters before it catches up to them, and people being unable to heat their homes or even work in some cases is definitely going to be noticeable. People take notice of things really fast when it starts to actually affect them. US can swing it because they are far less reliant, but even there I have heard people balking at increased prices across the board.

Long-term, it would bode even worse, by forcing Russia closer to other competition. Assuming China and India can resolve their border disputes, and I really think they can, increased cooperation with Russia would be a huge shift of power worldwide power dynamics. Not just for oil or gas, but things like wheat too. BRICS becoming that kind of relevant again would be massive.

While I personally welcome that kind of power shift, I definitely would be concerned if I were a European leader. I would not want to walk off that bridge until I had alternatives already lined up.

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Posted in: China reports 20,000 daily COVID cases; most since start of pandemic See in context

That's really rough, best wishes to them. They've handled it so well until now, I hope it doesn't fall apart on them. I have friends there, and I hope that everything works out for them.

One point of good news to highlight is that the fatality rate, at least, remains extremely low. As we all know by now though, people can have a lot of serious long-term complications without dying.

A top Shanghai official has conceded that the financial hub had been "insufficiently prepared" for the outbreak.

Definitely seems like it, they were way slower to respond than we have typically seen from China. Not sure how much was being unprepared and how much was fear of damaging businesses. Either way they are paying the cost now.

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Posted in: Gov't welcomes Ukraine evacuees with eye on int'l recognition, election See in context

Even if it is for PR purposes, if it helps even a few refugees that is a good thing ultimately. More would obviously be nice, but hey. Take what you can get at least.

It still seems a little strange to me to travel so far when neighboring countries are already welcoming many more refugees, but at the same time I can see how nearby countries may be overburdened already.

My initial hope was that Japan was reaching out to the refugees who have otherwise experienced difficulties and discrimination, such as Ukranians of non-slavic descent. Doesn't seem to be the case, at least from what I have been able to see, which is too bad.

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Posted in: COVID outbreak 'extremely grim' as Shanghai extends lockdown See in context


Purely anecdotal, but from friends I have talked to who live there, nobody is particularly happy about it, but they make do and understand why it is happening. They do feel that the government response was too weak at first, and that is why things are worse now.

They are glad they at least get food delivered by the government to their houses, but also obviously getting a bit stir-crazy even with that. Nobody lives in Shanghai for the spacious flats, certainly.

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Posted in: Fly less? Go vegan? How people can take climate action See in context

Anything the average citizen can do, even with large-scale adoption, pales in comparison to the impact made by government bodies and corporations. Unless those are forced to be more mindful, it really isn't going to matter.

Doesn't mean don't be mindful of the environment, but individuals can really only do so much. Not all of these companies are necessarily responding [directly] to consumer demand either.

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